AMC Update Friday 4/12/02


All My Children Update Friday 4/12/02

By Lori

Leo goes to Greenlee's loft, and she comes to the door in her underwear after having just gotten out of bed. He grabs her and hugs her. "Thank God you're OK," he tells her. Greenlee wonders what's going on. She sees the scratches on his face and asks him what happened. Leo tells her that Vanessa has escaped from the hospital and he thinks he may have triggered the escape. He tells Greenlee how he tricked Vanessa into admitting she was faking her mental illness. He says that after she found out she attacked him. Leo says he doesn't see how Vanessa could have gotten out of the hospital because she was tied down. He concludes she must have had some help. They wonder, though, who would have helped her. Leo tells Greenlee that she must protect herself. He urges her to go someplace busy and noisy after she gets off work tonight so she is not alone. Greenlee is struck by Leo's concern. "You know what this means, coming here," she tells him. "It means you care about me, don't you." Leo admits he does care about her. He cares that she stays safe, since his mother once tried to kill her. Greenlee sees that Leo isn't willing to admit that he still loves her and she is angered. She tells him to leave her alone because she can take care of herself. She says she won't go out alone tonight without a date. Leo snaps at her, telling her to call Jake because he is everything she's ever wanted. She says she doesn't want to be with Jake. After some bickering, Leo leaves. He knocks on the door again and tells Greenlee to be careful. She slams the door in his face. She gets on the phone and makes a call, telling someone to pick her up to take her out tonight.

David is in Vanessa's hospital room, which is cordoned off with yellow police tape. He is reaching behind the bed when Jack walks in and asks what he is doing in there. David finds what he is looking for, a syringe which he suspects was used to drug Vanessa. David tells Jack that he thinks whoever drugged Vanessa was the one who helped her escape. Jack speculates that David is the one who helped Vanessa escape. David counters that there is no reason he would want Vanessa free. Jack asks about the money Vanessa had that is now missing. David says he doesn't want Vanessa's filthy money. Jack takes the syringe from David, who urges him to have it tested.

Mateo walks into a darkened room at SOS to go to his safe and finds Hayley sitting inside. Hayley wants to know where he's been. Mateo is being secretive, but he admits he was looking for Vanessa. Hayley says she doesn't want to fight with him, and hugs him. She feels a gun inside his coat. She takes it out and notices it has been fired. "Mateo, what have you done?" she demands. Mateo asks her if she thinks he killed Vanessa and she asks him if he did. He says he didn't kill Vanessa ? he couldn't find her. Hayley insists that Mateo leave Vanessa alone but he says he can't. As long as she's out there, they are targets. He goes to his safe to get some bullets. Hayley grabs the phone and tells him if he leaves the room, she'll call Jack and have him arrested for his own protection. Mateo puts the bullets back in the safe. Hayley tells him this thing with Vanessa is eating him alive. He says he's OK but she says they are not OK. She wants their lives back the way they were. She begs Mateo to take her to Brooke and Edmund's engagement party tonight. He reluctantly agrees. She starts to cry and asks him to promise he'll drop this vendetta against Vanessa. He promises he will.

Edmund and Brooke go to the Valley Inn to talk to the maitre d' about their engagement party. The maitre d' is surprised to see them there together because he thought it was a surprise. Brooke tells him that it was supposed to be a surprise, but Edmund found out about it. Tad walks in and tells them that he talked to Jamie and they agreed he would come to their party and skip the baseball game. Brooke is grateful to Tad for changing his plans for her. She says there is one surprise for Edmund she is still working on and walks away. Tad chastises Edmund for interviewing Jamie for a Tempo article about Proteus. Now that Vanessa has escaped, Jamie is scared to death that she will come after him, Tad says. He asks Edmund if he had Brooke's permission. Brooke walks back and asks what they are talking about. Brooke stands by Edmund and tells Tad if Jamie was real upset about this, she would know about it. Edmund leaves and promises to be surprised when he shows up for the party. Brooke asks Tad what is really bothering him. Tad tells Brooke his troubles ? his ex-wife has left the country, he feels like he needs an appointment to see his son, Liza is in the hospital and he was fired from Chandler Enterprises because Adam blames him for Liza's bad decisions. Brooke is surprised to hear the news about his firing and says this is a new low even for Adam. That's not all that's bothering Tad. He tells Brooke he feels like Edmund is coming between him and Jamie. Brooke assures Tad that he is the best father for her son and Edmund knows that. Tad sees that Brooke is happy and he is happy for her. He apologizes for his bad behavior recently. Brooke asks Tad to bring Jamie to the party and Tad agrees.

Brooke is waiting at the Valley Inn for the party guests to arrive. She talks to a singer who is supposed to sing a special song for Edmund. The guests begin to arrive and Brooke assures them that this will be a complete surprise to Edmund. David and Leo are in the Valley Inn lobby hoping to talk to Palmer about Vanessa. When Palmer arrive they ask him if he has any idea where Vanessa would have gone. He has none. They ask him if he knows anything about her missing money. He does not but urges them to find her blood money and they'll find her. Just leave him out of it, he says. Opal arrives and approaches Palmer. She offers to walk into the party with him but he snaps at her. She walks away but he apologizes and says he's on edge because of Vanessa. Opal agrees she is worried about Vanessa being missing as well.

Trey arrives to pick up Greenlee. They go to the Valley Inn and are spotted by Leo, who can't believe Greenlee is with Trey. He confronts her and says Trey will not protect her. Trey is the reason Vanessa is free in the first place, Leo says. Greenlee lashes out at Leo and calls him a jerk. "To hell with you," she says as she starts to cry and runs off to fix her mascara. Edmund arrives at the party and pretends to be surprised. He and Brooke kiss and Brooke whispers to him, thanking him for his good acting job. Hayley gets a call from Stuart, who tells her that Enzo has a earache. She goes home to tend to him and urges Mateo to stay. He reluctantly agrees. Brooke announces that she has a surprise. She introduces the singer. The spotlight shines on the back of a blonde, who says "Hi everybody. Hope you enjoy the show." She turns around. It is Vanessa and she is holding a knife to Greenlee's throat.

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