AMC Update Thursday 4/11/02


All My Children Update Thursday 4/11/02

By Ronda

Tad comes in to the hospital and asks about Liza's condition. Adam confronts him and tells him he'll never be allowed to visit Liza. They proceed to have a shouting match, with Adam declaring he will never let Tad near Liza again. Adam then informs Tad that he has been fired from Chandler Enterprises. He was voted out by the board. Adam chastises Tad for not noticing Liza's erratic behavior and bad business decisions. Tad informs him that it wasn't in his job description to babysit Liza. He then asks Adam why he didn't notice Liza's erratic behavior at home, or if he did, why didn't he do something about it. Adam goes off in a huff. Just then Jamie shows up and informs Tad that Brooke has arranged for him to be at Aunt Phoebe's that evening for an engagement party of some kind. He is really disappointed because he was supposed to go to a ballgame with Tad. Tad can't believe that Brooke would schedule something to conflict with his time with Jamie. Tad decides to track down Brooke and discuss the matter.

 David goes to the police station with flowers for Anna. She gives him a cool reception and tells him she is trying to conduct herself in a professional manner. She then tells him that the pipes that burst destroying the evidence against him were tampered with. They have found the wrench that was used, but it had no prints on it. David assumes that she is blaming him and tells her to go ahead and interrogate him. He is obviously offended, but won't come right out and deny any involvement. She practically begs him to deny the accusation. He reminds her that he was making a confession to Jack and turning himself in to go to prison, when she arrived and told him about the pipes. Would a guilty man do that? He finally tells her flat out that no, he didn't do it. She reluctantly believes him. He is called away to the hospital and after he leaves, Anna takes out the pipe wrench and dusts it for fingerprints. After getting several good ones, she takes a file out and starts to compare prints. It is David's arrest record. She is interrupted by Derek Frye. He is just back from a vacation, and not real happy that Anna was named chief while he was gone. He accuses her of bribing someone to get the job. After some other unpleasantness, they agree to work together as long as they each do their job correctly. After he leaves, she once again starts to compare the fingerprints, then starts muttering "they match, they match". Jack enters and asks her what matches. He assumes she is working on an old case and Anna doesn't correct him. Jack then proceeds to accuse Anna of tipping off David about the pipe break, and rescuing him at the last minute, so it wouldn't seem like they planned it. He threatens to take them both down.

Later at the hospital, Trey and Jack are arguing about the admisability of the tape that Leo made of Vanessa confessing her 'sanity'. As they argue, Vanessa is trying to strangle Leo with the cord from her call button. Jack and Trey rush in just as Leo breaks free. Vanessa is ranting and screaming, pretending to be Rosey. Two orderlies and David rush in and attempt to restrain her. As they do, she starts pointing at the doorway and laughing and rambling about David's father Charles. She goes on and on about how weak he is and how she will have to clean up after him once again. She taunts him about not even being able to shoot a gun that he owns, and David goes ballistic and has to be stopped from attacking Vanessa. Leo takes David out to the hall and they discuss whether she is crazy or just cunning.

Brooke leads a blindfolded Edmund in to a hotel room with a table set for a candlelight supper. After they kiss passionately, she informs him that she doesn't have anything on under her raincoat. This leads to more passion, and when we see them next, they are in bathrobes, eating chocolate covered strawberries. Brooke tells Edmund that the only way she kept this rendezvous a secret was to NOT tell any of their children about it. Just then Tad comes pounding at the door. He is angry with Brooke for disregarding a scheduled event he had planned with Jamie. Brooke doesn't grasp the importance of the ballgame and tour of the stadium and dugout that Tad had planned. Edmund assures her that it really is a big deal. She attempts to apologize but Tad is too angry to hear. Edmund calls him on his rudeness and Tad acts jealous about the fact that Edmund is going to be part of Jamie's life now. After he stomps off, Brooke is puzzled by his weird behavior.

Jake tells David and Leo that he thinks Vanessa's guard was drugged. Leo agrees that he looked kind of sluggish and had to be awakened at one point when Leo came to visit. Jake says they are going to do a drug screen on him. David then asks for one to be done on Vanessa also. Jake goes to make the arrangements, but David wants to do the test himself. As he and Leo reach Vanessa's room, the guard is gone, and so is Vanessa.


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