AMC Update Wednesday 4/10/02


All My Children Update Wednesday 4/10/02

By Ronda

As Kendall snoops in Erica's personal file cabinet, Greenlee catches her and picks up the phone to call Erica. Erica enters the office and wants to know why Greenlee would want to turn on Kendall. They both try to plead their cases and after a moments assessment, Erica tells them that she is disappointed in both of them. Greenlee is flabbergasted and wants to know what she did wrong. Erica tells her that she can't stand a tattletale. She also informs Kendall that she should have been watching her back if she was going to snoop. Greenlee is angry that loyalty and respect didn't win her any points. Kendall is amazed, but smug that she isn't fired. Erica tells both girls to learn from their mistakes and to get to work. Greenlee asks to speak to Erica alone, so Erica tells Kendall to go make nice with Val. Kendall wonders if that is possible, but leaves anyway. Greenlee confronts Erica about the abuse she is being forced to endure by being Kendall's assistant. She wants faster action on the plan and unless she gets out from under Kendall's thumb, she will spill the beans about the plan to get Kendall out of the country. Erica asks her what she wants and Greenlee says she wants to be a vice president of Enchantment. Erica agrees, but only if Greenlee agrees to let Kendall think she's the boss. When Kendall comes back in, Greenlee pretends to grovel and asks for Kendall's forgiveness. Kendall tells her she is on probation. She then sends Greenlee out to get her a latte.

Vanessa is trying to gag down some hospital food by telling herself that she has to keep up her strength. The Proteus voice starts telling her that her food is poisoned. She starts screaming and carrying on, whereupon Leo and the police guard rush in. Of course they hear nothing and Leo convinces the guard that Vanessa is crazy and he will take care of her for now. After the guard leaves, Leo attempts to calm his mother down by telling her he is going to get her out of there. He tells her that they will escape and go far away because he can't stand to see her so frightened all the time. She flips in to the Rosey Wells mode and tells him that fright is one of her best acts. Leo tries to convince her to give up the Rosey act because it's just him in the room. He sets a gym bag he is carrying on a chair and gets real close to her. He tells her in a hushed voice that he is facing felony charges for destroying evidence against her, and that Jackson is not going to drop the charges against her either. She continues to babble things as "Rosey" and he tells her that the insanity thing is wearing a little thin. Leo tells her that the only thing between them and jail are a couple of hack lawyers. Does she trust him to break her out of there? When she continues the act, he tells her he is going to travel alone. He apologizes for pointing a gun at her in the boathouse, saying it was the worst thing he ever did. He kisses her and prepares to leave. She instantly turns back in to Vanessa and tells him that she wants to break out and she's got lots of money stashed away.

Mateo meets Hayley and Stuart in the hospital hallway. When he sees Trey he gets angry and accosts him about filing a motion to get the charges against Vanessa dropped. He threatens Trey that if that happens he can kiss his career good-bye. Vanessa has hurt so many people that he will never be able to find anyone sympathetic with his actions. Vanessa is dangerous and needs to be locked up. Trey tells him that Vanessa deserves good legal counsel, and then he stalks off. Mateo vents to Hayley that Vanessa is lounging around in the hospital and needs to be in jail. He says it isn't his fault if he has to play by Vanessa's rules. Hayley informs him that she doesn't want to hear about Vanessa any more. They did their part by bringing down Proteus and now just leave it alone. Mateo says he can't just leave it to the lawyers. What if they mess it up? Hayley says it is not his responsibility, but he says maybe it should be. Hayley thinks he sounds like a vigilante, and Mateo claims that maybe he should be one, to prevent Proteus from slipping through the cracks of the justice system. He marches off

In Liza's hospital room, Adam tries to reassure her that everything is going to be OK. She looks at him and asks "Who are you?" Adam tells her that he is her husband and Liza begins to moan and cry. Jake says she seems to be frightened and asks Adam to leave. Out in the hall he laments to Stuart that Liza isn't able to think clearly and Stuart tries to reassure him that he can handle it if her brain doesn't go back to normal. After all, Stuart himself has a less than perfect brain and Adam always protected him and loved him. Stuart reminds Adam that although his own brain isn't quite right, lots of people love him and they will just have to remind Liza of all the people who love her. Adam just can't seem to accept the fact that Liza may not recover fully. Brooke and Edmund arrive and Brooke takes Adam off for some coffee. Hayley tells Edmund that she is worried about Mateo and his vendetta.

Mia arrives to visit Liza, and Jake has to remind Liza that she and Mia are sisters. Mia admits that it is confusing since they didn't grow up together and are just starting to learn about each other. Mia says that she is already starting to love Liza. She mentions that a lot of people love Liza. Lots of cards and flowers are arriving at the house for her. Colby sends her love too. When Liza hears Colby's name, she mumbles "smiling eyes". This gives Mia an idea and she leaves the room.

Back in Vanessa's room, Leo gets her to admit that the whole 'Rosey' thing has been an act, and that she could have gone on forever fooling the doctors and lawyers, but she is now fearful for her life. She is convinced that Mateo is trying to kill her, so she has to get away. They discuss their escape plan. She holds her hands on each side of Leo's face and tells him intently that he better not double cross her again. Leo convinces her that the threat of a felony conviction is enough incentive for him. He takes his gym bag and leaves to go get Vanessa some clothing to wear. In the hallway he tells Trey that Vanessa has been faking the multiple personality disorder and he got it all on tape. He pulls a tiny video camera from his bag. Trey looks distraught. As they walk away, Mateo steps out from around a corner.

Leo gives the video camera to Jackson. Jack tells him that he probably won't be able to cut him a deal, but Leo is only concerned that Vanessa be stopped.

Vanessa paces restlessly, waiting for Leo to come back. Suddenly a black gloved hand turns her lights off. As she shouts for help, the gloved hand is seen holding a syringe.

Mia returns to Liza's room with a bag of things from Colby. She shows Liza a picture that Colby drew for her. Colby also sent her mother a teddy bear to snuggle while she sleeps. Mia takes out a framed photo of Liza and Colby. She tells her that Liza once said Colby had smiling eyes in this picture.

Mateo finds Hayley and tells her that he's been walking and thinking. He has decided that she and Enzo are the most important things in his life and his number one priority.

When Leo enters Vanessa's room the lights are turned off. As he flips them on, Vanessa smacks him with the door, and while he is stunned, she wrestles him over to the bed, muttering "no more exceptions for family" and tries to strangle him with a rope.


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