AMC Update Tuesday 4/9/02


All My Children Update Tuesday 4/9/02

By Ronda

Maggie comes home to the room that David has given her at the Valley Inn. As she flops on the bed, she moans "This is never going to work". From the doorway, David grins and says "Says who?"

At Enchantment, Erica welcomes Kendall to her first day of work. She gushes to her about how wonderful it is to have her there and gives her the computer password to many top level files. Kendall wants to know what the catch is. Erica tells her that there is no catch, but she needs her to work hard and show her she is serious about the job. Kendall wants to know when her press conference is. Such a momentous thing as the reconciliation of Erica and her wayward daughter must be worth a press announcement. They discuss aspects of trusting one another. Erica gives Kendall several very important accounts and tells her she expects reports about them all by the end of the week. When Kendall looks flustered, Erica asks her if she thinks she can handle it. Kendall assures her she can do this in her sleep. Erica tells her that everything in the office is open to her except for a locked file cabinet. It contains some things that are for Erica's eyes only. Erica rushes off to the hospital to be with Adam during Liza's surgery.

When she's gone, Bianca pops in to the office, telling Kendall that she waited until Erica was gone. After inquiring of Kendall how it is going, she warns her that this is a test. Erica is setting a trap and the smartest thing for Kendall to do is to get out now. Kendall scoffs at that notion. The phones start ringing off the hook with business calls about the accounts that Erica has given her. As she flounders from one call to the next, Bianca places just the right file or visual aid in front of Kendall to help her out. When there is a lull, Kendall thanks Bianca for saving her butt. Bianca says she has learned a lot from hanging around Erica all these years.

In Greenlee's loft, Leo tells her that he is sorry Vanessa wrecked their relationship, and that he let her do it. He tells Greenlee that the pain he feels cannot compare to what she must be going through. They continue to discuss Vanessa's affect on their lives and Leo keeps trying to accept all the blame. Greenlee is wary of yet another hollow Leo apology. Leo accepts all the blame for not being sensitive to her needs. Just then Simone arrives to give Greenlee her proof of renters insurance. Leo decides to leave. Simone looks at Greenlee and busts her about being in love with Leo and he with her. It's written all over their faces. Greenlee won't admit it, but invites Simone to an ice cream and junk food binge. As they pig out, they lament about their failed love lives and how painful it is to keep seeing the guys all over town. Greenlee decides that the only way to get over a broken relationship is to run away. She announces to Simone that she is quitting her job today. She whines about being demoted to be Kendall's assistant and how demoralizing that is. As she leaves to go quit her job, Simone jokingly offers to drive the getaway car.

At the hospital, Mia hurries down the hall trying to hide from someone. She has a flashback to the day her son was born, cradling him in her arms. She shakes off the image and says to herself that she did the right thing.

Jake and the brain surgeon are telling Adam how Liza's surgery went. She's alive, but the tumor was very deep and the surgery invasive. They can't promise that Liza will be totally OK.

Stuart finds Mia and tells her that he had to take Marian home. He found her drunk and distraught. He is torn between being with her and Adam. Mia sends him home and promises to stay with Adam. She enters the chapel as the doctors continue to brief Adam on Liza's condition. They tell him that her mental functions may be impaired. Adam is afraid that she will be a vegetable, but they assure him that it is not that bad. After they leave, Mia tells him that Stuart and Marian needed to go home and she will stay with him. He asks her to go be with Colby as he is going to stay the night with Liza.

Maggie and David are playing a game of pitch the card in to his medical bag. She says she will find somewhere else to stay since he'll be needing his room. He informs her that he has made other living arrangements, and she guesses that he is staying with Anna in her room. She feels bad about sponging off of him, but he says she's family and he's happy to do it. After some discussion about her life, she admits to him that she would like to go to medical school. David is delighted and offers to mentor her. Leo drops by and laughingly tells her to run! They order room service and as they eat their feast, Maggie teases David that he doesn't have time to mentor her with his new wife and all. This is the first that Leo has heard about David and Anna being married. David asks Leo to be happy for them and Leo toasts him. David encourages Maggie to stay and get to know the family.

Stuart comes back to the hospital and finds Adam in the chapel. After Adam tells him of Liza's possible problems, Stuart offers to pray with him, but Adam says God is not listening.

At the Chandler Estate, Winifred tells Mia that Colby has been crying about her Mommy. Mia hugs her and tells her that she is going to take care of her. They play 'Go Fish' and sing silly songs. Mia tells Colby that Mimi looks sad because she is worried about Liza. She reminds her of a time when Colby was sick and Mommy sat up with her all night and she looked sad and worried, but everything turned out OK. She says that Mommy and Mimi will be OK too. Colby asks her to pinky swear and they do. Mia puts her down for a nap and then snuggles with her on the couch.

Erica arrives to give Adam some moral support. Just then Jake comes and tells him that Liza is coming out of the anesthesia. Adam rushes off to be with her and Erica runs in to Opal. They discuss how sad it is for Liza to be so sick. Erica tells Opal that she and Chris are making progress and that the plan with Greenlee and Kendall is moving right along. Opal rolls her eyes and announces her doubts that this whole thing is not going to just blow up in Erica's face.

Back at Enchantment, Bianca tells Kendall that he only way to win this game with Erica is to walk away now...don't take the bait. Bianca says that Erica has a hidden agenda and Kendall needs to be on guard. She says Kendall needs to leave before Erica spring her trap, but Kendall scoffs, saying she will be able to see it coming. Bianca gives up and as she leaves, she reminds Kendall that Erica never loses. Kendall eyes the forbidden file cabinet.

Adam goes in to sit by Liza's bedside. He clutches her hand and promises her that everything is going to be alright. Liza's eyes slowly blink open.

Kendall can't resist any more. She searches Erica's desk until she finds the keys to the cabinet. She opens the file drawer and as she reads one of the documents, Greenlee walks in and catches her. Greenlee's face looks like the cat who ate the canary.


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