AMC Update Monday 4/8/02


All My Children Update Monday 4/8/02

By Lori

Chris and Erica are kissing and hugging. Erica tells him that she's finally gotten what she wants. Chris tells her that they are not back together yet. She asks him what the kiss meant. He says they've come a long way but they need to take it slow. Chris tells Erica that she should give Kendall a break because she's not that bad of a person.

Ryan and Kendall are kissing passionately outside Myrtle's door. "Do you have any idea how hard I've tried not to do this?" Ryan asks her. Kendall, in the moment of passion, says they should not hold back and just let go. After more kissing, Kendall breaks away. "It can't happen like this," she tells him and runs away. Ryan follows her to her car, where she is trying unsuccessfully to start it. Ryan gets in the car, grabs the keys and tells her he's not letting her run away. Ryan tells her he sees her real self now and he likes her, a lot. He tells her she is sweet. She is making him forget the other self she has shown. Kendall asks him how he knows which is the real person. She tells him that when she told him not to hold back that was not the real her. Ryan asks why she is fighting this and Kendall tells him he's just like all the others. She grabs her keys from his hand. Ryan tells her he likes her just the way she is. Kendall asks if that's because he thinks she's weak, helpless and vulnerable like Gillian. She says Ryan is going to have to look elsewhere because she's not like that. Ryan angrily tells her she's not even close and gets out of the car.

Mia, Stuart and Marian are at the hospital awaiting word about Liza's surgery. Marian is crying and talking about the kind of person Liza is. Adam tells Marian to stop talking because that isn't going to help Liza. Mia runs out of the room. Stuart tells Adam he's not being fair to Marian. Talking is helping her, he says. Stuart says it's not helping Liza, who could be dying. Marian tells Adam he's right and runs out of the room crying. Mia goes into a room and Jake is right behind her. She tells Jake that she doesn't feel like she fits in with Liza's family. She tells him that Liza asked her to take care of Colby if she dies. She tells Jake that she once had a son and gave him up. She says she feels like God is rewarding her for giving her son a better life. Jake is called away to surgery. Mia sees someone walking by in the hallway and hides from him. Marian is in the hallway crying. She takes a bottle of vodka out of her purse and takes a drink. Later, Stuart finds her in a terrible state. The bottle drops to the floor. She cries and apologizes to him.

Trey tells Greenlee that there is a good chance he'll get all the charges against Vanessa dropped. He tells her the DA's case is falling apart and Vanessa's rights are being violated. Greenlee is angry and tells Trey that she's exercising her rights by kicking him out of her home. She opens the door for him to leave, but before he can, Leo walks in and punches Trey. Greenlee assists Trey and asks Leo why he punched him. Leo tells him that he can't believe Trey is trying to get Vanessa off. Greenlee defends Trey and tells Leo that Trey is just doing his job. Greenlee asks Leo how he got out of jail. Leo says someone filed a motion on his behalf. Trey tells Leo he is the one who got him out of jail. He says he called a friend who filed the motion which led to Leo's release. Greenlee tells Leo she's the one who asked Trey to help him. She tells Leo he owes Trey an apology. Leo says he won't apologize, but offered to pay Trey. Trey extends his hand to Leo and Leo reluctantly shakes it. Greenlee asks Leo why he's there, and he says he wants to thank her for helping distract the police officer to help him get away. Trey tells Leo that Greenlee put herself in danger of being arrested. He tells Leo to leave Greenlee alone. Trey leaves, telling Leo he hopes he does the same.

Leo stays, and Greenlee asks him what he wants. He tells her he's not ready to leave yet. There is something he wants to tell her. Adam goes to the hospital chapel and asks God why he is making Liza go through this. He says he's the sinner so he should be blamed, not the people he loves. Hayley walks in and chastises him for "taking on God." Hayley tells him he needs to believe Liza will get well. Adam says it doesn't matter what he believes, but Hayley tells him to believe in the power of prayer. He tells her that he blames himself because he promised God he would change his life after Stuart came back but he did not. Hayley tries to assure him that he's not to blame. While Liza is on the operating table, she hears her voice and has visions of her teen-age days. Hayley leaves Adam to go see her son. Later, Jake goes to Adam and tells him that Liza made it through surgery and is stable. Adam asks them what else they found out.

Ryan returns to Myrtle's, where he finds Chris just completed with his physical therapy appointment. They make small talk about baseball and decide to watch a game on TV. Erica is at Enchantment, when Kendall arrives and goes into her office.

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