AMC Update Friday 4/5/02


All My Children Update Friday 4/5/02

By Lori

Greenlee is looking at a frame with pictures of herself with Leo when Trey comes to the door with breakfast. She apologizes for kissing him and tries to explain it away. He is not interested in her explanations. He is just there to share breakfast. As they sit down to eat, Greenlee tells Trey about how she has been demoted at Enchantment. She is now going to be Kendall's assistant. She says, though, it's just temporary and she'll get what she wants. Trey brings up the subject of Leo and Greenlee defends her former boyfriend. Trey tells her that breaking into the DA's office to steal evidence was massively dumb. He asks her how well she knows Leo. She says she knows him better than anyone else and wonders why he's asking. She wonders if he knows something about Leo she doesn't know. If he does, he needs to tell her. Trey asks Greenlee how well Leo knew his mother. She admits that Leo and Vanessa used people to get what they want. Trey asks her if Leo used her or tapped into her bank account. He says Vanessa's drug money is missing and someone stashed it. Greenlee asks Trey what he's accusing Leo of doing. Trey says he knows Leo came to town with the sole purpose of taking Greenlee for everything she's worth. Greenlee demands to know how Trey knew that. Trey simply says he wants to protect her. Greenlee asks why she should even want to be around Trey. After all, he is Vanessa's lawyer. Trey says he didn't have any choice in that matter. He tells her something big is going to happen today and she might as well know it now.

Erica asks Jack to help Chris get his job back. Jack tells her that since Chris is a federal employee, he would have no pull. Erica wonders if she asked him to help someone other than the man she loves would he do it. Jack tells her he doesn't like what she's implying. He tells Erica that she has pushed him too far and she has done it because she knows he loves her. Erica tells him she's sorry, but Jack tells her she's not sorry. "You love this," he tells her.

Anna and David are in bed when room service arrives. Along with the food is the Pine Valley Bulletin with a large photo of the two of them and a headline about Anna acknowledging their marriage. They wonder how the newspaper found out about it. A reporter calls and David angrily hangs up without commenting. Anna is called to go to the DA's office. David makes her late by pulling her back into bed. Later, when Anna arrives in Jack's office, Jack tells her that the flooding of the pipes which destroyed the evidence against David wasn't an accident. The pipes were tampered with. "You think I did it?"Anna asks. She insists she had nothing to do with it. Jack thinks otherwise and asks for her resignation. Anna refuses and tells him she'll see him in court.

Ryan walks into Myrtle's house and calls for Chris but doesn't see him. When he sees Chris's empty wheelchair, he is worried. He calls out loudly for Chris. Chris and Kendall come out of the kitchen and Ryan is stunned to see Chris is walking. Kendall thinks Ryan was worried about Chris and tells the father and son that they need to admit that they care about each other. Ryan just wants to leave but Chris stops him. He tells him that he didn't take the bullet for him simply out of duty. He also did it because Ryan is his son. Chris tells Ryan that he doesn't owe him anything but he will never forget how Ryan stood by him. Kendall asks Ryan to stay and have coffee and he accepts the offer. The three engage in friendly conversation when Erica walks in. Ryan mentions that Kendall needs to get her waitress uniform. Erica says that won't be necessary because she and Kendall met last night and Kendall is now working at Enchantment. A frustrated Ryan leaves, realizing that Kendall lied to him about seeing Erica. Kendall follows him out to try to explain. Kendall say she was afraid to tell Ryan she met with Erica because she would be afraid he wouldn't like her. She admits she is worried about working with Erica and Ryan says he has a bad feeling about it. Kendall asks him why ? is it because he cares about her? She urges him to tell him he cares. Ryan looks at her and reluctantly admits that yes, he does care for her. He touches her face and kisses her. Inside the house, Chris is impressed that Erica seems to be helping Kendall. Erica tells Chris that she believes in giving second chances. Chris stands up, pulls Erica toward him and kisses her.

Liza is awaiting brain surgery. Her doctor tells her the odds are in her favor. Liza asks to see Colby. "I don't want her to remember I didn't have the time to say goodbye," she says. Adam leaves to call Stuart to tell him to bring Colby. In the hallway, he runs into Hayley and Mateo. Then Vanessa is wheeled by, still in her Rosie act. Adam angrily grabs her. A police officer and Mateo pull him away. "I don't understand it," Vanessa says. "My fans are usually so sweet." Adam leaves to call Stuart and Hayley thanks Mateo for calming Adam down. She tells Mateo that Vanessa is now out of their lives. Later, Mateo goes into Vanessa's room. At first she says she doesn't know who he is, then calls him by name. Mateo tells Vanessa he hasn't forgotten her. Hayley walks by and sees Mateo. She goes into the room and demands that Mateo leave Vanessa alone. Mateo tells Vanessa he'll be back.

Colby is brought to Liza's room and the two of them hug. "Are you going to die?" Colby asks her mother. Liza tries to dodge the question and tells Colby that she's trying to get well. Colby leaves, telling her mom she loves her. Liza asks Mia if she'll be there for Colby if Liza dies. Liza tells Mia that she wants her to have access to the money Liza stole from Chandler Enterprises. The bank books are taped under her bed frame, she tells her. "Promise me you'll take care of my little girl," Liza says. Mia promises she will. Adam comes back into the room. She and Adam embrace with tears in their eyes. Jake arrives to take Liza to surgery.

Leo goes to Jack's office and thanks him for helping release him. Jack tells him he had nothing to do with it. Someone from Jack's office walks in with a document. It is a motion to have Vanessa found not guilty by reason of insanity. Leo can't believe it. He suspects this is the work of Trey. He runs out of Jack's office.

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