AMC Update Thursday 4/4/02


All My Children Update Thursday 4/4/02

By Ronda

In Jack's office, Anna tries to keep David from pleading guilty to get jail time. She tells him about the evidence against him being destroyed by a pipe breakage. She assures him that Jack doesn't have a case without her testimony and she won't do it. Jack is angry and tells Anna to go back to the Police Department and read the rule book to refresh her memory about who makes the case and who tries the case. The two argue about who is required to testify against whom. David says he will not let Anna compromise herself. Jack goes to brief David's lawyer as Anna and David argue about strategy. David claims that he doesn't want to bring down her career. It feels good to be honest for once.

Ryan enters Myrtle's living room, where Chris is resting on the couch. He busts Chris' chops about having a bad attitude about walking again and for quitting physical therapy. They argue about Ryan keeping tabs on Chris. Ryan tries to rile him up enough so that Chris will get mad, stand up and try to punch him out. This tactic doesn't work and Chris tries to convince Ryan that he'll be better off not worrying about him. He wants Ryan to move on with his life. Ryan says he will if Chris will.

Meanwhile, at Enchantment, Kendall tells Erica that she can figure out what Greenlee does around there without too much trouble. Greenlee scrambles to convince Erica that Kendall doesn't deserve to be handed her job. Kendall says no job, no retraction letter to the 'Exposer'. Erica thinks while both girls snipe and whine at each other. Erica offers to create a new position for Kendall, but she declines the offer. It's Greens job or nothing. When Erica refuses to fire Greenlee, Kendall says no deal and walks out. Erica then informs Greenlee that she IS going to give her job to Kendall. Greens is confused and angry. She reminds Erica of how she helped save Enchantment while Erica was rotting away in jail. Erica assures Greenlee that it will only be temporary and that once Kendall is gone everything will go back to normal, with a hefty bonus for Greenlee. Erica then calls and leaves a message on Kendall's phone that she has the job and welcome aboard.

Kendall walks in on the fight between Chris and Ryan. She asks if she walked in on something big. Chris asks her to get Ryan out of there. It is pouring rain and they get in to Kendal's car. They hear on the radio that the Phillies game has been cancelled. Ryan asks Kendall to trust him and drive where he tells her to. They end up at the ballpark and Kendall is confused. Ryan says he still knows how to show a girl a good time. He then proceeds to go to the snack bar, which is still open, and bring back corn dogs, popcorn and sodas. Kendall remembers about going to the circus as a child, just to enjoy the food. Ryan mentions Gillian's first ballgame and how she knighted a man because she made him spill his beer. Kendall asks Ryan to tell her about Gillian. He tells her that even after Gillian died he felt her near him, urging him to get on with his life. He tells about Gillian being poor royalty, and that the first time they got married it was because they each thought the other was rich. Gilly also needed a green card. He laughed about how mad Gillian would make him sometimes when she argued in Hungarian. Kendall jokes that she makes him mad too, and then tries to backtrack, telling Ryan that she didn't mean to compare herself with Gillian. Ryan jumps out of the car and Kendall moans that she is a moron for asking him to talk about Gillian. She picks up her cell phone and listens to the message from Erica about the Enchantment job. To her surprise, Ryan pops back in to the car with bags of cotton candy for dessert, seemingly unaffected by the talk of Gillian.

Jack and David's lawyer, Rico, come in to the office to discuss the case further with David and Anna. Anna informs Rico that before he advises David to take any deals, he should know that the evidence against his client has been destroyed. Jack is angry at her for messing up his strategy. He then tells Anna that they will be going to trial with her as the star witness against David. She tells him that she he can't make a wife testify against her husband, as David tries to keep her quiet. Jack thinks it's a scam but then believes them when they give him details of the wedding. Rico tells evidence, no trial. Jack threatens Anna's job. David and Anna leave and go home. They lay on the bed, exhausted by the emotions of the day. David tells Anna that he really loves her. Anna gets flushed and flustered. David says all the right words and thanks her for her loyalty to him, and for putting her career on the line. She admits that she loves him too.

At home, Greenlee waits for a callback from Jake. She put in an emergency call to him for help. She feels like she is on the Titanic and hopes he will help her rearrange the deck chairs. When the call comes, it is from his secretary, who gives her this message from Jake. "Emergencies are only admitted through the Emergency Room." Greenlee is livid and starts ranting and raving. Trey walks in through her open front door and offers to put her out of her misery with a Martini and dinner. She rants some more and he tells her she is gorgeous when she rants. She asks him how gorgeous and he tells her very, very gorgeous. She grabs him by the lapels and starts kissing him furiously. When Trey comes up for air, he tells Greenlee that the dinner offer still stands if she doesn't feel like taking this kiss to it's obvious conclusion. Greenlee steps back and tells him she doesn't want to take it to the next step, in fact she wants to be alone. After Trey shuts the door she says softly "Alone with Leo".

Erica tiptoes in to Myrtle's living room to see Chris sleeping on the sofa. She whispers in his ear and asks if he is awake. He says no, that he is only checking for cracks inside his eyelids. He knew she was there and hopes she'll leave now. They argue about him quitting therapy and she says she won't leave until he gets up and throws her out. She sits down to have a 'pity party' with him and he gets really grumpy. They argue back and forth and he finally makes her mad enough to leave. As she gets to the door. he taunts her that he thought she wouldn't leave until he threw her out. She spins around and sees him standing up. She rushes over and helps him take some unsteady steps.


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