AMC Update Wednesday 4/3/02


All My Children Update Wednesday 4/3/02

By Ronda

Anna is talking to Dixie on David's cell phone and he snatches it from her hand. David speaks to Dixie and assures her that her cardiologist is following the correct protocol. David is pleased with her recent test results. When she asks how he is, he assures her that everything is fine, and hangs up. Anna wants to know why he didn't tell Dixie about the Grand Jury trial. If Dixie came back and testified about how he had saved her life it would do a world of good for David's case. He replies that he can't burden Dixie with this problem because of her heart condition. Anna informs David that she has decided to testify against him. She tells him that she is not out to punish him, and it's not about Dixie. She tells him that it is killing her to make this decision, but she needs to make correct choices for her own life and career. She can't sacrifice herself for him and she cannot save his career and her's also. The air is tense between them as Anna leaves. David calls someone and tells them there has been a change in plans.

Adam is at the hospital crying when JR enters. They hug and discuss Liza's brain tumor and surgery. JR wants to know if the tumor could be the cause of Liza's hostile behavior towards him lately. He is also worried that his actions could have made her worse. Adam assures him that none of this is anyone's fault. Tad enters and JR assumes there will be a fight and tells Tad to back off and leave his dad alone today. Tad indicates that he comes in peace and asks Adam for a truce. They shake on it and Tad lets them know that he has heard about Liza and wanted to see if there is anything he can do. Adam asks him to look after JR for awhile, since he will be spending most of his time at the hospital with Liza. Tad agrees and tells JR that he and Jamie were going to go camping. Adam offers them the jet and his place in Baja to go deep sea fishing. Tad agrees and then asks Adam for a favor. He wants help in his search for Dixie. Adam agrees to get a man on it right away. After hugging JR good-bye, he and Tad leave. Adam rushes to the phone and tells the person at the other end that he has succeeded in getting Martin out of town, now they need to work on getting him out of Chandler Enterprises while he's gone.

Bianca stops by Enchantment to pick up her mail from Erica. Erica says she would have delivered it but she doesn't want to crowd Bianca. She says that soon Bianca will be receiving lots of college acceptance letters. Bianca tells her that she has withdrawn all her applications. Erica is appalled and is sure Kendall had something to do with Bianca's decision. Bianca assures Erica that it was her decision alone. SHe needs time to discover who she is after this last tumultuous time in life. Erica tells Bianca that she always regretted not going to college, but that no matter what she will always love her. Bianca says that she loves her mother, but their ideas in life are worlds apart.

At Myrtle's, Kendall quizzes Greenlee about the problem at Enchantment and the offer Erica is making. Ryan tries to get Kendall to leave with him and ignore Greenlee, but Kendall is intrigued by the lure of money. Greenlee explains that all she as to do is write a retraction to the story in the 'Exposer' about Erica being the mother from hell. Kendall says that would require her to lie, and Greenlee baits her and says she's lied before. Go ahead, sell out, take the money. Kendall hauls off and slaps Greenlee hard. When Greens tries to slug back, Ryan steps in and breaks it up. Kendall is still interested and wants to know how much it is worth. A check in the upper five figures is hers for the retraction. In fact Greenlee has even written it. All Kendall has to do is sign it. That's Erica's best offer, Greenlee taunts. "What do you want. a gig at Enchantment?" she asks in a snide voice. She implies that that is the last thing Erica would ever let happen. After looking at the retraction, Kendall tears it up. Greens tells Kendall she won't get a second chance, but Kendall kicks her out. Ryan is proud of her for turning down the offer. Kendall says she's sure it was a trap.

Bianca picks Maggie up at the hospital when she is discharged. She tells Maggie about her conversation with Erica and how much she resents Erica's constant interference. Maggie chastises Bianca and says she'd love to trade places. Her own mother never even visited her in the hospital when she lay near death.

Back at Enchantment Greenlee reports to Erica that she has laid the groundwork to trap Kendall in their web. Erica expected Greenlee to have accomplished more by now. She says that if she loses Bianca, it will be Greenlee's fault. Greenlee is confused and asks what their plot with kendall has to do with Bianca. "Everything!" explodes Erica. She wants Kendall working so hard at Enchantment that she won't have time to corrupt Bianca, but Greens has botched the whole plan. Greenlee explains that she used reverse psychology on Kendall. and expects her to come demanding a job at Enchantment any minute. Erica doesn't have much faith in Greenlee's plan.

Kendall discusses the offer with Ryan., thinking she has the whole plot figured out. She's sure she has the upper hand, but Ryan tries to get her to drop the whole thing. He urges her to just come and go to the game with him and forget all about the plan. She wonders about his agenda. He says her agenda is the same day in, day out...revenge. She says she can go 9 innings without thinking about Erica. Ryan agrees to come and pick her up in a bit for the game. As he drives away, Kendall gets her coat and purse and slips out the front door.

Anna arrives at Jack's office to go over her testimony. Jack takes a phone call and finds out that a pipe in the evidence room has burst and destroyed all of the evidence that they have against David. Anna tells him that he will have to dismiss the case, but Jackson says no. Anna and Jake's testimonies will nail David. Anna leaves Jack's office, visibly shaken.

In David's Valley Inn suite, he and Maggie have a warm reunion. As they discuss David's trial, he tells her that he may not be back, so she can use his suite and the cabin. She is sure he is mistaken, but he seems positive about it. She thanks him for the free accommodations. He tells her not to let the family mistakes weigh her down. He takes an overnight bag and leaves.

Greenlee continues to tell Erica how sure she is of her plan. "Ego is the gas that makes that chickie go" she claims about Kendall. Just then there is a knock on the door and kendall appears. She says she's there to help. Erica wants to know what Kendall wants and they play cat and mouse about the 'Exposer' article and the retraction money. Kendall claims that money is not enough, she wants a job. Erica feigns shock, but Greenlee is shocked for real when Kendall informs them that she wants 'the Greenbean's' job.

As Anna sips a coffee in the hallway, she ponders her love for David by thinking of some of his more caring and tender moments. She heads back to Jackson's office and is startled to see David there. He tells her that he has decided to take prison time, so she doesn't have to worry about testifying.


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