AMC Update Tuesday 4/2/02


All My Children Update Tuesday 4/2/02

By Ronda

Chris is listening to a baseball game amidst a mess of newspapers. Erica arrives and gives him 2 tickets to a Phillies game, telling him she wants he and Ryan to go and bond. Outside, Kendall approaches and her phone rings. When she answers it, Ryan asks her how to make a drink with a provocative name. They tease each other and when Kendall opens the door and sees Erica and Chris, she says, "Oh My God!" and hangs up. Ryan thinks something bad has happened, so he runs out of SOS to Myrtle's.

Inside, Erica and Kendall argue and Chris tries to intervene. Erica tells them that Enchantment is in big trouble. Erica tells them that her attention is too divided between Bianca's new lifestyle, Kendall's hate, and Chris' accident, that she hasn't been giving Enchantment enough attention. Kendall doesn't buy the story. After Erica leaves, she calls Donald Steel and tells him that Kendall took the bait. Ryan arrives just then and rushes in, expecting to see the house on fire. Chris tells Ryan that no one is allowed to be nice to Kendall that day. He then gets angry about being stuck in his wheelchair.  Chris offers Ryan the Phillies tickets but states that he's not going to the game. He then leaves the house for an appointment. Kendall explains to Ryan that Chris doesn't want to go places where he has to sit in the handicapped zone. Just then, Donald Steel arrives and shows Kendall a copy of the "Exposer" with the nasty story about her and Erica on the cover. He gives her a chance to tell her side of the story. Ryan kicks him out. Kendall tells Ryan she is interested in telling her story. He invites her to go with him to the ballgame, instead. She's not real tempted by baseball.

In Liza's hospital room, Mia and Marian try to calm Liza when Adam is late. Hayley arrives and then Jake comes to take her for her MRI. She doesn't want to go without seeing Adam. Hayley goes off to hunt him down.

At Enchantment, Greenlee is calling the police station to ask about Leo. Trey walks in and tells her he can update her. He tells her that Leo and David didn't want his help and that Leo is still in jail. He tells her to stay away from Leo because Mr. DuPres is going down and he'll drag her with him if she's not careful. They argue about Leo being a bad influence. Trey invites Greens out for a burger and fries to make up for not taking her out the night before. Erica arrives and Trey leaves. Erica tells Greenlee that she must recruit Kendall for the Enchantment team. If she succeeds, Greenlee will be given her own line of cosmetics to oversee. That definitely interests Greenlee.

Anna and David are acting cool towards one another in David's room. Anna was trying to sneak out without waking David. They discuss trust issues; suddenly Adam and a photographer burst in. Adam spills the beans that he knows they are married and threatens both of their careers unless Anna testifies against David at the Grand Jury trial. He is still livid that David took advantage of Liza while she was sick. Hayley locates Adam just then and chastises him that he is not at Liza's bedside right now when she needs him. He tries to explain to her how bad David is, but Hayley won't hear him. She drags him out of the room and tells him to go to Liza right now. Adam admits that he is angry and scared and that he just flipped out. David and Anna discuss their options now that Adam knows they are married. David doesn't want to drag Anna down with him and tells her to do whatever she thinks is best about the trial. They discuss if they can trust each other at all.

At the hospital, Liza just wants to get the test over with and just then Adam arrives. They take a moment together and he apologizes for being late. They take her away for the test.

Later in the solarium, Chris finds Erica and Adam hugging. She tells him about Liza and he says he was sorry to interrupt.

Anna assures David she wants to be on his side. He offers to let her off the hook but she is sure. David goes to shower and his cell phone rings. Anna answers it and takes a collect call from Dixie.

At Myrtle's, Greenlee arrives and invites Kendall to get back at Erica.

The test results are in. Liza has a mass in her brain and needs immediate surgery.


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