AMC Update Monday 4/1/02


All My Children Update Monday 4/1/02

By Lori

Adam arrives home and finds Marian watching over a sleeping Colby. Adam tells Marian that Liza collapsed at the hospital and it's all his fault. Marian asks him what he means by that. Adam tells her he learned that David Hayward got Liza to sign a business transaction and he went after David, in front of Liza. After watching him attack David, Liza passed out. Marian doesn't blame Adam for anything and tells him he was too easy on David. They discuss Liza's condition and a worried Marian leaves to go visit her daughter. Adam stays and watches his sleeping daughter. He leaves but later returns and wakes up Colby, who asks for her mommy. Adam reassures Colby that her mother his fine and tells her to go back to sleep.

From her hospital bed, Liza confesses to Mia that she intentionally stole money from Chandler Enterprises. Saying she wants to clear her conscience, Liza says she did it because she wanted to be protected in case she and Adam divorced. She says she knew Adam had the resources to take Colby from her and Liza would not let that happen. She says she wanted to get enough money so she and Colby could leave the country on a moment's notice without a trace if necessary. She asks for Mia's help. Mia is surprised to hear this but agrees to do what she can to help. Liza is grateful to Mia and wonders why she would help. Mia says she wants to help because she loves Colby and because Liza's her sister. Liza admits to fighting Mia but says she's been like a real sister to her. Liza asks Mia if being with Colby makes the fact that she gave up her son for adoption easier. Mia says it is but it doesn't make her stop wondering if she's better off. But she says she knows her son is better off. Liza is talking about possibly dying when Marian walks in. Marian tells her she will not let her die. Liza tells her mother that it's possible she could have a malignant brain tumor, but she doesn't know yet so she will be positive. An obviously worried Marian tries to reassure her daughter. Marian and Mia leave the room, and Marian cries in Mia's arms. Liza calls home and asks Adam about Colby. He tells her he is watching her sleep. Liza tells Adam she's worried.

Vanessa is screaming about finding a rattlesnake in her bed. She goes yelling into the bathroom when a police guard walks in. The guard can't find a snake anywhere. Vanessa re-enters and insists the guard look in the drawers for the snake. Opal walks into the room, saying, "you bet there's a snake in here, and I'm looking right at her." Palmer arrives with a handful of unpaid bills to give to Vanessa. He tells Opal he's there to see his wife. Opal leaves and Palmer hands Vanessa the bills, saying he won't pay them. He tells Vanessa that marrying her was the worst mistake of his life. Opal is listing from outside the door. When Palmer leaves, Opal tells him that he told her that she was the worst mistake of his life. Palmer admits to Opal that she was right about him marrying Vanessa. Later, Vanessa looks around for the snake and crawls back into her bed when she doesn't find it. Opal opens the door a crack and shakes a rattle, startling Vanessa. "You deserve a whole lot worse than this," Opal tells her.

Anna is arresting Leo in front of a crowd in Maggie's hospital room. She tells him it's for tampering with evidence in Vanessa's case. Greenlee walks up to Leo and can't believe he is still trying to protect Vanessa. "What the hell is wrong with you," she says. David also cannot believe Leo would try to protect Vanessa. He asks Leo what evidence he took. Trey mentions that tampering with evidence could get him one to two years, more if a burglary charge is tacked on. Leo asks Trey who he is. Greenlee identifies him as her date. Trey also informs Leo he is Vanessa's lawyer. Leo can't believe that Greenlee would go out with Vanessa's lawyer. Greenlee tells him that Trey did not choose to be Vanessa's lawyer. Anna tells Leo that he should tell David the real reason he took the evidence. Leo asks for five minutes alone with his brother. He takes him into the chapel and tells him that he was taking evidence so he wouldn't learn the truth about his father. Leo tells David that his father is the one who got Vanessa into the drug ring. David refuses to believe it. He can't believe Leo is believing anything Vanessa says. Leo tells him that he heard this news from Maggie, who heard it from Vanessa. Leo tells him that Maggie gave police a deposition referring to David's father's involvement in the drug ring. David doesn't want to believe what his brother is saying. "This is wrong, it has to be wrong," he says. Leo tells him he never wanted him to find this out. "He was a fraud too," David says. "Nothing I believed in was real." David figures out that this is what Vanessa was trying to tell him last time he saw her. He tells Leo that Vanessa was hinting that she had more secrets about the past. He tells Leo that he put himself on the line for him. Leo says he's not looking for any merit badges. They realize that all they have now is each other. David is grateful to his brother. Leo reaches out to shake his hand but David grabs him and pulls him into a hug.

Maggie tells Trey that she plans to leave town as soon as she gets out of the hospital. Grey tells her he will not let her leave because she's going to be his star witness.

Greenlee insists Anna tell her what is going on. Anna tells Greenlee that she has the wrong impression about what Leo did. She says Leo did an incredible thing for his brother today. If she knew it, she would see what kind of man Leo is. Greenlee asks Anna what kind of man Leo is. Anna says he is the kind of man she should not walk out on. Greenlee tells Trey to wait on their date while she finds Leo. She and Anna walk into the chapel and find the two brothers in an embrace. Anna tells Leo she needs to take him into custody. David asks her if she could let him go but she says she cannot. Leo agrees to go with Anna. David tells him he'll post his bail. Greenlee tells Leo she hopes this all works out. Trey walks in and Greenlee asks him to help get Leo off.

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