AMC Update Friday 3/29/02


All My Children Update Friday 3/29/02

By Lori

Adam is in David's face, accusing him of taking advantage of Liza to put money in his pocket. Adam says David knew Liza was ill but swooped in and made her sign a bogus contract giving him control in Chandler Enterprises. David says Adam is being ridiculous. He says he had no idea of the extent of Liza's illness when they talked business. He thinks Liza entered into the contract willingly. David taunts Adam, telling her that he's in business with his wife and has the power to take his entire estate. Liza suddenly faints and she's admitted to the hospital.

David sits down with Anna and asks if she believes him. He insists that what Adam says is not true. Anna is suspicious. David tells her that it bothers him that she doesn't believe him. She wonders that if he was guilty, would he tell her the truth. Why would he admit guilt to her when she has been called to testify against him? David says he realizes that Anna has his life in her hands. He wants her to believe him but she won't. She tells him he is right. David angrily walks away.

Vanessa sees a stranger standing in her doorway and tells him "you are the only person who can save me." When she gets a better look at him, she asks who he is. He identifies himself as James Kenyon III, otherwise called Trey, and says she is correct in saying he is the only person who can save her. He is her new lawyer. He tells her his father, also an attorney, told him all about her. Vanessa tells him that she has been declared incompetent to stand trial and will never see the inside of a jail cell. Trey says that she may see the inside of a padded cell if she doesn't let him help her. He tells her he can make her a free woman. He prepares to leave but Vanessa asks for one more thing. She wants him to put a tail on Mateo Santos. She says he is tormenting her, pretending to be Proteus. She says he has called her. Trey notices there is no phone in the room but Vanessa says she hears his voice. Trey says it's good that she's only hearing voices because it could be a lot worse. Later, Vanessa is alone in her room walking around and singing. She lifts the sheet on her bed and sees a live snake.

Greenlee and Leo are bickering in the hallway of the hospital. He comments on her fancy red dress, telling her he remembers when she wore it with him. She tells him she's wearing it for someone else today ? she has a date. Leo assumes that since she's waiting at the hospital, she is seeing Jake again. Greenlee angrily tells him she's not with Jake. She wouldn't waste her time with Jake just like she wouldn't waste her time with Leo. Suddenly Leo sees a police officer. He grabs Greenlee, puts his hand over her mouth and pulls her into the nearest room ? the chapel. Greenlee asks him if he's wanted by the cops. Leo says he can't tell her anything right now. He needs to find Maggie. Greenlee wonders if this has something to do with Vanessa. Leo says of course it does, everything has something to do with Vanessa. He asks Greenlee to help him but she refuses. She says she doesn't want to get involved with his problems. She turns to leave but cannot. She turns back to Leo and asks him what he wants her to do. Leo asks her to distract the police officer so he can escape. She comments that she is certainly dressed to distract the cop. She removes her coat and Leo fluffs her hair. He kisses her on the cheek and she walks out. Leo, suddenly noticing he's in the chapel, asks God to cut David a break. After all, he saves lives. Leo says David worshiped his father and it would kill him to learn that his father was Proteus before Vanessa. He asks God to let him get away with this one small thing.

In the hallway, Greenlee talks to the officer. She pretends she is feeling faint and falls into his arms. The officer says he just met Dr. Jake Martin and will find him to help. Greenlee suddenly regains her health and tells the cop she doesn't want a doctor. She continues talking with him and the officer thinks she is acting awfully strange. Leo sneaks out of the chapel and leaves their view. Greenlee thanks the officer for his help, informing him that she's Greenlee Smythe. The officer realizes she is the former fiancee of Leo Du Pres, who is wanted. Greenlee tells him she has no idea where Leo is. Besides, she is not the type to help anyone evade the law. The officer is suspicious and insists on questioning her. Trey approaches them and threatens to sue the police department if the officer continues to harass his client. The cop walks away and Greenlee is impressed. She says she was wrong to call Trey a geek when she can see he is more like Clint Eastwood. She wants to know who he is. He admits he's Vanessa's lawyer. A startled Greenlee backs away. Trey says he's not her lawyer by choice. She suggests they not talk about it and go to dinner.

Leo sneaks into Maggie's room. He tells her the cops are after him because he stole Vanessa's legal file. He says he took Maggie's deposition and flushed it down the toilet. Maggie can't believe Leo did such a thing. She asks him if he's trying to save his mother. He says no, he's trying to save his brother. He tells her that David can't know the truth about his father. He asks Maggie that when Jack questions her again for a new deposition, she not say anything about David's father. She promises she will not. David comes into Maggie's room and is pleased to see Leo visiting. Suddenly there is an announcement over the loud speaker. It is an alert that all guards must report to their stations and there will be a security check at all entrances. Leo realizes this is for him. Anna walks in with the police officer. Leo tries to leave the room but the officer grabs him. Greenlee and Trey enter the room and watch as Anna tells Leo he is under arrest for breaking and entering and obstruction of justice.

Adam is comforting Liza in her hospital bed. He tells her that the problems in the company are not her fault, they are David's fault. Liza is crying because she promised Colby she would tuck her in that night. Adam suggests that she call Colby and tuck her in over the phone. Liza calls her daughter, who is in bed with Marian reading her a story. Colby gets on the line and is happy to hear from her momma. Liza gives her daughter pretend kisses over the phone and tells her to sleep well. Liza tells Colby she loves her and Colby says she loves her too. Adam leaves Liza's room and Mia enters. Liza tells Mia that she is intentionally trying to destroy Chandler Enterprises.

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