AMC Update Thursday 3/28/02


All My Children Update Thursday 3/28/02

By Ronda

A loud knocking at the door of Greenlee's loft startles her and she drops the special Christmas ornament that Leo had given her, and it shatters. She flings the door open to a handsome stranger. He is inquiring about becoming Simone's roommate. A note on Simone's door told him to see the landlord. Greenlee calls him Gomer and asks him if she LOOKS like a landlord. After taking in her dishevelled hair, sloppy T-shirt, leggings and fuzzy slippers, he smiles and says yes. He introduces himself as Trey, and asks to see the apartment. Greens grabs the keys and mutters to herself "When did I become Myrtle Fargate?" After they come back from the tour, Trey wants to know more about Simone, but Greenlee lets him know they are not best buds. He offers to help her clean up the mess from the broken ornament, but Geenlee is in such a bad mood that she accuses him of coming on to her. Trey denies that, but invites her out to dinner. They stare each other down, and then Greenlee says OK, give her 5 minutes to change, and prepare to be dazzled. She mutters that life's a banquet and there are more flavors than Rocky Road and Vanilla. She soon appears in a stunning red dress, hair beautiful, make-up flawless. Trey is almost rendered speechless.

Adam finds Liza in the hospital chapel. She is terrified of her prognosis and just wants to go home and give Colby a bath and put her to bed. After much pleading on both sides, it is decided that she will come back first thing in the morning for the new tests. Jake and Adam go off to discuss the details and Mia and Liza talk about finding all the answers in life. Mia reminds Liza of all the people who truly love her and count on her, but that she can count on them for awhile. Liza tells Mia that she believes that everything happens for a reason, and maybe that's why Mia came in to her life at this time, to help her through this rough spot. In the hallway, Adam is shouting at Barry on the phone, telling him that he'll kill someone.

In Vanessa's hospital room, she and David are playing the Rosey game, but David bullies Vanessa into speaking sanely. He proceeds to grill Vanessa about the fact that she drove his father to kill himself with her hateful agenda. Vanessa smirks and tells David that he doesn't know the truth of what his father really was. He was more like Vanessa than he'll ever know. David accuses her of being delusional, but sane enough to know that he means business. He know she's faking her split personality scam, and he promises her that no matter what, she will be rotting away for the rest of her life...either in prison or a psyche ward...for the rest of her unnatural life.

After Anna catches Leo in Jack's office with Vanessa's criminal file, he explains to her that he just wants to try to understand what makes her tick. He tells Anna that Vanessa has done even more evil things than anyone knows, especially David. There are things in Maggie's deposition that will destroy David and the image he has of his father. Anna is torn between her duty as an officer, and her loyalty to David. Just then Jack and Bianca come in to the office. Jack has a fir and wants to know if Anna is going to arrest Leo in her official capacity as Police Chief. Leo and Bianca are stunned to hear of Anna's new job. Leo pleads with Jack that he was just trying to get a handle on why his mother dragged him all over Europe as a child, scamming and cheating and conniving and now he finds out she was a drug lord too. Anna tells Leo to come in to the station tomorrow and they will discuss the matter of the break-in. Jack is momentarily appeased, not knowing that Leo had taken the file away and was just bringing it back. He informs Bianca that they will have a chat about this later. Out in the hall, Leo and Bianca apologize to one another for their parts in this mess. Leo says he is going to the hospital to beg Maggie not to tell anyone what Vanessa spilled to her while she held her hostage. Jackson chastises Anna for being a little too easy on Leo. She stomps off.

Vanessa tries to convince David that he was her whole world and that his father was no saint. She hints to him that his father had been just as bad as her. They had married for money, excitement and sex. He had been a weak man, she never loved him.

Leo can't locate Maggie when he gets to the hospital. He is frantic. Just then Trey and Greenlee step off the elevator. Trey needs to confer for 10 minutes with a client. Greenlee warns that if he is one second late, she's gone. Cafeteria food is not her idea of fine dining. Just then she turns and locks eyes with Leo.

Vanessa is lounging in bed, idly drawing patterns on the bedsheet with her fingers. Her door opens and when she looks up, it is Trey. "Well finally, you're here", she huffs.

As Jackson ruffles through Vanessa's file, he finds that Maggie's deposition is missing, and he is sure Leo took it.

In a hallway at PVH, Anna tells David she needs to talk to him, Liza and Mia ask him if he's seen Adam, and suddenly Adam appears and punches David in the face.


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