AMC Update Wednesday 3/27/02


All My Children Update Wednesday 3/27/02

By Ronda

At SOS Ryan and Kendall moan and groan about having to work with each other. Ryan suggests that he make the drinks, Kendall delivers them, and the they don't really ever have to speak. Just then a drunken Leo stumbles in. He has a white grocery bag with stuff in it that he keeps fumbling with. He doesn't want anyone to touch it. He's sorry after yelling at Kendall. He orders a drink from Ryan. Ryan asks him what he's celebrating. "Did you buy a new pair of leather pants?" While they are laughing, Ryan mixes a very weak vodka tonic for Leo. Leo says he is celebrating finding out that his mother is a drug lord and tried to kill his fiance. He says he's going to write a book. Kendall slips off and calls Bianca to alert her that friend Leo is dead drunk at SOS.

At Greenlee's loft, she and her father get ready for Jackson to come over and interview Roger is regards to the Proteus case. Roger tries to make Greeenlee face the fact that he will probably have to do jail time. She is adamant that that will not happen.

In Jack's office, Chris is helped back in to his wheelchair by Hammond and Jack. He is angry and wants nothing to do with any of them, especially Erica. After the other two men leave, Erica professes her love to Chris and tells him there are no strings attached. He scoffs at that concept and orders Erica away. Anna was in the hall a nd couldn't help but overhear. Erica rushes off in a huff. Anna goes in and tells Chris he s a fool not to accept Erica's love. They argue heatedly about all the aspects of the Proteus case and how it and personal things had taken over Chris' life. He doesn't need Erica. Anna can't understand why he just can't accept the love he has been offered. Then Anna questions why she is trying to convince him of anything. Anna leaves Chris to think about how much he is turning down. Chris and Erica both daydream about all the wonderful moments they have shared.

When Jack arrives at the loft, he informs the Smythe's that things don't look good for Roger. He aided and abetted Vanessa in scams and drug deals and...Greenlee jumps in to defend her Father by reminding Jack that Proteus was blackmailing him, using death threats against Greenlee as leverage to get Roger to continue the dirty work. Jack assures her that all the mitigating circumstances will be considered. After he leaves, Greenlee tells her father that she can't stand to see him treated this way. He asks her to be strong for him. He goes off to tell his legal aid attorney about the meeting. Just then, Simone barges in and tells Greens that they need to have a little chat. Greenlee tells her to go have a 'chat' with her boy Leo. Simone insists that she is not with Leo. Greenlee tries to get her to leave, but Simone is on a roll. She asks Greens how she dared to buy the loft that Simone was renting and then evict her, all because of Leo. Greenlee explains that her life is one big stress-ball and she didn't want to deal with her ex living right down stairs. Simone can't believe the logic so she starts to storm off. Greenlee informs her that she owes her over a thousand dollars. Simone argues that that was the amount of the rent before Greenlee evicted her. Greenlee states that that is still the rental price and that she is now the Landlord. Simone is confused. Greenlee says she can stay in the loft as long as she does it without Leo. They laugh about Leo's concept of money...he spends it better than he makes it. Simone says that she and Leo are becoming friends, and since she doesn't have many she's like to keep him. Greenlee agrees that Leo is a better friend than a lover. Just then Roger comes in from the bedroom. When Greenlee introduces him to Simone, he seems stunned. Simone leaves, with the promise of a rent check soon. He then tells Greenlee that a decision has been made about his fate.

At SOS, Bianca sips a soda while grilling Leo about why he's getting hammered in the middle of the day. He says it's because he knows that it's a lie that drinking helps your problems. He then tells Binks about all the horrible things Vanessa said to Maggie when she held her hostage. Things that indicate to Leo that his whole life has been a lie. He then admits to Bianca that every scrap of evidence the authorities have against his mother are in the white shopping bag. He stole them from Jackson's office. He tells her that he is writing a book about the actress/drug lord/socialite and he wanted more info. He is sure the book will be a best seller if he tells the Proteus part in a factual way. Bianca tells him that it was stupid to steal the files. She implores him to return the files before Jack knows they are gone, or he could face jail time too. Leo picks up the sack and stumbles off muttering that he needs to think. Bianca then thanks Kendall for calling her. In the men's room, Leo attempts to flush some of the incriminating papers down the john. He then joins Bianca who has been 'bonding' with Kendall. As Kendall and Ryan exchange barbs, Leo and Bianca discuss how to get the remaining papers back in Jack's office. Bianca is not aware that some of them have been fushed. Bianca makes a call to Uncle Jack, telling him she needs to see him right away at SOS. This leaves the coast clear for Leo to sneak in to his office. Jack arrives and wants to know what Bianca needed him for. She is at a loss for words. As they talk, Leo is breakng in to Jack's office and the file cabinet.

At Enchantment, Erica is moping around when Chris wheels in and says "I'm sorry". He then tells her that he is doing the best he can for now and to please not ask for anything more. She nods. He then turns around and wheels out the door. Erica sniffs and tears up, saying "well, that's a start."

At the loft, Roger informs Greenlee that he will be granted full immunity if he turns state's evidence against Vanessa. They bounce around and are very happy about this outcome. Greenlee declares it a new start for them both. Roger thanks Greenlee sincerely.Greens looks pensive and takes a Christmas ornament out of a box on the mantle. Her thoughts drift off to when Leo gave it to her, promising a new one each year, so they can be reminded of how happy they are right now. When the daydream ends Greens is sad. She tries to throw the ornament at the wall, and then in the trash, but she can't do it.

At SOS Kendall and Ryan keep taunting each other. Ryan is amazed a the fact that Kendall is doing gainful employment. They agree that each other is somewhat appealing in this work situation. Meanwhile , Jack grills Bianca on what was so important. She is flustered and is not very good at lieing to Jack. Jack gets a phone call and while he takes it, kendall wants to know if it was really OK that she called about Leo. Bianca is nervous, but says that yah, it was a good thing to do. Jack comes back and asks Bianca what is going on with Leo. At that moment, Leo is struggling with the file cabinet in Jack's office. He fumbles and drops the folder just as he is going to put it in the drawer. Just then, Anna enters the office and stands looking at him as he kneels on the floor, looking like a deer caught in the headlights.


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