AMC Update Tuesday 3/26/02


All My Children Update Tuesday 3/26/02

By Ronda

David and Anna are in his room at the Valley Inn. David wants to make up for the fight they had yesterday about Anna's swearing-in ceremony. Anna informs him that she is there on official business. She produces a search warrant and turns the PVPD loose on the room. After the guys are done, Anna and David discuss the findings...nothing. She thanks him for his cooperation, and he accuses her of using her power for some kind of kinky foreplay. Anna can't get past the fact that David still insists on keeping secrets from her, and for harboring feelings for Dixie. After some bickering, they end up in a lip-lock In their next scene, they have just finished with an athletic romp under the sheets. David is convinced that if there was an Olympics of Love, they would get the gold medal. Anna tells him not to bet his 'gold' that she won't testify against him at the grand jury trial.

At the Chandler Mansion, Adam tries to convince Liza that she needs to see a doctor. Liza flips out and accuses Adam of trying to get her committed, so that he can get custody of Colby. He did it to Dixie and now he's trying to do it to her. Adam tries to convince her that he would never try to take Colby from her. He asks her about the money missing from Chandler Enterprises, but she doesn't have an answer. He tells her she must admit she has been erratic and he suspected the worst and he's sorry. Liza suddenly shifts gears and says all she needs is an aspirin, then gets terrified about what might be wrong. Adam finally convinces her to go to the hospital to see a specialist named Dr. Greenberg.

Jake and Mia "bump in to" each other at the hospital and discuss Liza's problem. Mia is very worried. She never thought she would feel so close to her family, but she does, and can't bear the thought of losing Liza after she just found her. As Jake leaves for a meeting with a prospective resident, Mia expresses interest in the candidates name. Jake wants to know why she cares, and she makes the excuse that she's going to be working with them so she needs to start learning their names. Jake tells her that he needs to meet with each one before the names are announced.

At SOS, Ryan and Bartender Kevin are finishing a deal where Ryan will be covering for Kevin for a few days, while his wife has a baby. Kendall and Chis show up and order a 'healthy' breakfast. While they wait for their food, Kendall breaks out a deck of cards and informs Stamp that he looks more like a poker man than a canasta guy that Myrtle has turned him in to. Kendall wants to know if he's up to a rousing game of strip poker. Ryan wanders over and Chris invites him to join in on Kendall's early bird strip poker game. Just then their steak and eggs and beer arrive. Ryan does not approve of the food choice for Chris. "Cholesterol and alcohol. Just what a gun shot victim needs." Kendall then informs Chris that Ryan thinks she is using Chris to make Erica jealous. Chris pretends surprise, while Ryan rolls his eyes and tells them he's not getting involved. After a few more pointed barbs about Erica, Chris grows serious and tells Kendall to lay off the Erica bashing. She then starts bugging Ryan, and he tells her she is outrageously annoying. As Ryan stalks off, Chris accuses Kendall of having chemistry with Ryan. Kendall vehemently denies it. She then shifts gears and asks Chis to pull strings with Mateo to get her a waitress job at SOS.

In the park, Donald Steel is showing Erica an advance copy of the "Exposer" with a tell-all story about how Erica is going to make Kendall's life a living hell. When he asks how it is, Erica replies "Delicious. I even hate me after reading this".Jackson enters the park just in time to see the two of them together before Steel scoots away. Erica tries to deny they are in cahoots, saying instead that she was raking Steel over the coals about the trashy article. She tells Jack she could sue, but she's seen enough of the inside of a courtroom for awhile. Jackson whole heartedly agrees. Jack brings Erica up to speed on how Bianca is doing without her. Apparently fine, since she's eating good and looking happy. When he informs her that Bianca and Kendall seems to be bonding, Erica has a fit. She's convinced that Kendall is just biding her time, waiting to attack. Jack receives a call from FBI Agent Hammond and grants him permission to use his office for an interview. Erica knows this is Chris' boss and wants to know about the meeting. Jack informs her that it is none of her business, but as he walks away, she declares that Chris IS her business.

Kendall wheels Chris in to Jack's office and provides a tie for him to wear, in case the press will be there for a promotion that Chris is expecting.

Liza is flipping out at the hospital about how long the doctor is taking to see her. Adam goes to look for the doctor and Mia and Liza do some bonding and share loving stories about Colby. Dr. Greenberg arrives and starts to examine Liza. When he is finished he asks to speak to Jake and Mia creeps up to overhear them discussing more tests. They are joined by Adam, and everyone is looking grim when Liza looks out at them from the exam room door. She slips away without anyone noticing.

In Jack's office, Agent Hammond is reprimanding Chris for his conduct on the Proteus case. He let himself be sidetracked by Erica and Ryan and almost blew the case and even got shot. As Chris tries to defend himself, with help from Jack. Erica is lurking in the hallway, eavesdropping. Hammond tells Stamp that the department is recommending a Leave of Absence with disability. Chris gets so angry that he stands up and shoves the wheelchair backwards just as Erica barges in. Chris draws his gun on Hammond and calls him a bastard and accuses him of never wanting Chris back at the bureau. Chris then removes the clip from his gun and turns in his badge. As he turns to leave, his legs buckle and he crumples to the floor. Erica gathers him onto her lap and whispers reassuring words in his ear.

At SOS, Kendall reports for duty and Kevin gives her her uniform and some lunchtime instructions. He informs her that he is leaving for awhile on family business, but the new guy will help her get adjusted. She goes to the ladies room to change. Ryan then appears and shoos Kevin home, joking that he and Waitress Melinda will be gentle when they break in the new help. Kendall breezes over to the bar and starts shooting orders. As her eyes meet Ryan's they both grin as they figure out that they are each others "new help".


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