AMC Update Monday 3/25/02


All My Children Update Monday 3/25/02

By Lori

Leo brings food for himself and Simone into a room at the Pine Cone. He tells Simone he could tell her all sorts of stories from his childhood. Simone casually mentions he should write a book about his life with Proteus. Leo thinks its a brilliant idea. He wants Simone to help her. They can get rich with this idea, he says. He grabs paper and wants to start with an outline. Simone urges him to really think through this idea before he goes into it. Does he really want to revisit all these bad childhood memories? Leo says he will for a lot of money. Simone agrees to help him with the first chapter, then see where it goes from there. Leo promises she'll be hooked after she gets into it. He starts telling her stories from his past and she writes them down. Soon he has her laughing at his stories. She comments, however, that it is sad his mother put him through all this. How must he have felt when he learned she was a major drug lord, she wonders. Leo says that's when he realizes that his mother was conning him as well as other people. As he continues telling her stories, Simone says they need more. She says readers will want to know what was going on in Proteus's head. Leo remembers how his mother told him she would be lost without me. Now he can see how lost she was. Simone tells Leo not to go into all this. Leo gets up and walks out. He later breaks into a doctor's office and finds his mother's file. He starts looking through it.

Anna is angry at Jack for not telling her about David's criminal charges. She can't believe she is being subpoened to testify in front of a grand jury about David. Jack tells her to stop protecting David and do her job. David has committed multiple crimes and she can't see it. He says he has a history of using women and he's using Anna now. Anna tells Jack to stay out of her personal life. Jack says she's letting David take advantage of her. Just then, David walks in and asks Jack if he is plotting against him. Jack excuses himself. Anna is angry at David for not showing up for her swearing in ceremony. David apologizes and says he was with a patient. Anna assumes it has something to do with Dixie. She tells David she knows Dixie is pregnant with his child. David tells her that is crazy. Dixie is not pregnant, she says. Anna yells at him to tell her the truth. David admits that Dixie is pregnant but Tad is the father, not him. Anna doesn't believe him. David tells her that Dixie knew Tad would want her to get an abortion to protect her health and she wants to have the baby. Anna says that is a good cover story. David insists his relationship with Dixie is strictly professional. He was helping her find a doctor. Anna tells David that she has been called to testify against him at the grand jury. She says Jack does not know that she is married to David and can refuse to testify. David tells her she will refuse to testify against him, but Anna says he'll have to wait to find out what she'll do. The grand jury convenes on Friday.

Ryan is comforting Kendall at the Pine Cone. He leans in to kiss her. She tells him he does not have to do this. He says he knows and backs away from her. He says he is sorry. Kendall says she doesn't want Ryan to feel sorry for her. This is how Erica snares men. She gets weepy and vulnerable and they come running. Kendall says she doesn't want Ryan to pity her. Ryan says he doesn't pity her. Kendall wants to know how he feels. Ryan says he cares about her but he can't be what she wants. He says he is a mess. He just learned he has a new father. His mother recently died and he lost his wife and he's not over her. He calls Kendall a beautiful, smart woman but he may never be able to give himself to her. Kendall asks Ryan why he's always thinking she's coming onto him. He's the one who came onto her and he doesn't want to admit it. She walks away and Ryan goes to the park, looking for her.

Liza and Marion are frantic at the park because they can't find Colby. Marion calls Adam and tells him Colby is lost. When he arrives he grabs Liza, shakes her and demands to know what she's done with Liza. He thinks she is deliberately keeping Colby from him in an effort to steal her away. Liza insists she can't remember Colby being with her, she can't remember anything. Liza passes out and the police arrive and tend to her. Ryan arrives on the scene and Adam thinks he is in on this plot because he and Liza are running away together. Ryan tells Adam he's being ridiculous. Mia arrives and offers her help. Liza is stricken with another headache and embraces Adam, insisting she doesn't know where Colby is. He starts to believe her.

Kendall finds Colby walking along a street. She is being real good with Colby, who at first doesn't talk to Kendall. Kendall asks if she's not talking because she's not to talk to stranger. Colby nods her head. Kendall says they won't be strangers for long and she hugs the little girl. She takes her to the park, where she asks Colby why she left her mommy. Colby says her mommy wasn't talking to her and she got scared. Ryan finds Kendall and watches her talk to Colby. He smiles, and later approaches them. He takes them to Liza, who is relieved to see her daughter. She grabs her and tells her she is sorry. She thanks Kendall for finding Colby. Kendall starts to walk away and Ryan follows. He tells her she was really good with Colby. Kendall doesn't want to talk to Ryan and walks away. Adam tells Marion and Mia to take Colby so he can be alone with Liza. He tells Liza she is not well and he wants to help her.

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