AMC Update Friday 3/22/02


All My Children Update Friday 3/22/02

By Lori

Mia cannot believe what she sees on the piece of paper on Jake's desk. "This can't be real. This is so unfair," she says. Jake walks in, as busy as ever, and she stuffs the paper into her coat. She wants to talk to him but he tries to put her off. She says patient's lives are at stake and she needs to talk to him now. He agrees to hear her out. She tells him she is a failure in her job and wants to quit. He says she is unqualified and is not learning the ropes of being a physical therapist. She wants to quit. Jake doesn't believe her and suspects there is something she's not telling him. He tells her to quit giving him "lame excuses" and tell him what's really wrong. He is interrupted with a phone call before she can answer. After he apologizes for being so busy, he encourages her to stay. She agrees and he tells her she won't regret it. A hospital staff member comes in and asks him if he's seen the new list of interns on his desk. He can't find it and tells her to print another one. He leaves the office and Mia pulls out the paper containing the list of names. "Don't worry, Jake. I'll find some way to handle him," she says to herself.

David is talking to Dixie on the phone, assuring her he'll keep her secret. Anna sneaks up behind him and listens. He doesn't know she's there and is surprised to see her there when he gets off the phone. She asks him who he was talking to. He tells her it was a patient he had recently discharged. He doesn't know she heard his conversation. She reminds him to be at Jack's office for her swearing in ceremony. As she walks away, she gets on her phone and tells someone named Charlie that she needs him to do some digging for her about Dixie Martin. She remembers the conversation between David and Tad about Dixie and David saying he didn't know anything about Dixie.

Adam apologizes to JR about his argument with Liza. JR tells his father that Liza is freaking out because she doesn't like him. He says he doesn't want to cause problems in their marriage and says he should be shipped off to a boot camp. Adam tells him he's not a threat to his marriage. Tad walks in and JR tells him that he's moving in with him. JR leaves the room and Tad asks Adam what he did to JR to make him want to move out. He calls Adam a poor excuse for a father. JR returns and Tad asks him why he wants to move out. JR says he doesn't want to ruin another marriage. Tad assures JR that he had nothing to do with his divorce from Dixie. JR wonders why she left. Tad doesn't know. He went to Europe to look for her but he didn't find her and Lanie just gave him the runaround. He is worried that there is a problem. He asks JR if Dixie gave him any clues in their phone conversations about her location. JR says she did not. JR is worried and announces that he's going to Europe to look for his mother. Adam says JR cannot go to Europe. Tad apologizes for getting JR riled up. Tad tells JR he cannot live with him because the best place for him is with his father. Adam says the friction between him and Liza has nothing to do with him. JR leaves the room and Tad asks Adam about the friction he mentioned with Liza. Adam won't answer and Tad says he'll ask Liza about it. Tad tells Adam that he knows Dixie is hiding something from him and that is why she left the country.

Liza is at the hospital ranting at a nurse for keeping her waiting. David hears the commotion and approaches Liza. Liza screams at him to leave her alone. He tries to calm her down, telling her he won't hurt her. She starts crying and apologizes. She says she wishes she could go to bed and forget about her problems, but she says there is no escape. David offers to buy her a cup of coffee. She has another outburst, reminds him of all the evil things he's done in his life and asks him if he plans to poison her coffee. David is dumbstruck as she marches off. David catches her before she gets on the elevator and again tries to calm her down. She again breaks into tears and David offers to buy her some tea. She agrees.

Jack calls Jake to congratulate him on his new job and tell him that they have enough information to bring multiple criminal charges against David and "nail him to the wall." Anna walks in and overhears part of the conversation about his new case. She questions Jack about the case but he won't tell her anything. He says he can't tell her about his cases until she is sworn in as chief of police. Anna decided to have the swearing in ceremony in Jack's office because she knows she is not supported wholeheartedly by the police department and she didn't want to rub it in anyone's faces by having a large ceremony. Also, she wants to work closely with Jack and wants him "in her back pocket." He asks her if she's invited anyone to her swearing in and she says she invited David. Police officials arrive but David has not arrived. She agrees to proceed without him. Before the ceremony begins, she gets a call from Charlie, who tells her that Dixie is pregnant. Distracted by the news, she recites her oath of office and the officials leave immediately. Jack acknowledges that Anna wasn't their first choice as new chief. A city official enters and gives Anna a summons to testify in the criminal case against David.

David and Liza return from having tea and Liza is all smiles. She thanks David but soon is stricken by a painful headache. She tells David she has had these headaches for a few weeks. David turns to call a doctor to examine her and when he turns back Liza has walked off. David calls Adam looking for Liza but she is not there. Liza is sitting alone on a park bench. Marian comes with ice cream and asks Liza where Colby went. Liza, who is sitting in a daze staring into space, is confused. She realizes that Colby must have wandered off and begins calling for her.

Ryan is alone in his motel room looking at a photo of his grandparents. There is a knock on the door. It is Kendall. She is wearing a stunning red dress and wants Ryan to take her out. She says they need to go out on the town and go "raise a whole lot of hell." He tells her her dress looks expensive. She tells him she kept the price tag on and will take it back tomorrow. He tells her that that is dishonest. She playfully asks him if he's going to turn her in and holds out her hands to be cuffed. Ryan doesn't want to play along with her. He tells her if she's asking him on a date, he's not interested. Kendall tells him it's his loss as she heads for the door. Then she turns back to him and tells him he's scared to death of leaving his life of misery and going out and having fun. She says he stays in his room feeling sorry for himself and won't even let news of his family bring him out of his doldrums." Shut up. What do you want from me," he tells her. If he wants to sit alone in his room that's his business. Kendall asks him why he has let her stay in his room. He says he felt sorry for her. He says she is a pit of need and he'll never fill her need. He tells her to find another loser because he wants nothing to do with her. He takes her keys and tells her to leave. She leaves but he later finds her outside his room in tears. He takes her in his arms and apologizes.

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