AMC Update Thursday 3/21/02


All My Children Update Thursday 3/21/02

By Ronda

Adam and Barry meet in Adam's home office to discuss the large sums of money missing at Chandler Enterprises. Adam is convinced that Liza is stockpiling money so that she can leave him.

Across the lawn at the gatehouse, Liza and Colby pay a visit to Stuart and Marian. When Colby sees Mia enter the room, she runs over and hugs her. Liza wants to know when those two got so chummy. She also wants to know why Mia is hanging around so casually, since she's got her shoes off. Colby is clamoring for Mia to teach her a new song. Liza asks if Mia was the person who taught Colby the lovely "Wheels on the Bus" song. Mia admits she did that and would be happy to teach Colby a new song. Stuart takes Colby to the kitchen for a snack. Marian explains to Liza that Mia is stayinf with Stuart and her in Scott's old room. Liza demands to know why she wasn't told and Marian reminds her that she's not been very easy to talk to lately. Liza says she understands. Mia leaves to go work at the hospital. Marian tries to discuss Liza's troubles with her, but Liza acts strangely.

At the hospital, Brooke, Edmund and Jamie are discussing his scary encounter with Vanessa. Brooke wants to know what Jamie was even doing there. Jamie tries to defend Edmund. Across the room, David and Anna are also discussing Vanessa's episode of terror. David wants to know how Anna found out. She lets him know that she is being sworn in as Police Chief later that afternoon, and since she would be inheriting the Proteus case, she was being kept up to date on all the details. Suddenly Tad appears and grabs David by the lapels and smashes him into the wall. He demands that David tell him Dixie's whereabouts. Tad is sure that David knows. Anna breaks them up. Tad tells David that he has been on a wild goose chase in Europe, looking for Dixie. She was supposed to be with her sister Lainie, but when Tad found Lainie, she had no idea where Dixie is. David tells Tad that Dixie has moved on and that he should do the same. Just then, Jake enters the area and welcomes Tad home. He lets Tad know that Joe resigned as Chief of Staff and that Jake now holds that job. Tad is stunned and wants to know what made Joe quit without any notice. Jake glances sideways at David. Tad catches the look and just shakes his head.

Jamie sees Tad and starts to tell him about being attacked by Vanessa.  Tad also wants to know why Jamie was at the hospital. As he explains that he was being a junior reporter with Edmund, Tad wonders why Brooke would just turn Jamie loose with Edmund. They inform him that they are engaged and the kids are all real happy about it. Jake congratulates them and then steers Tad towards his office so that they can discuss Joe's resignation in private. Tad says he hopes they'll be happy and wanders off with Jake, looking a little dazed. David takes that opportunity to apologize to Jamie for Vanessa's terrible behavior. Jamie shrugs it off and says it was just weird. In Jake's office he explains to Tad about the Chief of Staff fiasco. Tad just wants Jake to give him access to Hayward's files. When Jake says he can't do that, Tad begs him to help STEAL them. He is desperate to find Dixie and is convinced that there is a clue in her files that David has.

Adam and Barry are still discussing Liza's strange behavior. Adam is convinced that she is hooked up with Ryan again and they are in cahoots and trying to rob him and run away together, taking Colby with them. Barry tries to reason with him but Adam is too angry to discuss it rationally.   JR hears part of the conversation and wants to know if Liza and Adam are getting divorced because of him. Adam tries to reassure the boy that he is not the cause of any of this unpleasantness, but JR tells Adam that Liza is convinced he is still on drugs and is a bad and dangerous influence on Colby. He says that she has recently told him that she 'knows what he's up to'. JR is convinced that Liza is losing it and it's all his fault. Adam keeps assuring him that that is not the case, but JR is not convinced. He is sure that if one more bad thing happens, he will end up locked in jail. Adam promises that won't happen. JR will always have a home with Adam. JR leaves in a depressed mood. Adam gets on the phone and demands that Liza meet with him right now. Marian agrees to watch Colby. After Liza leaves, Marian and Stuart discuss her daughter's marriage, Marian think the situation is real, real bad.

Tad continues to plead with Jake to let him 'steal' the files. Jake shouts at Tad that he needs to let Dixie go. Tad tells Jake that he used to feel safe and cared for when he visited his Dad in this office, but it didn't feel that way today. Jake gently tells him that he won't bend the rules for anyone. He tells Tad that Dixie will call when she's ready. Tad leaves the office sadly.

Mia waves a white hanky at Jake's office door. Jake laughs and asks her what that is all about. She tells him that she is worried that there are already wars going on in this office and she wanted to make sure it was safe to enter. She thanks him for the new job and the training opportunity. Jake apologizes to her for messing up her life. She says that a truce is an important first step, Jakes rushes off on hospital business and Mia asks to use his phone. She calls to thank Stuart and Marian for helping to tell Liza about her moving in. As she's talking, she glances at a paper on Jake's desk and gets a horrified look on her face.

Liza and Adam start fighting about how irrational she ha been about JR. She keeps going off on angry tangents, as much as Adam tries to keep calm and discuss things with her. She has an episode of dizziness and then storms out of the room, leaving Adam in stunned silence.

Back at the hospital, Jamie and Tad decide to have a sleepover and play video games. Brooke agrees to the plan, but reminds them to try to get some sleep.

David and Anna are discussing the time for her swearing in ceremony. After she leaves, David pulls out his cell phone and places a call. He says he knows it's late over there but can they talk? Liza stumbles in to the hospital and after some quiet chit-chat with a nurse, she gets very agitated and demands to see a doctor- NOW. David tells his caller that someone asked a lot of questions. "but I covered for you. I always will...Dixie" ! Anna overhears the conversation.


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