AMC Update Wednesday 3/20/02


All My Children Update Wednesday 3/20/02

By Ronda

Kendall is smooching and caressing Chris, telling him in a seductive voice that all he has to do is call her and she'll be there to help him with 'anything'! "just remember (smooch), I'll be right (smooch) next (smooch) door (smooch)!

Opal wants to know what the heck Erica is doing. Erica shakes herself out of her reverie. She has been replaying the scene between Kendall and Chris that she had been peeping at over at Myrtle's. When Opal inquires where Erica went in her daydream, Erica replies that she was in Hell!

Back at Myrtle's, Kendall is fussing over Chris, while Ryan looks on, shaking his head in disbelief.  Chris asks Kendall what kind of a medal she's bucking for and this really gets Ryan to smiling. Chris tells Kendall that all he wants from her is for her to keep her distance! "The truth is, I don't like you and it's a safe bet I never will." he tells her. Kendall seems disappointed.

At Enchantment, Opal and Erica continue to discuss Kendall and the fact that she is going after Chris. "She's a real-life bloodsucker" Opal says, and Erica replies, "You want an argument from me?"! They discuss the fact that Kendall did the same thing to Dimitri, but he saw through her, and Chris will, too. Erica expresses concern that Bianca will be hurt by her sister, but Opal assures her that Bianca is no dummy. Opal tells Erica that according to her dream, she needs to step back. "Uh Uh!" says Ms. Kane. Right now she needs to stop Kendall's plan before it goes any farther. Opal is frustrated and wants to know what good it is to be able to see the future when nobody takes her advice. She also tells Erica that she would feel a whole lot better about the 'plan' if Erica didn't have to use Greenlee. "Use me for what?" Greenlee asks as she enters the office through the wide-open door to the corridor.

Brooke, Edmund, and Jamie are having lunch. Jamie has been following Brooke around, watching her at Tempo for a school project, but Brooke fears he is bored with her. Jamie admits that Edmund and the Proteus story were more fun than what Mom does. Jackson arrives and the adults shoo Jamie off to get a take-out order while they discuss Vanessa. Jackson tells Brooke and Edmund that the psychiatrist should be meeting with Vanessa right now to determine her sanity. Jackson doesn't buy her story that Mateo got in her room or that Proteus called her on the phone.

At the hospital David, Leo, Vanessa's lawyer, and the psychiatrist confer on Vanessa's sanity or lack thereof. David offers to save them all time by telling him that Vanessa is faking. Leo defends her and the shrink says he's been doing this a long time and doesn't need their help.

In her room, Vanessa is all dolled up in a bedsheet turban with a flower in it, and is using another sheet as a wrap. She and 'Rosie" have a back and forth conversation about the upcoming interview. Vanessa takes over and shouts "Ladies!! Calm yourselves! Hang on and get ready for the performance of your lives!"

Out by the nurse's station, David gets a phone call and turns away from the group. As he's talking, he spies Maggie trying to slip out of the hospital. She ducks into an empty room, but David follows her. He asks her if she was going to leave without saying good-bye. David tells her she isn't well enough to leave, but Maggie claims she doesn't have frostbite and feels fine. Then David tries to guilt her by saying that she didn't even say good-bye to Leo. At that, Maggie states that she doesn't know either one of them very well, and that people who hang around Vanessa don't seem to last long. David assures her that his mother will pay for her crimes. Maggie is convinced that Vanessa will outsmart everyone, walk away, and hunt down Maggie and finish her off. David tells Maggie that he understands that she is scared. "Oh, you do, Cousin Dave? Well, Vanessa has no conscience and will kill anyone who gets in her way," she says. David admits she's right. They then discuss the fact that Vanessa bragged to Maggie that she forced David's father to hold a gun to his own head and kill himself. David can't believe that Vanessa told Maggie all about that. "She was proud of it!" Maggie states. David looks devastated but encourages Maggie to stay around and be brave enough to see Vanessa punished.

Leo begs to be present during the interview with his mother, but the doctor forbids it. Vanessa goes into Rosie mode and claims that her lawyer is a script writer and the doctor is the director. When her lawyer introduces Dr. Fishman as a psychiatrist, Rosie says "Sure you are!" and goes off on a tangent about how well she is prepared for this role, and that they need to get the filming done and the movie in the can. After a few questions about if she's really crazy or just playing a part, Vanessa says "Well, why doesn't someone say 'Action!'?' "ACTION!" she screams.

Brooke, Edmund and Jackson continue to discuss how Mateo could have slipped past the guard at Vanessa's door, and how she could have received a call from Proteus since she didn't have a phone in the room. Jackson says he's headed to the hospital to get the shrink's report. When Brooke asks him when he can tell them the results, Jack jokes that they will know right after he tells Sam Donaldson! After fielding a call about a machinists strike, Brooke leaves the guys. including Jamie, to rush off to Tempo. Edmund asks if they can tag along with Jackson to the hospital. He asks if Edmund and Jamie are a team now, and Jamie says yes. They head off to the hospital.

Back at Enchantment, Erica once again has to do fancy footwork to keep Greenlee from being suspicious about the 'plan'. She tells Greenlee she needs her to go to NYC and speak on behalf of Erica at a suppliers meeting. She wants Greenlee to evaluate the products. She'll be flying first class and staying at Erica's penthouse hotel suite. Greens is grateful but wants to know why Erica is "gooshing" over her. Erica wants to know if she's having self doubts and if so, well then, she can't use her. Greenlee rushes to assure Erica that she doesn't doubt herself, in fact she deserves everything she gets. She then tells Erica about a small problem. She is supposed to give a deposition to Jackson tomorrow about the Proteus case. "And that's my problem because?" Erica wants to know. Greenlee pops back with "It's not! I'll have Mr. Montgomery postpone."

As Greenlee scurries to her cubicle, Opal quizzes Erica on what just happened. Erica reminds her that she needs Greenlee gone NOW, so that she doesn't find out that Revlon wants her for their training program in Paris. That leaves Erica free to intercept all of Greenlee's calls etc. Opal wants to know what happens if Revlon just shows up. "Then I'll have a much better candidate for them". "Kendall?" Opal asks. "Yes Kendall" Opal looks baffled. "But Kendall doesn't work for Enchantment" she reminds Erica. "But she WILL!" Erica breathes in an exasperated sigh! "Watch". Then Erica rushes off. As Opal stands there shaking her head she muses "One thing you gotta say for the girl, she thrives on living dangerously!"

At Myrtle's, Kendall continues to try too hard to please Chris. Ryan is cracking up, and when Chris asks why, Ryan explains that for months he's had to put up with Kendall living by him and now it's Chris' turn. Chris asks Kendall to go get a box that is on his desk. She scurries off and Ryan prepares to leave, but Chris asks him to stay a couple of minutes. He then bellows up the stairs "It's the only box on the desk!" Ryan cracks up and tells Chris that Kendall will really be on his case now. Chris sighs that if he ignores her she will eventually go away. Ryan says don't bet on it, she's like gum stuck to the bottom of your shoe. Just then, Kendall appears with an old wooden box. He dismisses Kendall, so she goes to the other side of the living room and starts flipping through a magazine. Chris motions for Ryan to come closer. He takes out a picture of an odler couple in front of a Christmas tree. Ryan guesses that they are Chris' parents, his own grandparents, and Chris confirms that. They discuss once again what great people they were. When Ryan asks if they are alive, Chris tells him that no, his dad died of cancer a few years back, and his mother died a year later. She wasn't ill, she just died. Kendall says she didn't really know that someone could die of a broken heart, but that's what it sounded like happened in this case. Chris tells Ryan that no one can tell him that true love doesn't exist because he saw it with his parents. Just then, the doorbell rings and Kendall goes to answer it.

Erica is on the porch. She wants to talk to Kendall. Kendall lets Erica know that she saw her earlier, when Chris got home. That let's Erica know that Kendall was putting on a show for her when she was smooching with Chris. Erica tells Kendall that she is sorry for being such a hard-nose with her lately. She claims that she is so worried about Bianca that she hasn't treated Kendall very well. She has been worrying so much about Bianca that she forgets she has two daughters! She proceeds to tell Kendall that she had only been able to survive her troubled teens because of her dear mother and all the love and support she gave her. Kendall accuses Erica of hating her because of the way she came into the world. Erica assures her that she hated the act but never hated Kendall. Kendall snipes back that being raped at 14 didn't seem to do any permanent damage to Erica. Erica freezes her with a look and says "Don't you dare! Don't you dare make light of that!". She explains that she could have, and almost did, die that night, but it was her mother's love and care that allowed her, and yes, even Kendall to survive.

Kendall say this is the last thing that she wants to talk about right now, and heads for the house. Erica stops her and tells her she IS going to talk about it right now. Erica did get over the physical affects of that night. She survived, but Kendall resents that. She resents that Erica is not a shriveled up bitter shell of a person, like Kendall. She was able to do all that surviving because of the love of her mother. Kendall quietly says "Do you remember what you final words to me were the last time I left town? You said that you could never feel maternal towards me." Erica claims that that was because of the horrible things that Kendall did to her the last time she was here, but she is willing to give it another chance. She can't seem to get Kendall out of her heart no matter how hard she tries. Kendall is skeptical, but Erica leaves the decision of a truce in Kendall's hands.

At the hospital, David tries to convince Maggie to stay and testify against Vanessa to insure that she will go to jail and be punished. Maggie asks him how how he can hate his mother so much, and he tells her that when his father died, a part of him died also. The part that had any love for Vanessa. In her room, Vanessa/Rosie continue to 'play' the scene being 'filmed'. She continues to use the doctor as an actor/director and tries to get him more involved in the plot. When he claims that he and Rosie will get along better without Vanessa, she decides he means to use the 'casting couch'! The doctor decides they need a break. Leo tries to get some answers out of him, but he says that his work is not done. When Leo pleads that he just wants to know if the doctor thinks she's insane, and if she might face the death penalty if she's not, the doctor tells him that he might want to get used to that idea. Jack, Edmund, and Jamie arrive just then. In Vanessa's room, she's talking to herself, claiming that they are all fools, and she's almost free. Just then, the "Proteus Voice" starts speaking in the room. It tells Vanessa "Not so fast!" She is terrified and runs out of the room, screaming that Proteus is trying to kill her and they must help her. Leo and David try to calm her, but she claims that she can't trust any of them, they're all working for the doctor/director! She spots Jamie and starts babbling about "Can it be? Oh yes, Oh my God you're here! You can save Mommy, can't you?" She throws her arms around a terrified Jamie and proceeds to keep babbling about how she knew he would come to save Mommy. Just then, Edmund comes around a corner and starts screaming for Vanessa to let Jamie go. He starts yanking her away from the boy.

At Myrtle's, Ryan asks Chris how long he's going to stay mad at Erica. Chris bursts out laughing. Just then, Kendall comes in from her chat with Erica. She asks the guys what she missed. Were they done going through the family album? How about Aunt Lulabelle and Cousin Snotnose? Chris tells her to watch her smart mouth. As Ryan starts to leave, Chris offers him the picture of his folks. Ryan says he can't accept it, but Chris insists. Ryan takes the photo and thanks Chris. He then invites them to go to lunch with him. Kendall wants to know if he can't be alone with his thoughts. Ryan takes that as a no, and heads toward the door, but Kendall decides to go with him. She asks Chris if he will be OK and he says "Sure I will, as soon as you leave!" After the kids leave, Chris opens the lid to the wooden box and takes out a yellowed document.

At the hospital, Vanessa clutches Jamie and won't release him, saying that she will kill him if they try to take him away. Leo tries to get her attention as the doctor goes for a sedative. Leo asks Vanessa if she wants to give him a kiss, and when she turns to snarl at him, Edmund is able to grab Jamie.  David and several orderlies grab Vanessa. The doctor shows up with a syringe in his hand. As they drag her back to her room, she screams that they are torturing her and trying to kill her. Greenlee has stumbled onto this bizarre scene and then she notices Leo, looking like he is going to be sick. She turns around and leaves, after they make eye contact. Brooke arrives and tries to comfort Jamie and then wants to know how he got anywhere near Vanessa.  She asks Edmund why he brought him to the hospital in the first place.

At a restaurant, Ryan and Kendall mend some fences and Ryan says that Kendall just may be growing on Chris. He thinks that it is good that she's there. Kendall smirks "Finally, someone who's glad I came to town! " Ryan asks "Did I say that?" and Kendall says "No, but you were thinking it."

At Enchantment, Opal is finishing up a call to Adrian on Erica's dime. Erica shows up with a smug look on her face. When Opal asks how it went with Kendall, Erica states that she handled it beautifully. "After six months,I won't have to look in to her nasty little face again!"

At the hospital, a worker assures everyone that there is no way that any messages were piped in to Vanessa's room, which leads Leo to conclude that the voices were in her head. Vanessa is talking to herself in a drowsy voice, stating that she's not crazy, that this is pretend and she is very good at it. She did not hear voices, she did not hear Proteus, and anyone who thinks she is crazy is , well...just plain crazy! Leo comes in to his mother's room just as she is declaring that everyone around here is crazy, but she's not. Leo looks on sadly.


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