AMC Update Tuesday 3/19/02


All My Children Update Tuesday 3/19/02

By Ronda

Erica and Opal are in Greenlee's office the next morning. Erica is dressed in a black leather halter and pants. Opal is all dolled up in funky black and white horizontal striped pants, a black turtleneck sweater and a honey colored mink stole! Opal begs Erica to give up on her "plan" because she's headed straight for Hades in a hand basket! She tells Erica that she had a bad dream about Greenlee, Kendall and the 'plan" the night before. Why does Erica think she can mix those two girls in a devious plan? Erica says it's because they both have blind ambition and she can use it to her advantage! Opal wants to know just how the "plan" works. Erica pretended to be Greenlee when she was on the phone with Revlon. Revlon can't be allowed to recruit Greenlee because she has too much proprietary inside information about Enchantment. Greenlee must never know they are interested in her. To do this, Erica had Val throw away the flowers they sent and shred the trade magazine that printed the glowing article about Greens. Erica tells Opal that she is going to give Revlon "Greenlee", but it will really be Kendall. Nobody ever has to know the difference. She has it all planned that Revlon will send Kendall (as "Greenlee") to work in Paris and that will keep her thousands of miles away from Erica and her loved ones! "It's just business!" she tells Opal! Opal groans and rolls her eyes.

Simone and Greenlee meet in the elevator in their building. Greenlee tries to be all nicey-nicey to Simone who is preoccupied with a note she is reading. Greenlee asks how she and Leo are doing. Simone says she wouldn't know, since Leo didn't come home last night!

Leo and the blond come in to the bar, laughing about how they went to and from NYC the night before in a convertable with the top down in 38 degree weather. Leo wanted to know why they only drove past her 5th Avenue apartment and didn't go in. She ignores the question. At the bar they order Mimosas and the blond asks the bar tender if a a fancy watch was found on the bar the night before. He brings it to her, stating that the kitchen help was wagering to see if it was real! She tells him it IS real and slips it in her purse. She then proceeds to hit Leo up about Vanessa in a casual way. We see someone turn on a small, hidden tape recorder!

Kendall goes in to the room she shares with Ryan at the Pine Cone. We hear the shower, so assume Ryan is in there. Kendall picks up his wallet. Just then he comes out of the bathroom, dripping wet, with a towel wrapped around his waist. He accuses Kendall of trying to rip him off behind his back! She laughs and says that if she wanted to rip him off, she'd do it while he was watching! She then observes that the shower is still running and it's steamy in there. Ryan agrees and then Kendall asks "What should we do about it?" In the next scene Ryan has his pants on and is toweling his hair dry. Kendall proceeds to pack her stuff. Ryan wants to know why she was sneaking around, then he quizzes her about the packing! Kendall admits she is leaving, and thanks Ryan for letting her stay with him for so long. He gives her the third degree about where she's going and she finally admits she's moving in to Myrtle's. and Bianca helped her get in. Ryan figures out that she's moving in there to be near Chris and to drive Erica insane! Kendall just storms out with her stuff.

Mia catches Chris trying to get in to his wheelchair alone. She imforms him that she is there to help him with his physical therapy. Chris is impressed when she is able to help him easily in to his wheelchair. Mia goes to meet some of her other new patients and Chris high-tails it out of the hospital. "I'm sorry to do this to you on your first day!" he mutters as he rolls along!

Greenlee bounces in to her office and shows Erica and Opal a copy of the magazine she's in! Opal looks on as Erica does some fast footwork, trying to salvage the 'plan', now that Greens has seen the article. Erica feigns approval and offers Greenlee a 'reward' for being so wonderful! She offers to extend Greenlee's contract (the one with the non-compete clause Greenlee mutters) and to give her a raise. To really convince Green;ee that she is 'sincere', Erica says she wants to think of Greenlee as a daughter. They shake on it and Opal shudders. When Greenlee asks Opal if she's cold, Opal says she's reacting to Hell freezing over!

Back at the bar, Leo and the blond discuss all the exotic places Vanessa and Leo have lived. She wants Leo to discuss how he always came out on top even with Vanessa/Proteus as a mother. Leo tries to steer the conversation toward her, but she's not having any of that! Simone sees them and spills a drink on the blond's purse and lap! When Blondy goes to the ladies room, Simone reveals to Leo that her name is Pauline Frost and she's a reporter! Simone used to be her intern. Leo is apalled that he didn't see the signs. He feels that he's losing his 'touch'. Simone then informs him about the sale of the loft to a new owner who doesn't want to sublet to them and they are evicted! Leo looks thoughtful and then rushes out of the bar. Simone and Pauline have a 'frosty' reunion.

Jake greets some interns in the hall, and they all seem to be a little awkward about Jake being the new 'boss'. Just then Mia comes out of Chris' room in a daze. She admits to Jake that she has lost her first patient! He is startled, and then she tells him "Chris is missing"!

A short time later, Jake, Dr. Stannert, and an orderly usher Chris back to his room. He was caught in the parking lot trying to make a getaway! Mia wants to know if he had been planning this all along and Chris goes in to a tirade about wanting OUT of there now! When he learns that Jake is the new chief of staff, he informs him that he better sign him out or it will take six of those orderlies to guard him, because he'll try for an escape again!

Meanwhile Opal begs Erica not to set up Greenlee and Kendall in such an underhanded way. Opal accuses Erica of playing with people's hearts and if she can't fess up to that, then she's a big fat liar! Opal flounces out. Just then Erica gets a call about Chris trying to escape. She totally ignores Greenlee as she comes in and starts babbling about capitalizing on her 'fame'. Erica rushes off. Leo walks in to the office and he and Greenlee have a silent stare-down.

Mia and Jake are discussing how much harder and complicated the chief of staff job is than Jake expected. Just then Dr. Joe comes in and confronts Jake about why he released Chris. He then demands to see the charts on some other patients. Dr. Joe suddenly stops and apologizes to Jake, and admits that he forgot he wasn't the boss anymore. Jake treats him kind of coolly and wants him to clear up a few pieces of paperwork he dropped the ball on. When they get to Jake's office it turns out to be a surprise retirement party! Jake toasts his dad and lauds Dr. Joe as a great doctor, healer and person. They are all grateful that Dr. Joe is staying around to practice medicine and benefit the community. Jake gets all choked up about how much he admires and loves his dad.

Ryan wanders around his empty room. When he sits on the bed, he finds a piece of silky lingerie that Kendall left under the covers! He grabs his coat and storms out the door.

Leo confronts Greenlee about why she is so happy. Did she buy the loft on purpose to torture Simone? Greenlee tells him about the magazine article, so Leo congratulates her. Then he asks her to forgive him! Greenlee asks im why he wants to be forgiven. Leo admits that he's not really moving in with Simone. She had found him drunk on a park bench and offered him a place to stay until he was on his feet. He only told Greenlee he was moving in to hurt her. Simone doesn' deserve to be punished for his cruelty.

Ryan goes to Myrtle's and warns Kendall that she better be nice while she is there, because these are nice people that he cares about. He confronts her with the lingerie and accuses her of leaving it on purpose to bug him. After trading a few barbs, she admits that she did leave it on purpose. Just then Chris rolls through the front door, joking that he got his walking papers, but maybe they should be called rollng papers. As the meaning of that phrase sinks in they all start to laugh. Ryan and Chris both know where Myrt keeps the bourbon, so they decide they need a drink. As they are toasting, Kendall sees Erica lurking in the doorway. Kendall then plants a kiss on Chris and tells him "Welcome home honey", making sure that Erica sees the whole thing!

As Leo leaves Greenlee's office, they both ponder their situation, on opposite sides of the closed door, each one making a move toward the doorknob, but never actually opening it.


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