AMC Update Monday 3/18/02


All My Children Update Monday 3/18/02

By Lori

Leo is helping Simone move into her apartment and Greenlee is there. He tells Greenlee he is moving in with Simone. "You don't mind, do you Greenlee?" he asks. An angry Greenlee tells Leo she told him to stay away from her. She doesn't want to run into him in the laundry room and doesn't want to see him. Leo says what Greenlee wants is not a concern of his. Greenlee tells him that after everything they've been through, she doesn't even know him. Leo says he doesn't care. The old Leo is back, he says, the one who is carefree and irresponsible. Greenlee sees Simone and tells her to look what she's getting herself into. Simone says to leave her out of this discussion ? she doesn't want any part of it. Greenlee marches off and Leo talks to Simone about himself and what just happened with Greenlee. They are struggling to get a couch into an elevator, and Simone doesn't want to talk about Leo and his problems. She says she heard enough psychobabble growing up in the house of a psychiatrist. She just wants to get her stuff moved. Simone is doing most of the moving as Leo sits around. Simone is wondering how she's going to pay for this apartment. After all, both she and Leo are broke. Leo wonders what the old Leo would do to remedy the situation. He walks off, saying he's going to make things happen. Simone is left alone to move her things.

Erica tells Bianca that she can't live with Kendall. Kendall only wants to come between them, she says. Bianca tells her mother to get out of their house now. Erica tells Bianca she loves her and she hopes they can talk about this later. She walks out, gets on her phone and tells someone she needs to see them now. Kendall tells Bianca that she wouldn't have moved in if she knew it would create conflict with Erica. Bianca doesn't believe Kendall. She tells her this is exactly what she wanted to happen. Kendall admits that she knew moving into Myrtle's would drive Erica out of her mind. Bianca says she doesn't want to be mean to her mother. It's just that when they're together, Erica goes into "drill sergeant mode" and Bianca loses it. Suddenly, there is a knock at the door. Bianca opens it and an Intruder reporter barges in, asking Bianca questions about the Proteus case. Kendall walks up to the reporter. "Who's the hottie?" she asks, sucking up to the guy. Suddenly, she grabs his keys and throws them outside. The reporter goes to get them and she slams the door. "I owe you one," Bianca tells her. As the sisters continue their process of bonding, Kendall tells Bianca that something doesn't seem right. She wonders if Bianca is using her to get to Erica. Kendall reminds Erica how she used to torment her but Bianca says she was just a kid then. Kendall tells Bianca she is completely unlike Erica. "That is the nicest thing you've said to me," Bianca replies.

Erica meets Opal at Enchantment and laments about Kendall moving into Myrtle's rooming house. Opal cannot believe Myrtle is letting Kendall move in. Erica tells Opal that she needs to get rid of Kendall and must come up with a plan. Just then, Val goes into Greenlee's office carrying a copy of a magazine and a bouquet of flowers. Erica wonders what this is about and investigates. She looks at the magazine and sees it is a copy of a cosmetics company trade publication. There is a small "puff piece" about Greenlee inside. Erica knows this means a headhunter is out to steal Greenlee away from her. She orders Val to remove the magazine and the flowers from Greenlee's office but as he is walking out, Greenlee is walking in. "Are those flowers for me?" she wonders. Erica tells her they are not for her. The phone in Greenlee's office rings and Erica picks it up and learns who is calling. After hanging up, Greenlee wonders why Erica is in her office answering her phone. Erica tells her that the carpeting in her own office is being cleaned and she needs to use Greenlee's office for a couple of days. She says she has forwarded all of her phone calls into Greenlee's office. Greenlee will have to use another office for the time being. Greenlee appears confused but buys the story, at least for now, and leaves the office. She notices the article in the trade magazine and says to herself that Erica needs to see this. Greenlee's phone rings again and it is Val, telling Erica that Greenlee has a call. Erica knows this is the company trying to steal Greenlee away from her. Erica takes the call and identifies herself as Greenlee. After hanging up, Erica tells Opal that it is Revlon trying to recruit Greenlee. She says there is no way she's losing Greenlee to the competition. Suddenly a plan comes to mind to help her get rid of Kendall. She is going to use Greenlee to rid herself of Kendall.

David cannot believe that Jake is being hired as chief of staff instead of him. It must be a joke, he says. Palmer assures him this is no joke. Jake tells David that the board has instructed him to hire him back for one year. David says there is no way he would work for Jake and tells him to take the job and shove it. He storms out of the room with Anna behind him. Anna tells him he needs to take the job. David cannot believe Anna is asking him to do this. Anna says that the hospital has enough dirt on him to prevent him from going anywhere else. She says he'll be royally screwed if he doesn't take the job and if he does, he'll still be in the game. Besides, she will not leave Pine Valley now because she has just been hired as chief of police. A subdued David didn't know that, and congratulates her. The board walks out of the room and Jake tells him he'll give him an hour to make a decision.

Jake walks in on his father cleaning out his office. Jake is sorry that Joe has been forced out, but Joe says this is just what he wanted. Now he'll be able to do what he loves best ? be a doctor. All the administrative work will now be in Jake's hands. Joe tells Jake he is proud of him. He tells him not to hate David on his account. Mia comes into Jake's office. She has heard about his selection as chief of staff and gives him a present. She also is there to turn down his job offer. Jake asks her to reconsider and she agrees to take it. After she leaves, David enters. He tells Jake he'll take the job and extends his hand. The two shake hands. "I'm going to be your worst nightmare," Jake tells him. "And I'll be yours," David responds.

Greenlee goes into a restaurant and is talking to a realty company. She says she wants to buy the apartment that Simone is moving into and she'll pay cash. She sees Leo walk in and go to the bar. Leo is approached by a blonde. He offers to buy her a drink. She says she'll buy him a drink. Leo orders the best champagne.

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