AMC Update Friday 3/15/02


All My Children Update Friday 3/15/02

By Lori

Leo is helping Simone move into her new apartment. She is surprised he is being so cool about being in the same apartment building that Greenlee lives in. He doesn't care. He says he's going to run into Greenlee at some point and it doesn't matter where. As they load boxes into the elevator, Simone admits that she can't afford this apartment. She talks about her writing but she can't make a living if no one pays her for her writing. She tells him about the mistake she made by giving information to Proteus thinking she was working with an editor on a book deal. She then realizes she is talking about Leo's mother and apologizes. Leo tells her she doesn't have to apologize, and should go ahead and write a book. She doesn't have anything to lose. Simone seems encouraged by what he says.

Greenlee goes to SOS and asks a bartender if Mateo is there. Mateo has gone on vacation. Greenlee is wondering where her father is then spots him sitting at the bar. Roger wonders why Greenlee is there. She is not there to argue, she wants to make up with him. Greenlee tells Roger that Mateo convinced her he was trying to protect her by working for Proteus. She says she knows Proteus was putting demands on him and making threats. She tells her father she owes him and wants to make up for everything. She hugs him. Roger asks his daughter about her relationship with Leo and Jake but Greenlee doesn't want to talk about it. Just then she sees Leo and Simone enter SOS, laughing. Leo sees Greenlee and approaches her with Simone. She accuses him of trolling for dates right after their breakup. He berates her for hanging around her loser father again. She slaps him. He turns away from her and she apologizes for slapping him. They sit down and discuss the problems between them. She tells him that she needs to let him go. Even though he is still in her system, she'll work through it. She tells him to stay away from her. With a tear in her eye, she gets up and leaves. Later at home, Greenlee sees Simone and Leo at her apartment building. She asks them what they're doing there. Leo tells her he's moving in with Simone.

Erica asks Kendall not to tell Chris about her hiring the doctor to help Chris walk again. Kendall refuses to tell Erica she won't tell, and says she'll just have to trust her. She walks away. Erica cannot trust Kendall and decides she has to admit the truth to Chris before Kendall tells him. She walks into Chris's room but he tells her he doesn't want to talk to her. She tells him that after she confesses what she's done, he'll probably never want to talk to her. She admits that she is the one who found his new doctor in Geneva and hired him to take Chris's case. She says she asked the doctor not to tell Chris she hired him. Chris says this is classic Erica, lying, scheming and manipulating to get what she wants. He wonders why Erica is making the confession. She admits that Kendall found out and she wanted to tell him before Kendall did. She tells him he should thank her for helping him. He says he didn't ask for her help. She says sometimes people offer help without being asked. He tells Erica she is not a good judge of character. She thought Kendall was going to rat on her but she did not. He tells Erica to admit she's wrong about Kendall but Erica leaves without saying anything.

Kendall goes to see Myrtle, who isn't happy to see her. Myrtle reluctantly lets Kendall in but says she can't stay. Kendall tells Myrtle that Chris is going to need a lot of help when he leaves the hospital and returns to her house. She asks Myrtle to allow her be there to help Chris. Myrtle refuses Kendall's offer and walks out of the room. Bianca, who is listening to the conversation from the next room, approaches Kendall. She tells Kendall she thinks she would be good for Chris. Kendall is surprised by Bianca's show of support. The sisters talk and begin to bond. Kendall asks Bianca about her relationship with Frankie and Bianca is happy to talk about her. Kendall then asks Bianca to help her convince Myrtle to let her live in her rooming house. Myrtle walks back in the room and Bianca asks to talk to her in private. As they leave, Erica enters the house and sees Kendall. She tells Kendall that she has told Chris the truth about the doctor. Soon Bianca re-enters the room and tells Kendall that Myrtle has agreed to let her live there. She tells a startled Erica that she and her sister are going to be roommates.

David presents documents to the hospital board showing that Joe has cut back on his hours and taken a large number of days off. Jake is angry that David has confidential files. David says Jake did the same thing when he went through David's files. David claims Joe is keeping secret a heart condition and is not fit to continue running the hospital. David brags about his work at the hospital, saying he saves lives. Joe asks David what he wants. "I want your job, Joe," David says. Jake continues to defend Joe, until Joe tells his son that David has a point. Joe admits that the job has become too much for him. He says he has been thinking about resigning and now is a good time to do it. He submits his resignation, effective immediately. He says, however, that he won't recommend David for his job. David acts, though, as the job is his. He tells the board that it will be a smooth transition. He walks out of the room smugly, believing he has the job. Anna follows him out and tells him she needs to leave to take care of business. Inside the board room, Palmer tells the board that they need a chief of staff immediately and hiring David seems to be the only option. Jake tells the board that if David is the chief of staff, he'll leave the hospital and half the doctors there will follow him. Joe says there is another option.

Anna goes to Chris's room and tells him he owes her a favor. He was supposed to pull strings to get her the job of chief of police. Chris tells her that he called the mayor and she has the job. Anna is pleased and thanks him. After she leaves, Chris gets on the phone and calls someone, saying he needs to see them. Later, the doctor Erica hired comes to Chris's room. Chris tells the doctor he knows Erica hired him and asks him to help him walk again.

Liza goes to the hospital demanding to be tested. She claims someone drugged the tea she was drinking. She is ordering hospital staff around and waits impatiently for the test results. David sees Liza and asks a nurse what is going on. The nurse tells David that Liza thinks someone drugged her and she's driving everyone crazy. Just then the test results come back showing Liza was not drugged. David tells Liza the results and she is unsettled. David tells Liza they should get together for lunch. Liza is surprised. She tells him not to tell anyone about the test she took and gets on the elevator. David asks her again about lunch but she doesn't answer.

Jake and David are talking in the hallway of the hospital. Jake is upset that his father is being forced out of his job by David. Joe reassures Jake that this is for the best. Palmer comes out of the board room and tells them to get David and come back in. Jake goes to get David and they all enter the board room. Palmer announces that Joe's resignation has been accepted. He asks for a welcome for the new chief of staff ? Jake. David appears stunned while Jake looks smug.

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