AMC Update Monday 3/11/02


All My Children Update Monday 3/11/02

By Lori

Anna and David stand before the justice of the peace and his wife, eager to get their wedding ceremony over with. As the justice of the peace speaks, David and Anna don't seem to be listening. Instead they're making small talk about the flowers Anna is holding. The justice's wife then interrupts the ceremony. "I have something to say. You know this wedding is all wrong," she tells a startled David and Anna. Soon she clarifies herself. The ceremony is wrong because David and Anna aren't reciting any vows. She says the marriage will be cursed unless they recite vows to each other. She tells them to look into each other's eyes, speak from their heart and proclaim their love. David and Anna aren't sure what to do. David tells Anna to go first and she isn't pleased. Nevertheless, she smiles and tells David that she is having a wonderful time. "Somehow, this feels right. So let the adventure begin." Now it's David's turn. He thanks Anna for accepting him for who he is, for challenging him at every turn and for making the "supreme sacrifice" to be his wife. They are pronounced husband and wife and the justice's wife throws rice on them. When asked about a honeymoon, David states they are simply going back to Pine Valley. The justice tells them they're not going anywhere tonight because the road to Pine Valley is flooded. They take a room in the neighboring inn. David carries Anna across the threshold and they engage in playful banter. Anna says they need to set ground rules. No one is to know they are married. She is afraid being married to him might interfere with her goal of getting the chief of police position. But, if David is criminally charged for conducting inappropriate research, she as his wife cannot be compelled to testify against him. And, she says if the research is proven successful, David will be wealthy, prompting David to jokingly refer to her as a gold digger. The justice's wife knocks on the door with a present. It is from David to Anna. She opens it and finds a very unsexy nightgown. David tells her he asked the woman to buy a negligee, not Edith Bunker's pajamas. Nevertheless, she puts it on and models it for him. They begin kissing and fall on the bed.

Dr. McMillan is preparing a syringe to give to Vanessa but Vanessa doesn't want it. She says she hasn't signed a release to be given sodium pentothal, or truth serum. McMillan says he wouldn't need to give her truth serum if she told the truth. He asks her who she is. She says she is Rosie Wells and is still portraying herself as a movie star. "Every instinct tells me you're faking," he tells her. He asks to talk to Proteus. She continues with her act. He tells her he would like to inflict the same pain and suffering on her that she has inflicted on others. He tells her he can no longer be her doctor because he can't be objective. He leaves the room.

Bianca tells Maggie she cannot leave Pine Valley because she must testify against Vanessa. Maggie says she can't testify against Vanessa. Bianca wonders if she can't or is it that she won't. Bianca shows Maggie a copy of Tempo magazine with a cover story about Vanessa being Proteus. The article says Vanessa is claiming to have multiple personalities. Bianca says Vanessa can't be allowed to get away with her crimes. Maggie says Vanessa is rich and powerful and testimony from a nobody like her will not do any good. Bianca says she has to know how Frankie died. Maggie tells Bianca that she figured out the message Frankie left behind in the sonnet and confronted Vanessa. Vanessa told her that she offered Frankie a better life by conning Bianca, but she couldn't go through with it. Frankie was going to turn Vanessa in but one of Vanessa's hitmen killed her. Now that Maggie knows that, Bianca wonders how she can leave town. Maggie says Vanessa is a psychopath who almost succeeded in killing her. Bianca calls Maggie a "wuss" who let Frankie down in life and in death. Bianca says she wants to make sure Vanessa pays for what she's done. Bianca walks out of the room and passes Vanessa's room. She stares at Vanessa, who doesn't notice her. Simone is on the phone at SOS and Mateo wants her out. Hayley tells Mateo to be patient because it might take time for Simone to get a cab. She urges him to turn his attention to the show being played out at SOS between Greenlee, Jake and Leo.

Jake hears Greenlee tell Leo that she loves him and she's never been more sure about anything. "Really?" Jake says. "I was under the impression you loved me." Leo is amused, telling Greenlee she's been busted. Jake tells Greenlee she is a piece of work. Leo offers to buy Jake a drink. Greenlee tells Jake that someone called her telling her that Leo was in bad shape and that's why she went to him. "I do love you, Jake," she says. Looking at both men, she says "I love both of you." Jake tells her he's going to solve her problem. "I withdraw from all competition," he says. "So I'm the winner," Leo says sarcastically. Jake wishes Leo good luck with Greenlee but Leo tells Jake he can have her. Jake walks out. Leo tells Greenlee that she'll never love him alone and he's tired of begging. He also walks out. She follows behind.

Dr. McMillan goes to SOS to see Simone. He asks her if Mateo has forgiven her. She says he has not. She wonders why he came to see her. He tells her he was with a patient and became worried about her. Simone figures out he saw Vanessa. Mateo approaches and tells McMillan that Vanessa cannot get off on an insanity defense. McMillan says he cannot discuss the case and walks away. Mateo is so angry he breaks a glass and cuts his hand. He tells Hayley that Vanessa is claiming to have multiple personalities and he is afraid it may get her off. Hayley says Vanessa's claim is a possibility. She tells Mateo to think instead about their trip to get their son tomorrow. Soon, a man enters and gives Mateo a subpoena to testify at Vanessa's court hearing. He cannot leave town. Hayley and Mateo are upset their plans are ruined.

Jake goes to Greenlee's apartment to pack up some of his things. He is in a back room when Leo enters to do the same thing. They spot each other and seem to make a connection. Leo has a DVD that belongs to Jake and tosses it to him. Jake has something of Leo's and gives it to him. Greenlee enters and sees them packing. This is ridiculous, she says. No, Jake says, what is ridiculous is that he almost died saving her life. Her life is always more important, he tells her. "You don't know the meaning of love, Greenlee," he says. Leo tells her she wouldn't know real love if it slapped her in the face. They turn to leave but Greenlee stands in front of the door. She tells them they're not going anywhere. She tells them that she loves them both but that doesn't give them the right to spit on her. She tells them she hasn't done anything wrong. Jake tells her she wasn't honest with either of them. Leo reminds her that when he proposed in the elevator and asked her point-blank if she loved Jake she said she did not. "You made us both look like fools," he says. Greenlee says of they leave they are giving up the best thing that's ever happened to them. They walk out. Jake is shown later looking through a hospital file angrily and distracted. Leo is seen drinking alcohol on a park bench. A sad Greenlee leaves her apartment with a determined look.

Vanessa is alone in her hospital room when the phone rings. The caller is using the same distorted voice that Proteus has used on the phone. "Congratulations," the caller says. "You're still alive but not for long. You'll be rewarded for what you've done." A frightened Vanessa throws down the phone.

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