AMC Update Friday 3/8/02


All My Children Update Friday 3/8/02

By Lori

A crowd is gathering at SOS for Hayley and Mateo's surprise party. Brooke and Edmund are there, and Edmund notices that Brooke isn't wearing her engagement ring. She has it on a chain around her neck. She says she doesn't want to take away from Hayley and Mateo's day by revealing their engagement. In another area of the bar, National Intruder reporter Donald Steele is bribing a waitress to help him cause trouble at the party. Waitress Sally accepts Steele's money to call Simone and invite her to the party. Simone is surprised she's invited, but Sally insists Mateo wants her there. Simone, who is speaking with her father at the time she gets the call, tells him that she thinks Mateo wants to give her a second chance. Leo enters SOS with a tall blonde, which surprises Steele. He gives Sally more money to call Greenlee to report this. Greenlee is at home with Jake, who is trying to get her to relax. Jake leaves for the hospital but not before telling Greenlee to get some sleep. The phone rings, and Sally doesn't identify herself. She tells Greenlee that Leo is drunk at SOS and calling out for her. Greenlee leaves immediately to go to Leo. "Now we sit back and wait for the snap, crackle, pop," Steele tells Sally.

Maggie screams for help after seeing Vanessa in her room. Vanessa grabs a pillow, fluffs it and starts to hold it over Maggie's head when David walks in. He pulls Vanessa away and starts to choke her. Maggie yells for help and Anna enters. She convinces David to let his mother go. He does and Vanessa screams. She reverts to her stage days and pretends to be an actress. She tells David that the next time they rehearse, he needs to be more gentle. David tells her to shut up. Dr. McMillan enters the room and tells Vanessa to go back to her room. Also entering the room is a guard, and Anna asks him why he wasn't guarding Vanessa. Back in her room, Vanessa appears horrified to see McMillan preparing to give her an injection. He asks Vanessa to tell him the truth. David tells Maggie that he'll protect her and take her to someplace safe after she is well enough. She seems touched by his concern, and tells him she barely knows him even though they are cousins. David asks her if she wants to know him. She says sure, since she doesn't have anything else to do. David tells her she has moxie. He and Anna leave the room. When alone in her room, Maggie makes a call to an airline. She says she wants any flight that will take her out of Pine Valley. Suddenly Bianca grabs the phone out of her hand and tells her she's not going anywhere.

Anna tells David that he is remarkable. He praises her for getting him out of jail. She tells him that he's not in the clear yet. The police are going through his computer files and may find his research indicating he did something illegal. He says no one without a medical background could decipher his research and learn what he has done. Anna tells him that Jake has agreed to help the police interpret the research. "Dr. Do-Right doesn't stand a chance," David comments just as Jake walks up behind him. We'll see about that, Jake tells him. David tells Jake he won't be able to interpret his raw data and defeat him. Jake tells him there is no doubt in his mind he'll do just that. Jake also tells Anna that if she knows anything about David's research, she'll be a material witness and will have to testify against him. Anna says her spy background has taught her that there's always a way around the law.

Jake returns home and is surprised to see Greenlee is not there. Thinking she may have gotten a phone call, he pushes the automatic callback buttons on the phone and Donald Steele answers. Jake asks who is speaking. Steele doesn't answer and asks who is calling. Jake says he's looking for Greenlee Smythe. Steele tells Jake that she is at SOS and she is not alone. Steele then hangs up and Jake leaves to look for Greenlee.

At SOS, Leo is telling jokes to the blonde when Greenlee approaches him. She wants to talk to him but Leo tells her to get lost. The blonde tells Greenlee to leave as well and the two of them exchange barbs. Greenlee grabs the woman's drink and throws it on her clothes. The startled woman leaves to go clean up leaving Greenlee alone with Leo. Leo stumbles and is obviously drunk, but that doesn't stop Greenlee. She tells him she knows he is in pain because of her and she wants to make it better. "You needed me tonight and I let you down. You need me to let me help you," she says. Leo tells her she can help him by staying out of his life. Greenlee tells him that even though her life is a mess, she put her needs on hold to help him. Leo says he didn't ask her to do that, but Greenlee says that's part of the deal. Leo wonders what deal. "Because I love you damn it," she says just as Jake walks in and hears her proclamation.

Hayley and Mateo enter SOS with the intention of staying long enough to fix the cappuccino machine. They are curious when they see cappuccino being served. As they turn to leave, their friends yell surprise. Brooke, Edmund, Stuart, Marion, Opal and others are their to congratulate them on defeating Proteus and getting their lives back. The mayor arrives and presents Mateo and Edmund with a certificate for their work in help capturing Proteus. Steele's photographer is ready when Simone walks in. Mateo is not pleased to see her. She tells him that Sally invited her. Mateo yells for Sally, but someone tells him that she left because she wasn't feeling well. Simone apologizes for helping Proteus, but she says it was a mistake which she regrets. Mateo tells her he hopes it haunts her for the rest of her life. She starts to cry and asks him why he invited her to the party. Mateo says he didn't invite her. Hayley then spots Steele and exposes him to the crowd. Mateo orders Steele to leave but Steele insists he can say as long as he's not drunk or disorderly. Hayley takes aside the mayor and asks him to help her get back at Steele. The mayor, who has had his own run-ins with Steele, obliges. Simone tells Mateo she'll regret what she has done for the rest of her life. He tells her to leave and she says she'll wait outside. Hayley tells her she doesn't have to wait outside because it's cold out. Mateo is perplexed by Hayley's show of kindness. She tells Mateo to ease up on Simone. Hayley can forgive Simone for falling in love with Mateo.

Palmer enters SOS looking for someone, and Steele approaches him. Steele, who tricked Palmer to get him there, asks him how he feels about being married to a criminal mastermind. Palmer blows him off and is approached by Opal, who taunts him about his marriage to Vanessa. She tells him that he was taken in by Vanessa and used as a cover. Palmer tells her that he may have been taken in, but at least he wasn't bored. Two police officers enter SOS and arrest Steele for having 15 overdue parking tickets. Steele is hauled away as Hayley takes pictures, but he just laughs it off. Brooke says that now the garbage has been taken out, it is time to celebrate. Hayley notices the ring around her neck, and Brooke confesses that she and Edmund are engaged.

A justice of the peace is performing a wedding ceremony while his wife, in curlers, is watching. The bride and the groom are none other than David and Anna.

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