AMC Update Wednesday 3/6/02


All My Children Update Wednesday 3/6/02

By Molly

Mia waits on Jake in the restaurant she works on, and she's not too happy with him for dumping her.  He says he tried to call her but her phone's been disconnected.  She tells him archly that she gave up her apartment and job when she thought she was sailing off with someone.  He asks her if she's heard what happened.  She just knows that he ran off with Greenlee.  Jake fills her in on what really happened, so she apologizes.  Jake does tell her that he is in love with Greenlee and wants to fight for her.  She says she's happy for him.  She just thought she was going off on an adventure, so now she's disappointed, plus she thought they could have something special.  She tells him not to let Greenlee hurt him.

JR is chatting with Liza and Adam about how he's settling in when Tad arrives, rushes in and starts yelling at JR about why Dixie ran off.  Tad is hurting like crazy and just looking for answers, but he is taking it out on JR, which isn't very nice or adult.  Finally JR yells at him to back off.  Adam blames Tad not only for upsetting JR, but for making Dixie turn into someone irresponsible by screwing up their marriage.  Adam tries to console JR.  Liza tries to help Tad see that his marriage is over.  He tells her that he and Dixie slept together just before they got divorced and now she's gone and he has no idea why.  Liza thinks it was just break-up sex, but Tad doesn't think so.  He is convinced that he knows Dixie and she doesn't feel that way.  He also points out that her trip was planned with the help of David.  Liza is incensed that once again David is ruining lives.  Tad advises her to steer clear of David; if he finds out that David is responsible for this, than he will take him down.

David tells Vanessa that he doesn't believe her "act" that she's crazy, but she keeps talking as if she was a movie actress auditioning for a role.  She doesn't seem to know who Maggie is.  Leo comes in and says he's her son, but she says she has no children.  David thinks Vanessa has been conscious the whole time, but Leo's not so sure that this is an act.  Leo recognizes the name she's using, "Rosie Wells" as one she used in her early career as an actress.  Just as David is about to get Derek, Vanessa says Maggie's name and says, "That poor girl!"  They can't get any more out of her so David tries to shake her but Leo stops him.  Vanessa cries that she's Rosie, not Vanessa.  They get her to tell them what Vanessa did to Maggie.  She says that Maggie's "in God's hands".  Joe comes in and she babbles to him.  David wants to tell Derek that Vanessa confessed to killing Maggie, but Leo says that's not exactly what she said.

Dr. McMillan comes to examine Vanessa.  David rants at him that Vanessa is a sociopath and she shouldn't get away with anything she's done to people.  Leo wonders what will happen if Vanessa is able to con the shrink, or escape.

Greenlee runs into Kendall at the hospital.  The two of them bitch at each other for a moment.  Greenlee goes to tell Erica something about Enchantment.

The specialist tells Erica that he's not sure when Chris will get his legs back.  Erica overhears Ryan say to Chris that he's moving his legs, so she gets excited.  Anna comes up and she is happy to hear it, too.  Ryan wants to go tell the doctor but Chris insists on telling him more about his mother.  He wants to tell Ryan the good stuff, too.  Chris mentions "blue sky days" so Ryan wants to hear.  Chris says that he ran into Ryan's mom when she had been beat up and he took her to the hospital.  She ran out of the hospital when they wanted to question her, even though she had a concussion, so Chris went after her.  She cried, which touched Chris' heart.  He went back with her to the hotel she was staying at with Braden (Ryan's brother), a real dump, and told him about how her husband beat her but she didn't know what to do.  He watched over her while she slept and then the next day, she said that was a "blue sky day".  Ryan's face looks like his heart is ready to break.

Chris says that he got her and the kid to move in with him because he had an extra room.  Chris didn't love her at first, but one night he came home and found her dancing alone.  She was so beautiful and he fell in love with as he stepped in and started dancing with her.  He was sure that she was in love with him, too.  He says that every night, she said that he gave her a blue sky day.  He wanted to marry her and three days later he came home to tell her, and that's when she was gone.  The specialist comes in to examine Chris.  Outside, Ryan chats with Anna for a moment about what Chris told him.  He is amazed that his parents loved each other.  He wonders what made her turn on Chris.

The doctor tells Erica that Chris is on the road to recovery.  Erica vows to herself that Chris will be able to stand up to marry her, even if he doesn't know it yet.

Erica tells Greenlee about Chris just as she comes up, and they hug, while Kendall watches jealously.  Erica says she heard what happened to her and Jake, and she's glad she's all right.  Greenlee tells her that the police found a huge shipment of drugs at one of the Enchantment warehouses.  Erica is shocked.  Greenlee tells her how she handled it with the press and the police, which impresses Erica.  Kendall and Greenlee have another run-in.  Kendall accuses Greenlee of trying to be like Erica's daughter.

Adam takes JR out for burgers.  He tells JR that Dixie would never deliberately hurt him so she must be going through some sort of crisis.  JR thinks she left because of him and Tad, but Adam says she wouldn't do that.  He wants to plan some things for them to do this summer together.  JR thinks Liza wants him out of the house.  Adam says no, Liza loves him (he almost says like a mother but stops).  JR says that's not true; Liza will never be his mother.

Tad phones David and wants to meet with him.  David wants to know why.  Tad says he wants to know what David knows about Dixie leaving town.  David says he doesn't know anything about it and hangs up on him.

Leo thinks Maggie might still be alive--they've just got to get it out of Vanessa.  Dr. McMillan comes out Vanessa's room and says he's not sure yet if she's faking or not.  Derek says that when he tried to question her about Maggie, Vanessa put her hands over her ears and started singing church hymns.  This really shocks her sons.  It also tells David where Maggie is.

Vanessa sits in a chair in her room with a strait-jacket on.  She thinks to herself, "I know they're watching me, but they'll see that i couldn't even hurt a fly."


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