AMC Update Tuesday 3/5/02


All My Children Update Tuesday 3/5/02

By Molly

Kendall enters Ryan's room to tell him it is moving day. She has found rooms at another hotel with chocolate milk in the vending machines and no memories of his father, Chris Stamp, being shot outside the room. Ryan informs Kendall he has a headache and he is not interested.

Anna visits Chris at the hospital again to persuade him to drop the charges against David. Chris tells her it is too late, David is already being released.

At the police station, Greenlee and Jake are exhausted from being questioned all night and are finally allowed to leave. Leo is still stunned about Vanessa's schemes and her death. David is released from his cell and tries to console Leo when Derek approaches them to say that Vanessa was thrown from the car, is en route to the hospital, and is alive!

Kendall tells Ryan to quickly get over his parental problems. Like she did, Ryan asks? Ryan tells Kendall he wants to figure out the triangle between his mother, father and Chris Stamp.

Anna learns from Chris that Vanessa is alive and the driver was killed on impact. Chris admits David was not responsible for his paralysis, that the specialist sent over by "the Bureau" told him it is the bullet, not David, that caused it.

Back at the police station, David asks Derrick if Vanessa is conscious, if she made any comments about Maggie? Derrick replies that she didn't, and they need to find anyone who had contact with Vanessa in the last few days. Stuart and Marian arrive in time to hear Derek and suggest they may be able to help.

Ryan tells Kendall he doesn't want to discuss his problems with her. She pushes the issue, stating she's the one who can help. He's curious how she can help, considering the years she and Erica have been spitting venom at each other. He then tells her he does not understand Chris's motive for saving his life--occupational hazard or because he cares about him? While they argue, his headache gets worse.  Kendall goes to get him a wet washcloth for his forehead, but when she returns, Ryan is gone.

Anna and Chris argue about David's involvement with Proteus. Chris wants to know how Vanessa learned to induce heart attacks, and that as long as he has doubts, David will continue to be a suspect. He wants to know why David is so important to her. She tells him that it's personal and asks about the recommendation he promised to write so she can get her position as Police Commissioner for Pine Valley.   They bicker some more and Chris grudgingly admits that Anna did a great job on the case.

Greenlee and Jake arrive at her apartment, where she is happy to be, until she hears the phone message from Derek that Vanessa is alive. Greenlee asks Jake if it will take a stake through the heart to kill her! Greenlee's next concern is for Leo.

At the station, Stuart and Marian tell about seeing Vanessa at the pump house. Marian was certain Vanessa was hiding someone. Leo and Derrick take off to see if Maggie is there.

Jake and Greenlee discuss Leo. Jake tells Greenlee he wants her to choose him, although he knows she feels sorry for Leo because he does, too. She thanks Jake for doing things her way, with finding Leo. Jake tells her it turned out to be the best way.  Greenlee slowly leans towards Jake to kiss him.  He pulls away and tells Greenlee if they make love again, it is because he is the only man and she is the only women; that it is going to be real, and in is this world, that is all that matters.

Ryan goes to Chris for answers and demands that Chris tells him all he knows about his parents. Chris tells Ryan he knows all he needs to know. Ryan says he is not leaving until Chris tells him everything.

Leo and Derek return from the pump house where they did not find Maggie, nor any clues to her whereabouts. David says he must find a way to make Vanessa talk because Maggie's life depends on it.

Kendall is unpacking her stuff in Ryan's room when the manager stops by to collect the past due rent and to kick her out. She tells him that she is moving in with her boyfriend, Ryan, so he can rent her room to someone else.

Ryan continues to question Chris about his affair with his mother. Was she married at the time? Was killing his father an accident? Why did he take the bullet intended for him, was it because he's a Federal Agent? Chris tells him no. Ryan wants to know if he was raised in a house full of hate and violence because of him.

Anna has joined David at the police station where Leo is. They talk of ways to get Vanessa to tell where Maggie is. Leo tells David their mother is nuts. Later, Anna suggests to Leo that he should go find Greenlee.

Back at Greenlee's, she tells Jake she couldn't have survived without him. She now knows she is suppose to be with him, here and now. Jake replies that they will have a lifetime together.

The manager tells Kendall he finds it hard to believe she and Ryan are an item with all their fights. She tells him they make up real well and to put her past due rent on Ryan's account. He agrees and leaves.  Now she has to tell Ryan.

Chris explodes and tells Ryan that Patrick Curry was a mean, hateful S.O.B and his mother was no different.  She slept with Chris to get information out of him to protect her drug smuggling husband! Ryan goes off on Chris and ask why he is lying to him. As Ryan starts to leave, Chris struggles to get out of bed to stop him. "Your legs", Ryan exclaims, "you moved them"!

Jake and Greenlee are snuggling on the couch. The phone rings and it's Val at Enchantment; they need Greenlee to come in. As she heads for the shower the phone rings again.  This time Jake answers.  When Leo hears Jakes voice, he hangs up.

David goes to see Vanessa at the hospital to find out where Maggie is. Vanessa awakens to David's questions. Maggie who? Maggie Smith? and talks to David as if he is a director of a movie she wants to star in!


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