AMC Update Monday 3/4/02


All My Children Update Monday 3/4/02

By Lori

Mateo is confronting David in his jail cell, accusing him of being Proteus. David denies it and says he was set up. Mateo doesn't believe him, and wants to get back at him for all that Proteus has done to him. When David gets near the cell bars, Mateo grabs him and puts him in a headlock. Hayley walks in and sees this and tells Mateo to let him go. David tells them that he believes Vanessa is Proteus and Hayley tells Mateo she believes him. Mateo lets David go and says he believes him too. He says he just wanted to test David to see how he would react. Hayley tells Mateo that they need to help get Vanessa.

Anna is in Chris's hospital room, telling him that he's got the wrong guy. David is not Proteus, she says. Chris says his gut and his evidence tells him that David is Proteus. Anna is challenging Chris when Erica walks in with a fruit basket. She tells Anna she shouldn't be talking to Chris that way. Anna tells Erica that Chris had David arrested for being Proteus. Erica can't believe it. She wonders how Chris could do such a thing after he saved his life. Chris tells both of them to get out and they leave the room. Outside the room, Erica tells Anna that she has hired a specialist to look at Chris's legs and help him walk again. Erica says she cannot tell Chris that she hired the specialist so he is to believe the specialist was sent by the FBI. She asks for Anna's help in making this plan work. She says the sooner Chris can walk, the sooner he'll quit blaming David. Anna agrees to help.

Greenlee and Jake are startled when they hear a gun go off. They run into the boathouse and see Vanessa and Leo struggling with a gun. Leo manages to get the gun away from his mother. He tells Greenlee and Jake that the shot that was fired hit the ceiling. He tells them that Vanessa was not able to fire at her own flesh and blood. Greenlee tells Leo that he is wrong. Vanessa killed her niece Frankie, she says. Leo is dumbfounded. He asks his mother if she indeed killed Frankie. Vanessa insists she did not and tells Leo that Greenlee is only trying to come between them. Greenlee and Jake ask Vanessa about the whereabouts of Maggie, which makes Leo ask his mother if she killed Maggie as well. Vanessa tries to reason with Leo and asks him to leave with her. Instead, he tells Jake and Greenlee to call the police because he can't stand the site of Vanessa. A boat is heard approaching and Greenlee wonders if it's the police. Vanessa says no, it's her ride. An armed man enters the scene and is holding a gun on Leo. Vanessa refers to him as her "plan B."

Leo asks him if he is Vanessa's hitman. He says he is if he needs to be. Leo raises the gun in his hand at his mother and orders her to tell the man to put his gun down. Instead, Vanessa tells Leo to put his gun down. "You could kill me," she says. She reminds him of all the times they shared together. You can't kill me, she tells him. She asks her hitman to go to the car and he does. She attempts to leave but Leo orders her to stop. Jake wrestles the gun away from Leo and Vanessa flees. Jake tells Leo he was trying to save the rest of his life by preventing him from killing his mother. Leo says he only planned to wound her. They call the police and Sgt. Fry arrives. He starts asking questions when his phone rings. Someone is calling about Vanessa. Leo grabs the phone from Fry and asks what is going on regarding Vanessa. He is told that Vanessa's car went over an embankment and exploded. Fry takes the phone back and Leo sits down, staring into space. Greenlee tries to comfort him but Leo turns away. Greenlee goes to Jake, who takes her in his arms. Fry tells Leo that officers at the scene of the accident were unable to get too close, but didn't see any signs of life.

Simone is outside Chris's hospital room with Dr. McMillan. Simone is lamenting about the mistakes she has made in the Proteus case. Hayley and Mateo arrive and Mateo is not happy to see her. He tells the doctor to be careful not to get shot. He tells Simone she has plenty of nerve showing up at Chris's room. After all, she is the reason he got shot. Simone tells Mateo she made a mistake and asks him if he's ever made mistakes. He says yes, working with her was a mistake. McMillan defends Simone and identifies himself as her father.

Erica returns to Chris's room and tries to feed him from the fruit basket. He doesn't want anything to do with her. She prepares to leave but says she'll be back tomorrow. He tells her not to come back because he doesn't want her pity. The specialist she hired comes into the room and talks to him about doing a complete evaluation.

Anna goes to David's jail cell and tells him that Chris is not listening to her. David tells Anna that he now believes that his mother is Proteus. She is happy to hear that. Her phone rings and she is told about Vanessa's car. She tells David that there has been an accident involving Vanessa.

Mateo and Hayley go to Chris's room and tell him that Vanessa is Proteus. Chris had just been informed about the car accident and tells Mateo and Hayley that Vanessa is dead. They are relieved that Proteus is dead and they embrace.

The scene flashes to the scene of the car accident. Vanessa is shown lying in some brush with a cut bleeding on her head. Suddenly, she opens her eyes and stares up.

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