AMC Update Friday 3/1/02


All My Children Update Friday 3/1/02

By Lori

Hayley and Mateo go to the hospital to see Chris, who tells them that David is going to be arrested as Proteus. Hayley and Mateo are skeptical. After all, David saved Chris's life. Chris says David didn't save his life, he crippled him. He says it was no coincidence that David was present when he got shot. He says David intentionally left a bullet fragment in him so he could not walk. Hayley asks about the syringe found with Vanessa's fingerprints. Chris says Vanessa may have a role, but David is Proteus. Chris tells them they can go to the police station and watch David being arrested.

David is at his cabin looking over computer files. At first everything seems normal. Then he finds something he doesn't recognize. It is a list of money transfers from the Cayman Islands. Anna tells David this shows funds sent to Proteus. David insists these are not his files and someone is setting him up. Police knock on the door and David suspects Anna called them. Anna is hurt to think David would suspect her of calling police on him. David frantically tries to delete the files as police demand to be let in. When David sees the files cannot be deleted he grabs a pitcher of water to throw on the computer. Just then the police enter and stop him. An officer examines the computer and finds the Proteus files. They don't believe his claims he was set up. David is arrested and taken to the police station. Anna repeatedly tells the police they have the wrong man but David tells her to be quiet because she is making things worse. Mateo and Hayley arrive. They want to see what's on the computer. Mateo tells David if the computer proves he is Proteus, jail will seem like heaven compared to what he'll do to him. Anna tells David she knows his mother is framing him, but he says she wouldn't do that. David is put in a jail cell and yells for a guard to let him see his lawyer. When he hears someone coming, he thinks it's a guard. It is Mateo. "It's just you and me," Mateo says. Anna goes to see Chris at the hospital and tells him David needs to be released. Chris insists they have the evidence on David.

Greenlee rushes to her car with Jake tailing behind. She is determined to find Leo. All Jake wants to do is report Vanessa to the police. Greenlee says they will do that, but not until she finds Leo. She says this is not about her choosing Leo over Jake, it is protecting Leo. Bianca shows up and gets in the car. She says she needs to find Leo because his life is in danger. She tells Jake and Greenlee about Vanessa taking Maggie and that the police are onto Vanessa. She says Vanessa is probably the one who killed Frankie. Greenlee wonders if Vanessa is willing to kill her family, could she be capable of killing Leo?

Leo is talking to his mother on the phone. He tells her to come to the boathouse because he needs to see her right away. Vanessa is curious but hopeful this means her son is going away with her. Leo tells her he will leave with her because there is nothing here for him now. Vanessa still has Maggie tied to the wheelchair in the cold mountain cabin. She takes the tape off Maggie's mouth and Maggie tries to convince her to free her. Vanessa is not listening. She knows the police are tracking her and thinks David is behind it. She is gleeful that David is going to take the rap for her. Vanessa prepares to leave to meet Leo. Maggie begs her to take her with her. Vanessa says she was going to use Maggie as a hostage but she won't need her now because she's leaving Pine Valley. "If you survive this, give my best to Pine Valley," Vanessa tells her as she walks out. Maggie is left alone and struggles to free herself. She manages to get the tape off her mouth and screams, but no one hears her.

Vanessa meet Leo at the boathouse and asks who they are hiding from. Leo tells her he wanted to pull one last con before he leaves. Vanessa asks who the victim is this time. "You're the mark," Leo says. Vanessa thinks her son is joking. "I forgot how much you like teasing me," she says. "Do I look like I'm teasing?" Leo asks. He says he's not going anywhere with her. He knows she tried to kill Greenlee because she told him. Both she and Jake are alive, he tells her. He says they are reporting her to the police at this moment. Vanessa tells Leo that they are lying but he tells her to shut up. "I want you to admit it. Stop lying," Leo yells. Leo threatens to tie her to a boat and sink her like she tried to do with Greenlee. Vanessa knows she is caught. "All right, I'm guilty," she admits. Leo asks her how she could have tried to kill the woman he loves. She says she saw the way Greenlee hurt him by running to Jake and she won't have her son humiliated. She urges Leo to leave with her. She says she knows he loves her. "You don't get it, do you," Leo says. He tells her he feels nothing for her and turns to leave. "You can't just walk away after all these years," Vanessa says. "I want you to turn around and look at me one last time." When Leo turns around, he sees his mother is holding a gun on him. Vanessa says she knows Leo is going to the police and she won't allow that. Leo is stunned to see his mother holding a gun on him. He asks her if he walks out will she put a bullet in him. What will she do if he walks toward her? He inches closer and she says she doesn't want it to be like this.

Greenlee is speeding in her car while searching for Leo. Jake tells her that they won't find him and tries to get her to go back to the police station. She spots Vanessa's car by the boathouse. Just as she and Jake sneak up to the boathouse, they hear a gunshot.

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