AMC Update Thursday 2/28/02


All My Children Update Thursday 2/28/02

By Molly

Ryan has a change of heart and goes back to see Chris Stamp.  He explains how he couldn't walk away after what Chris had done for him.  Chris tells Ryan he is supposed to rest and asks Ryan to leave.  Ryan tries to be optimistic.  Chris reminds Ryan that he had always hated him and he doesn't want Ryan trying to be nice now because he can't walk

Back at the beach, Leo and Jake squabble about Greenlee's welfare till Greenlee told them both to cut it out because they were making her mad.  Bianca tries to phone Leo while at his apartment when Jack shows up. 

Bianca fills Jack in on the evidence against Vanessa and what she may have done to Maggie.

David is stunned that his mother could kill her own niece, and that she may do so again with Maggie.  They're just a couple of kids, David exclaims. 

Back at the pump house, where Vanessa has Maggie  hidden, Maggie grows impatient with Vanessa and tells her to feel something instead of thinking,  that she just wants to go home!  Vanessa is about to leave Maggie when Stuart shows up at the door. 

Vanessa gags and hides Maggie, then lets Stuart and Marian in.  Stuart and Marian wonder why Vanessa is there, so she lies that this is the only place she can afford since Palmer kicked her out.  Marian makes bitchy remarks at her, much to Stuart's embarrassment.  After they leave, Vanessa brings Maggie out of the back room.

David agonizes over whether or not Vanessa has Maggie and may kill her, too.  Jack is trying to understand what Bianca is saying about the hidden message made in a code in the book of sonnets that Frankie had left her.  Derrick reports that he has a missing persons filed for Vanessa and Maggie, and that is all he can do at this time.  Bianca gets more and more distressed and Jack tries to calm her down.  

Back at the hospital, Ryan recaps what Chris had done for him, and why he owes him.  Chris doesn't accept Ryan's act of friendship and tells him a big fat "No Thanks".  Ryan tells Chris he owes him and wants to help, but Chris tells Ryan he doesn't want his help.  Exit Ryan, enter Dr. Joe.  Chris tells Joe he wants out.  Kendall waits in the hall for Ryan

Leo, Jake and Greenlee argue.  Jake leaves them alone to talk.  Greenlee explains to Leo that she thought she would never see him again.  She tries to make Leo understand what his mother did and all of the terrible things he did to her, and why it made her run to Jake.  He protests that he did get a plane to rescue them.  Jake comes back to inform them that a coast guard cutter is headed straight there.  He tells Greenlee that when they get back, the first thing they will do is head to the police station to turn Vanessa in.

David tries to phone Vanessa but can't get through.  He remembers to Anna how Vanessa acted at Frankie's memorial service and the strange things she said, which make more sense now if she murdered her.  David blames himself for the murders, since he showed her the heart attack drug.  He threatens to kill Vanessa himself if need be.  Vanessa goes to David's cabin and downloads a bunch of evidence to make the police think that David is Proteus.  She chuckles that "Mother still controls him".

David gets a message that the alarm went off on his cabin, so he and Anna head up there to check it out.  Jack wonders if Bianca is jumping to conclusions about Vanessa, but she is determined to make her pay.  Chris phones Derrick to get him to search David's room, cabin, and computer for evidence that he is Proteus.  He is convinced that David is the one who shot him.  Joe comes in at the end of the phone call and tries to make Chris understand that David saved his life, but Chris thinks that David intentionally left the bullet fragment in his spine.

Outside Chris's hospital room, Kendall tries to convince Ryan that he is not responsible for what happened to Chris. He wonders why she's there and why she's being so nice to him.  She tells him that she stayed to be a friend because he needs one right now.  They agree that he can reserve the right to yell at her and she can reserve the right to throw a vase at his head. 

Chris calls Mateo and asks him  if he still wants in and starts to tell him what they're going to do.   Vanessa returns to the cabin and finds Maggie struggling to get free.  Vanessa is being hateful to Maggie and tells her to quit looking at her with judgmental eyes like David does.  She takes the tape off Maggie's mouth. Maggie then proceeds to tell Vanessa she belongs in a rubber room.  Maggie then ask if she set up David, and Vanessa says that she has.  Maggie acts like she is no longer fearful of Vanessa and starts arguing with her and encourages Vanessa to go on and kill her. 

Jake, Greenlee and Leo show up at the police station to report what Vanessa did to them.  When Jake and Greenlee look back for Leo, he has disappeared.  

Derrick shows up at Chris's room where Chris tells him that David is Proteus.  He tells Derrick to go out to David's cabin to the computer and not to let David anywhere near it.  David and Anna don't see anything wrong at the cabin, but David suspects his computer has been tampered with.  Jake is trying to convince Greenlee that Leo went to warn his mother, but she doesn't think so at first.  Then she realizes he is right and runs out to find Leo, with Jake following.  Maggie and Vanessa are still arguing when Leo calls his mother.  He asks if her bags are packed and says that she must leave the country today.


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