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All My Children Update Wednesday 2/27/02

By Molly

Anna lets herself into Leo and Greenlee's apartment to find more clues.  Instead, she hears a noise coming from the bedroom.  She hides behind the wall of the fireplace.  When the person comes out of the bedroom, Anna comes out from behind the wall with her gun drawn, shouting, "Don't Move"!!  It's David!  He asks her "What the Hell are you doing here"?   Anna replies, "Looking for Proteus, just like you".

Vanessa is on the phone to her point man, demanding to know where the disk is.  "What do you mean, Ryan Lavery doesn't have the disk?.  What did he do? Give it away?  Auction it off online" she asks, annoyed?  Her assistant replies that he "turned it in" .  To who, she demands to know, "The police?"   No, he replies, to the Feds.  Vanessa is livid.  The point man tells her the Feds do have it and it is locked in a safe, God knows where.  She then informs her point man, "Well, if God only knows, then you are going to have to find it, aren't you, Mr. Timmons!".  He asks her what she wants from him.  She tells him if he does not find that disk, she will hunt him down  and shoot him herself!  After her conversation with Mr. Timmons, she turns to Maggie, still strapped in the wheelchair and tells her, "Don't look at me that way, I am not insane!".               

Brooke and Edmund are in her office working, wondering what Chris Stamp's condition is since the shooting.  Brooke asks,  "Can you believe I am being totally frozen out?", in not being able to obtain information about Chris Stamp.  She then goes on to say she knows a man working in the morgue who will tell her if any bodies are brought in, even if it is a  John Doe.  She tells Edmund she thinks Stamp is still alive.  Edmund wants to know how this happened.  "I mean the Pine Cone, with Erica, Kendall and Ryan".  Brooke suggests it could have been a setup.  Simone enters the room and states, "It was a setup, a total setup, but they weren't aiming for Agent Stamp".  What are you talking about?, Edmund asks her.  They wanted to kill Ryan Lavery, she says, and Brooke ask how she knows that.  Simone admits that she made it happen. 

Meanwhile, at the hospital, Kendall is trying to comfort Ryan.  She starts by saying she thought she knew her parents, too.  Ryan says he doesn't want to talk about it.  Bianca joins them and asks if there is any news.  Kendall tells her no, she hasn't come out, she is still in Stamp's room.  Who, asks Bianca, "Mom"?  Kendall replies, "Who else are we talking about?".  She then informs Bianca that she tried to help Erica  the night before, but that Erica didn't want her help, she wanted Bianca.  Kendall then proceeds to bad-mouth Erica by referring to her as "Saint Erica". Ryan asks Kendall if she ever shuts up.

Erica is in Stamp's hospital room telling him she understands why he did what he did, why he took the bullet for Ryan.  "He is your son, you'd die for him."  Erica Thanks God that Chris was not killed.  The nurse states that all seems good with Chris's prognosis.  Chris is asking about Ryan. Is he hurt?  No, Erica says.  She then goes out to tell Ryan the good news and to tell him that Chris is asking for him.  Ryan turns to leave, and Erica asks where he is going.  Ryan replies that "he is going as far as he can to get away from this place".  Erica tells him, "over my dead body".  

Back at Leo and Greenlee's apartment, Anna is trying to convince David that Proteus is Vanessa.  Why do you think that, he asks her?  Anna proceeds to tell David that she had the syringe tested and it contains the drug to induce a  heart attack when given in a high dose.  That she also had it tested for fingerprints and Vanessa's prints were the only ones on the syringe.   David informs Anna that she needs to get a hobby, this is absurd!   They begin arguing about his mother.  She reminds him of the guard's death at the prison, how he died from a heart attack just before he was to start naming names, a heart attack induced by the same drug in the syringe.  David defends his mother.  She is a lot of things he tells her, but a drug lord, a cold blooded killer, Oh, come on Anna!  She reminds David that he already thought it could be his mother! 

Maggie and Vanessa have a nice heart-to-heart talk.  Maggie asks Vanessa if she has ever been in love?  Vanessa replies the only ones she has ever really loved are her sons.  They argued as to whether Vanessa had any feelings.  Vanessa goes on to reveal to Maggie her part in Uncle Charles' suicide, stating that if he did not pull the trigger, she would have killed him herself!  Uncle Charles is David's father!   

Back at Brooke's office, Simone states how she has worked her butt off for Tempo, that they have no idea what she has risked for this story.  She then tells how she became  very emotionally involved in the case she was working on.  That she fell for Mateo, fell real hard.  She admits she didn't handle it well, that she needed to save face with the story that Tempo  hired her for.  She said she felt discarded, how she received a phone call from this big New York publisher and the publisher's credits turned out, so she thought; that this publisher offered her a book deal in exchange for updates on the Proteus investigation.  Edmund wants to know how Ryan fits into all this?  Brooke asks if this did not raise a red flag to her?   Simone admits that it did but she was hurt, mad; that she didn't look close enough at the signs.  She went on to say she started to double-agent herself, to get more dope on Proteus without letting anyone know anything except her New York editor, every night.  Edmund is stressed over what he is hearing; he wants to hear no more.  But Brooke does. 

Simone says she overheard Hayley and Mateo speaking to Stamp about crucial evidence that Ryan had stashed for them. Simone then told her editor about it.  Brooke then asked if the editor blew her cover and Simone said her editor was "Proteus".    That when she realized who her editor was, she may as well have painted a red bulls-eye on Ryan because the next she knew, someone tried to kill him, but shot Chris Stamp instead.  She admits she caused this whole thing.  Edmund tells her how he trusted her, more than the other reporters he has.  Simone then submits her resignation which Edmund tears up.  He ask her to convince herself this is the worse mistake she'll  make and that she can stay.  Brooke agrees, she is a good writer.  They then advise her to find a good lawyer due to her double crossing Mateo and Chris Stamp.

Ryan informs Erica that the relationship between him and Chris is none of her business.  Erica pleads with Ryan to go in and thank Chris for saving his life.  Ryan finally agrees to this.  Kendall tries to convince Bianca that Erica did ask for her last night.  That Erica was tired, scared and confused .  That she tried to help Erica but Erica did not want her help, she wanted Bianca.  Ryan tells Chris he is glad he is o.k. and that he is glad he is not dead.  As Ryan starts to leave, Chris realizes he can't move his legs.  Dr. Joe comes in and explains to Chris that a bullet fragment is next to his spine.  Repairing the damage to his heart was a priority, and when he recovers from that surgery, David will go back in to remove the fragment.  David!!  Now Chris believes David did this intentionally because he is Proteus.

Back at Leo and Greenlee's, David still does not believe his mother is a drug king; his mother is not smart enough.  Anna thinks she is brilliant.  Anna then finds a cheap earring on the floor and they wonder whose it is.  David states if Vanessa killed Larry, it was a crime of passion like Paulo's.  Like your father, Anna asks.  She tells David he has to see it is Vanessa.

Vanessa tells Maggie she married Charles because she wanted a child, which he gave her.  Charles vied with Vanessa to be loved by David, so Charles chose to become one of the most successful businessmen in the world, which of course involved illegal dealings.  However, he developed a  conscious  and could no longer look David in the eye.  She called him a weakling.  She says that someone called and threatened her son because Charles couldn't keep his promises on the job, that she confronted the sniveling idiot, that he sold out their family because he was scared.  So she took over the business and had to keep David safe.  That was the day she made a deal with the devil.  Maggie asked if this is when "this" all started.  Vanessa said she never looked back, that she bargained for her son's life, that she took over what Charles was too weak to handle.  He couldn't live with his own failures and she did a much better job at what he had abandoned.  Vanessa said that Charles' killing himself was the best thing that ever happened to her!

Bianca arrives at Leo's and finds Anna and David.  She sees the earring Anna is holding and tells them it is Maggie's, that she was wearing it the last time she had seen her and that Maggie was trying to break a code that Frankie had left in a book of sonnets.     Anna and David look worried and wonder if Maggie confronted Vanessa and if Maggie was the other person in the room when David was talking to his mother.

Maggie is trying to get on Vanessa's good side, trying to convince her that she can be trusted, that she'll do whatever Vanessa wants to stay alive. 

Erica puts Ryan on a guilt trip because he wants to leave instead of staying by Chris' side, especially now that his legs are damaged.  Chris tells Dr. Joe he doesn't want Erica or anyone in his room.  Erica goes in anyway, and Chris tells her several times to leave, to stay away from him and stay the Hell out of his life.  Erica leaves. 

Vanessa is losing it. She tells Maggie she'll never let her or David, her ungrateful son, take everything away from her.  She plans to set David up as Proteus.  David will be remembered as a drug lord, not a famous cardiologist!


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