AMC Update Tuesday 2/26/02


All My Children Update Tuesday 2/26/02

By Suzanne

Dixie chatters to herself while she sips warm milk and waits for J.R. to come home.  She is trying to drink warm milk to relax herself.  J.R. comes home with Tad.  J.R. is still very angry and Tad is clueless about Dixie's going away.  J.R. mentions her packing so she has to explain to Tad about going away.  J.R. leaves them alone.  Dixie tells Tad that she's taking a 6-month course in Europe and leaving J.R. there.  He doesn't understand.  He wonders if she's going in order to avoid him and suggests that she postpone the trip.  She says that she just wants to be alone to discover who she is, but he can tell that she's lying.  Dixie gets annoyed and tries to turn it around on Tad.  Tad sees that she has been drinking milk and gets suspicious because she normally hates milk.  He doesn't connect the dots, of course.  They argue.  Tad thinks it's weird that she has to go halfway around the world to do some soul-searching.  Tad reminds her of the last time they were in that room together (probably when they made the baby).  He says he thought they were going to have a future together after all.  Tad realizes that they starting falling apart when she lost the baby.  He was partly relieved that she lost it because he was so worried about losing her.  She couldn't forgive him for that.  He says he loves her too much and would do the same thing again, choose her over the baby.

Dixie talks on the phone to Adam.  She promises to call him tomorrow.  Dixie tells Tad, "Nobody has ever loved me the way you have, but you're not what I need right now".   Tad worries about Dixie's health for traveling.  She assures him that she's fine and will be traveling with Lanie.  Also, she says she has a good doctor referral from David.  She asks him to leave so she can make arrangements.  He gets suspicious again when she refers to it as "our trip".  She covers, saying she's just tired.  Tad suggests that he try to help her make J.R. understand about the trip.  She ushers him out and then talks to the baby, saying that she couldn't tell Tad because he'd choose her over the baby again.  She says she can't stay here.  She phones and gets an earlier flight out to Zurich the next morning.

Leo and Greenlee are in each other's arms.  He can take the truth about Vanessa as long as he has Greenlee.  She doesn't think his behavior is normal.  They start getting into an argument over the way he treated her and what she's been doing on the island with Jake.  Leo gets angry about Vanessa finally and kicks a tree stump or something, making Greenlee run away and straight into Jake's arms.  Wounded, Leo says he wouldn't hit Greenlee.  She knows he wouldn't.  Leo is in a lot of pain and lashing out at Jake and Greenlee.  Leo asks Jake what it was like having nice, normal parents.  Jake says he was just lucky.  Leo beats himself up for not getting rid of Vanessa out of his life years ago, despite Greenlee's protests that he not blame himself.  Leo, tormented, yells that the bitch did it to him again.  Leo gets very bitter and says Jake owes him since because of his mother, Jake ended up on the island with Greenlee.  Jake says that when they get back, he's going to the police about Vanessa.  Leo punches Jake.  Greenlee yells at Leo to stay away from Jake.  Jake tells him that if they kill each other, they won't be able to get off the island.  The three argue.  Greenlee tells Leo to get off her island (LOL).  Leo even suggests that maybe Jake was working with Vanessa in order to orchestrate the whole thing.  Greenlee says that Jake cares about her and that's why she loves him.  He takes what she says to mean that she could never feel that way about him because Leo is a con man.  Leo walks away in disgust.  Jake tells her again to leave Leo alone, and this time she agrees.

Jake wishes they had something to eat.  Greenlee's not hungry.  He says he didn't want any of this to happen, but she already knows that.

David picks up the syringe and Anna warns him not to get his prints on it.  He wants to see what's in it.  She warns that if his prints get on it, it will be impossible to prove that he's not Proteus.  David wonders who Vanessa had stashed there while they were chatting.

Erica and Kendall try to find out if Chris and Ryan are hurt.  Ryan says that just Chris is hurt.  Chris is bleeding so Erica tries to stop the bleeding, but she can't.  Everyone is in shock.  Erica yells at Kendall to call an ambulance.  Mateo rushes over and confers with Ryan on where the shots were coming from.  Mateo says he chased the guy but he got away.  David and Anna rush up; David has his medical bag.  Mateo is suspicious about David being there, but Anna assures him that she's been with David all night and they have an idea now who Proteus is.  Mateo shows her where the shots came from.  Erica phones the ambulance again and passes on some instructions from David.  David says the bullet grazed Chris' heart, tearing one of the blood vessels.   David makes a whole in Chris' chest to relieve some of the pressure (or something).  They talk about taking Chris to the hospital themselves, but then they hear the ambulance coming.  Erica prays to God to let Chris live.

At the hospital, Joe tells the nurse to prep Chris for surgery.  David and Erica tell Joe that Chris can't wait for Dr. Jacobsen.  They insist that David perform the surgery.  Joe reminds David that he's no longer working there.  Erica pleads some more so Joe gives in.  Erica tells Chris that she loves him.  Ryan thinks about his father.  An FBI agent questions Kendall, who is her usual abrasive self.  He questions Ryan about why he was the sniper's target, but Ryan feigns ignorance.  Kendall tells the agent to back off from Erica and Ryan because they love Chris.  Anna comes over and smoothes things out.  She introduces Mateo to the agent and says he was working with Chris.  She gives him the syringe and asks him to run tests on it.  Anna asks Ryan about the disk.  He freely gives the disk to her and Mateo, saying he wants Proteus gone.

Kendall asks nice to Erica, for a change.  She asks Erica if she can get her anything and tries to give her a pep talk about Chris.  Erica babbles on about how unfair this is and how she'll love him the rest of his life.  Joe comes out and says they've still got a long way to go and that Chris needs blood.  Ryan knows that he's the same blood type so he'll give blood.  Later, Anna tells Mateo that the drug in the syringe was the heart attack-inducing drug just like the one used on the prison guard and they found three sets of prints.  One was Vanessa's.  Kendall keeps trying to help Erica, but Erica looks numb.  She asks for Bianca.  This seems to hurt Kendall so she walks away and turns to Ryan to give him a shoulder to cry on.  Joe tells them that there are complications with the surgery but it's too soon to know anything yet.  Ryan blames himself for what happened to Chris.


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