AMC Update Monday 2/25/02


All My Children Update Monday 2/25/02

By Lori

Jake and Greenlee are kissing on the island when Greenlee says Leo's name. Jake thinks she is just talking about Leo but Greenlee tells Jake they are not alone. They sit up and see Leo standing a few feet away from them. Greenlee asks Leo how he found them. He told them he hired a pilot to fly over islands and saw the bonfire. Leo tells Greenlee he can't believe she left him for Jake. Jake, seeing that a confrontation was ahead, leaves to go check out the rescue plane. Greenlee tells Leo that she didn't leave him for Jake. She tells him how Vanessa drugged her and Jake and set them out to sail to die. Leo doesn't believe her and defends his mother. He tells her she uses his mother as an excuse so she can run to Jake. He calls her pathetically insecure. Greenlee gets angry and kicks sand at him. How dare he judge her after all that she has just been through. She calls Vanessa a cold-blooded killer and tells Leo their boat is lying on the bottom of the ocean. She says Jake saved her life twice. She shows him the bruise on her arm.

Leo backs down and begins to realize what Greenlee is saying is true. He says he assumed the worst after seeing Jake and Greenlee preparing to make love. Greenlee says Jake appreciates her and doesn't view her as a needy person. Jake comes back and tells Leo to chase after the pilot, who is preparing to leave. But they are too late. The pilot leaves without them. Jake tells Leo the pilot was angry because she learned Leo was searching for his fiancée. They yell and scream as the pilot flies away. They realize it's now the three of them stuck on the deserted island. Leo asks to see where Vanessa drugged Jake, and Jake shows him his neck. Leo can't believe his mother would do such a thing. He apologizes to them and walks away and stares into space. Greenlee wants to go to him but Jake tries to talk her out of it. He says Leo is responsible for this. Whenever Leo messes up, he comes up with an excuse and Greenlee buys into his act. Greenlee tells him that Leo loves her but Jake says Leo is selfish and incapable of love. "Let him go," Jake says, asking her to choose him instead. Greenlee can't resist Leo, and she walks over to him. He sees her and embraces her.

David is accusing Vanessa of a coverup. He reminds her that her former lover Paolo died of heart failure and now her chauffeur lover just died the same way. He tells her that a federal agent who is looking into the case of a major drug lord is investigating heart attack victims. "You aren't suggesting I am Proteus," an exasperated Vanessa says. Facetiously, she admits to being Proteus and preparing to kill her next victim. A frustrated David tells her he must have been brain dead to suspect she was capable of being the mastermind of a major drug ring. Nevertheless, he asks her if she has any connection to Proteus. Maggie, who is drugged and in the hallway, is waking up. She knocks on the wall to get attention. David wonders who Vanessa has stashed away. Vanessa warns David to stay out of her affairs or she'll report his improper activities at the hospital. David suspects Vanessa has another lover in the bedroom. Before he leaves, he tells her that if she's connected with Proteus, she is going down. Vanessa tells herself David has gone too far.

Anna is at the hospital looking for records of heart attack victims. She gives a phony authorization to a nurse and is given the records. She is in David's room looking through the records when David walks in. She tells him she has the records from heart attack victims. She knows David went to see Vanessa. He tells her he still suspects she has links to Proteus. Anna decides she wants to talk to Vanessa so she leaves with David following behind. They arrive back at Leo's apartment and see that Vanessa is gone. They look around and Anna finds a used syringe.

A sniper has a gun pointed at Ryan outside his motel door when Kendall pulls him back into the room and closes the door. She tells him he needs to be careful because he has a computer disc implicating Proteus. Ryan doesn't listen to her and again goes outside. He runs into Erica, who is looking for Kendall. Kendall opens the door and Erica tells her she wants to talk to her about Bianca. Ryan is preparing to leave on his motorcycle when Chris and Mateo arrive. They want the computer disc. They take Ryan into the room to talk to him but Ryan won't turn over the disc. He doesn't trust Chris. Despite assurances from Mateo, Ryan wants authorization from Hayley before he turns over the disc. Chris asks Mateo to leave. Mateo walks to his car and hears a noise. He is knocked out by the sniper. Inside the room, Chris warns Ryan that he is in danger. Ryan wonders why Chris cares. Chris tells Ryan he knew and loved his mother ? nine months before he was born. "I'm your father, Ryan," Chris says. Ryan is stunned. He asks Chris numerous questions about his relationship with his mother. Chris tells Ryan that when he was a police officer in Chicago, his mother and her first son came to live with him because her husband was beating her. He fell in love with her. He talks about a great day at the beach with her and Braden. But a couple of days later, she went back to her husband. Chris says he never knew about Ryan and only learned a month ago he was his father. "I want you to know I'm on your side 100 percent," he tells Ryan. Ryan wonders why Chris is telling him this now. Could it be because he is Proteus and wants the disc to protect himself. Ryan is yelling now, telling Chris he doesn't buy his story and he isn't getting the disc.

Outside the room, Kendall is concerned about Ryan being harassed by Chris. Erica notices that Kendall seems interested in Ryan. When Kendall says they are just friends, Erica says she believes she wants Ryan as much more than a friend. Erica says Ryan is a decent guy who deserves better than Kendall. She defends Chris to Kendall, prompting Kendall to accuse Erica of trying to manipulate Chris back into her life. As Kendall rants, Erica becomes subdued and admits to Kendall that she was wrong in hurting Chris the way she did. They go back into the room just in time to hear Ryan saying he doesn't believe Chris is his father. Ryan walks out of the room and Chris begins hunting for the disc. Erica tells Chris he needs to go after Ryan. Chris walks out of the room to talk to Ryan. Just then, Mateo is beginning to wake up. He sees the gunman and yells out "sniper!" Chris runs toward Ryan and is struck by the bullet. Erica runs out of the room and is in horror to see Chris shot.

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