AMC Update Friday 2/22/02


All My Children Update Friday 2/22/02

By Lori

Jake and Greenlee are getting cold on the island and are trying to keep warm near a small fire. Greenlee attempts to say something to Jake, starting with the words "I feel," but she stops when they hear a plane above them. Jake hurries to light a bonfire so the plane spots them and they both jump up and down and yell, hoping to attract attention. The plane flies by, and Greenlee is despondent that they were not spotted. Jake tries to calm her down and tells her that he will get them out of there. Greenlee tells Jake he always knows what to say to make her feel better. He tells her he loves her. He says that while Greenlee was pining away after Leo, he did everything in his power not to tell her how he feels but now he's going to go after what he wants. Greenlee looks at Jake like she doesn't know what to make of what he's saying. She tells him she's going to gather some wood. As she walks away, Jake continues to lavish her with praises. He tells her he was afraid he was going to lose her and that the world would be a bad place without her in it. He tells her he will always love her. He starts kissing her and soon they are on the sand, lying next to each other and kissing. Greenlee looks away for a second and apparently sees someone. "Leo," she says.

Kendall is in her motel room looking over her dismal financial situation when Ryan knocks on the door. He offers to take her out to eat. As she goes into the bathroom to get ready, Ryan grabs her doll and takes off the head to retrieve his disc. It is not there. Kendall comes out of the bathroom and catches Ryan in the act. She tells him that she figured out what he was doing and took the disc out of the doll. Ryan apologizes for using her to hide the disc. Kendall tells him she'll give him the disc back for $100,000. Ryan does not take her request seriously and tells her that the disc belongs to Hayley. She decides she wants to help him and is not angry that he hid the disc in the doll.

At the bar, Hayley is chastising Chris for telling her to shut up about the disc when Simone approached. Hayley tells Chris that Simone knows everything she and Mateo know about the Proteus case. Hayley says she trusts Simone. Simone apologizes for interrupting their conversation and excuses herself. Mateo goes to talk to her. He tells her that he knows things have been intense between them and that it was hard to know when the pretending ended and the real feelings began. Simone is angry. She says she was in on the Proteus case with Mateo from the beginning and now she is being shut out. She asks if Chris could be convinced to let her back in. When Mateo doesn't offer any help, she concludes that Mateo wants her off the case as well. She figures out that now Mateo is working with Hayley, he doesn't want her around. Mateo admits to her that her help would be awkward. Simone walks out and Mateo returns to Chris and Hayley. He defends Simone to Chris and tells her he should let her in on the case. Chris says that Ryan is in danger as long as he has the disc, and the more people who know about the disc, the more danger Ryan is in. Hayley agrees with Chris and decides to call Ryan to tell him she will come and get the disc. Their phone connection is cutting out in the bar, so she steps outside. Outside, Simone is on the phone telling someone "I'm ready to deal." Hayley sees Simone and hears her tell someone that Ryan has evidence against Proteus. Hayley confronts Simone and demands to know who she is talking to. Simone doesn't talk and Hayley forcibly pulls her back into the bar. She tells Chris what she heard and Chris has some of his men arrest Simone. Mateo realizes he was wrong to trust Simone and gives her a disappointed look. Chris decides to rush to the Pine Cone Motel while Hayley continues to call Ryan but she cannot get through to him. Ryan has given his cell phone to Kendall and asks her to keep hitting redial.

Anna tells David while they are in bed that Chris is trying to prove David is Proteus. Chris asked for all of David's hospital records involving heart attack victims. David gets on the phone to find out what's going on but the hospital will not tell him anything. He and Anna wonder how heart attack victims relate to the Proteus investigation. David then remembers asking Vanessa to bring him potassium, explaining that it would bring on a heart attack. He rushes out of the room, telling Anna he needs to go to the hospital.

Maggie grabs the syringe she knocked out of Vanessa's hand but Vanessa comes up behind her and breaks glass over her head. Maggie drops the syringe and Vanessa picks it up. She pokes it into Maggie's neck. She tells her she only gave her half a dose because she doesn't kill family. Maggie passes out. Vanessa frets about her situation. She says things are getting out of hand. She should have burned the book of sonnets but decided she wanted Bianca to have the book that Frankie gave her. This is what she gets for doing something nice, she tells herself. She is next shown having put Maggie in a wheel chair which she got from the hospital. David knocks on the door and yells for Leo. He says he is there about Vanessa. Vanessa hides Maggie in the hallway and lets David in. She tells him Leo is out working on arrangements for them to get out of Pine Valley. She tells David she knows he is there to talk to Leo about her. She asks him if he brought commitment papers for Leo to sign. David says it's good that she's there because he needs to talk to her. He tells her he is worried that she may be in over her head. He asks her point blank if she killed Larry and if she used drugs on anyone else. He tells her she needs help but she tells him he is the one who needs help. Her phone rings. The caller tells her that Mateo has led them to the smoking gun ? Ryan Lavery. She tells the caller that "we'll have to get it back." After hanging up, she tells David that it was her lawyer calling about her divorce. David tells her she's lying. He says he know what is really going on. In the hallway, Maggie is starting to awaken.

Ryan, frustrated that he can't reach Hayley, leaves his motel. Outside his room, a masked armed sharpshooter has a gun pointed right at him.

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