AMC Update Thursday 2/21/02


All My Children Update Thursday 2/21/02

By Suzanne

Mateo is out of jail.  He and Hayley meet Chris in a sleazy little bar.  Hayley chews Chris out for putting Mateo in jail, endangering him, etc.   Chris tries to ignore her but that doesn't work.  Chris tells them that he thinks David Hayward is the most likely suspect for Proteus, but it could also be his mother.  Mateo discusses it with him.  Mateo wants to be involved in Chris' plan to flush out Proteus, but Hayley tells Mateo that he won't be risking his life any more.  Mateo takes her aside for a private talk.  She says that after this, he won't be content to be a bar owner any more.  She can't ask him to be something he's not, so she has to let him work with Chris.  They tell Chris they are in as long as they can be there when he busts Proteus.  He says fine.  They tell him that they have a disk with the information he needs.  Hayley says that Ryan has it.  Chris suddenly tells her to shut up.

David sees that Anna has entered the room so he stops hugging Dixie.  They said goodbye and Dixie leaves.  Anna has something to tell David but she's too annoyed at him.  They argue about Dixie.  He says he won't apologize for caring about her but does tell Anna in his own way that he loves her.  He asks her not to go and says he's sorry.  Anna is mollified and they end up in bed.

Greenlee tells Jake that he is the one she would most like to be stranded on an island with, and then tells him that they have to generate warmth for body heat.  Jake tells Greenlee how much he wants to make love to her but he's not the kind of person who can take advantage of a woman in a vulnerable moment.  They build a bonfire.  She thanks him for saving her life.

Leo tries to get the Spain tickets from Vanessa.  Maggie visits so he takes them out of Vanessa's hands and rushes out.  Maggie tells her that she cracked Frankie's code and knows exactly what Vanessa is: evil.  Maggie just blames Vanessa for using Frankie and luring her to Pine Valley, where she got killed.  Maggie threatens to go to Erica and the D.A. but Vanessa yells at her to shut up, saying she has a headache.  Vanessa spills that she was responsible for the murder of Frankie, shocking Maggie to no end.    She goes into a drawer and pulls out a hypodermic needle, then keeps Maggie from leaving.  Brandishing the needle in her face, Vanessa tells Maggie that she didn't kill Frankie, one of her underlings (Larry) did.  She didn't order him to do it, she just mentioned that Frankie was a thorn in her side and Larry took it upon himself to get rid of her for Vanessa.  Vanessa uses the play/movie "Beckett" to illustrate her point, which freaks Maggie out even more.  Vanessa tells her that she was truly upset to find that Frankie had been murdered.  Maggie realizes Vanessa is insane but then makes the mistake of saying it to her.  Vanessa yells at her and tells her to take that back.  She tries to apologize but Vanessa decides to kill her after all.  But Maggie manages to knock the syringe out of her hand and then bites down on Vanessa's arm.

Leo goes back to the bar and interrogates the guy who says he sailed Jake and Greenlee out on the ocean.  The guy is very drunk.  Leo tries to get him to tell him where he took them.  A tall blonde woman name Kate Hale comes along.  Leo asked her to meet him there so he could hire her as a pilot.  He tries to make a deal and even offers her the two Spain tickets.  She is disgusted by the bar and the drunk guy that Leo's talking to, so she leaves.  Leo follows her, pleading.  Later we see that Kate thinks the two of them are going to Spain after they find Jake and Greenlee.  She thinks that Greenlee is his sister who has forgotten to bring her asthma medicine along on vacation.  He gives her a peck on the cheek to thank her.

Dixie visits J.R. to try to explain why she is going to leave town for a while.  She doesn't want to tell him about the pregnancy so she makes up some story about how she has to find her independence.  He gets upset with her and storms out.  She phones Adam and asks him to call her if he sees J.R., but she won't say why.  Then she calls Tad and tells him that she has to see him.


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