AMC Update Wednesday 2/20/02


All My Children Update Wednesday 2/20/02

By Suzanne

David is upset when he gets a phone call telling him that the Martins are bringing him up to the board on an inquiry.  Anna tries to fluff it off but he is very angry about it, worried about his research.  Dixie drops by and asks to speak to David alone.

Chris asks Joe for some information on some patients' medical records; Joe says they are "confidential" but Chris says he can get a court order.  He would rather not because it might tip off a drug dealer.  Joe agrees. Chris says to himself that he's "closer to Proteus".

Vanessa is yelling at someone on the phone about why Mateo wasn't killed in jail as planned.  She finds out that the guard had a heart attack but didn't finish Mateo.  However, the person on the phone says that he saw Mateo and Chris working together.  Vaness says she will make sure that doesn't last.

In her room, Maggie wonders what Frankie meant by her code, "Vanessa -- evil".  Bianca comes in and asks why she stole her book.

Mia goes to the hospital looking for Jake but is told that he's running late.  Leo comes by and chats with her.  She says she hasn't seen him since she pulled the body out of the lake.  This alarms Leo.  She says she had hoped Jake would call and asks Leo what he wants with Jake.  He says he's looking for Greenlee and tells her that they might have run off together.

Greenlee wakes up on an island with Jake.  He checks her out and asks what his name is.  She says that he's not Leo.  She is freaked out by the Gilligan's Island dream she had.  She says she thinks she remembers hearing Jake says that he didn't know what he would do if he lost her.  He says it doesn't matter.  She asks where they are.  He says they're lost; he doesn't know how far they drifted or how far out they were.  She remembers almost drowning and his saving her life.  He says that she fought hard to stay alive and he won't ever underestimate her again.  She suddenly realizes her engagement ring is missing, and looks for her cell phone so she can phone Leo.

Mia is surprised and says that Leo's mom was right.  Leo wonders what she means.  She says that Vanessa said that Jake and Greenlee would sail off together, in fact, she encouraged it.  Leo, shocked, gets suspicious and asks her what happened.  She says that Jake told Vanessa to mind her own business, but Vanessa told him to be honest and admit that he and Greenlee loved each other.  Leo can't believe it.  Mia can't, either, because Jake told her that they (meaning Jake and Mia) were sailing off together.  Leo is surprised by this.  Mia suddenly realizes that she quit her job and gave up her apartment.  She doesn't understand why Jake didn't just tell her the truth.  She complains about how Jake lied to her.  Leo says that's not like Jake, he doesn't lie.

Chris asks Joe for a list of David's patient.  Joe goes along with it reluctantly.

Maggie apologizes and gives the book back to Bianca.  She says she doesn't know why she took it.  Bianca says the book is all she has left of Frankie.  Maggie says she just wanted to feel closer to her sister.  Bianca knows she's lying.  Maggie compares Bianca to her mother and blames Bianca for her death.

David asks Anna to leave so he can talk to Dixie.  Anna, who has been sitting naked in bed, does.  David tells Dixie she should have the abortion.  She says no way.  He says it could be fatal.  She says she's must stronger, thanks to him.  He keeps arguing and wonders if Tad is behind this.  She says Tad doesn't know about her pregnancy.  She wants him to promise not to tell anyone her secret.  David can't stand by and let her kill herself.  She pleads with him to help her and her baby.

Vanessa yells at people and wonders where her "shipment" is.  She is supposed to be gone by now.  Chris comes by; she thinks he must be there for Leo.  She is on her way out, she says.  He suggests they have a chat.  She has to get her hair done, she says.  He has questions about Larry.  He asks if Larry had heart trouble.  She claims ignorance.  He also asks if she knows if Larry and David had any dealings together.  She doubts they did.  He asks her to let him know if she thinks of anything.  She says of course and hopes this will help poor Mateo.  He avoids her insinuations and leaves.  Vanessa wonders to herself what he was really up to.

Bianca says she already blames herself for Frankie's death so Maggie's words won't hurt her.  Maggie half-apologizes.  Bianca bitches at her a bit.  Then she tells Maggie a little about her relationship with Frankie.  Bianca leaves.  Maggie says to Frankie that she's sorry she had to do that; she didn't want to.  She wonders if Frankie wasn't the only con artist in the family and sighs.

David is shocked that Dixie thinks she can do this.  She says no one can know where she is until the pregnancy is over.  They argue some more.  She wants him to send her to best place possible to get heart care.  He says any doctors that he recommends would tell her the same thing.  She say he could convince them otherwise.  He can't do it, knowing she would die.  She asks, "aren't there more important things in life than just surviving?" and reminds him about the risks he took for his drug.  She says she could die even without the pregnancy.  He finally agrees but only if she lets him go away with her.

Joe asks Leo if he's seen Jake.  Leo says no but Joe obviously hasn't, either.  Joe says he last saw Jake yesterday.  Leo tells him that he thinks he left with Greenlee.  Joe is sure Jake will be there to testify against David today.  He asks Mia to let Jake know his dad is looking for him.  Leo is totally freaked out.  He asks Mia to come with him.

Jake can't believe that Greenlee can only think of Leo at a time like this.  Greenlee wants to warn Leo about Vanessa because she could be dangerous to him, too.  Jake petulantly says he knows what Vanessa did because she drugged him, too.  She is suddenly concerned about him, too, but he says he's fine.  Jake says that since they're not in civilization any more, they have to make up rules.  The first rule is that he doesn't want to hear about Leo or his mother.  She can't believe him.  Jake wants her to think about their own safety and then she gets worried about their safety as well.  He asks her to remember their party game and to answer if she is stranded on a desert island, who would she rather be with, him or Leo?  She reminds him that he just broke his own rule.  Jake grouses and tries to paint Leo as a real loser who hasn't treated her nicely.  She won't hear him put down Leo.  She can't believe how he's acting, all manly and strong.  He is determined to get off the island.  She thinks he just might.  He suggests they make a bonfire.  She wonders how and asks she gets up, wonders if a plane will fly over and see them.  Then she faints.  Jake runs to her, worried.

Leo tells Mia that something is wrong.  Jake wouldn't pass up an opportunity to get back at David.  He wonders if Jake and Greenlee didn't leave on their own.  Mia thinks he's forgetting about love.

Dixie says David shoudn't go with her.  Tad and others will be suspicious.  Also, she is determined to do this on her own.  He thanks her for helping him to become a better person and agrees to help her.  She can go to a clinic in Zurich and it will even be free for him.  She thinks maybe there's hope for him yet and they hug.  He agrees not to tell Tad anything and gives her the number of the clinic.  Anna sees them hug.

Maggie looks for David at the hospital.  Anna recognizes her and says he's in conference.  Joe gives Chris info about David's patients.  Anna wonders what Chris up to.  She assumes he's close to cracking the case and wonders what happened to their partnership.  He no longer cares.  She warns him that he will be busted down to meter maid.  He wonders what she means.  She says that trying to prove that David is Proteus will be a real joke.  Chris laughs at the idea that David is Proteus.  She warns him not to make David his target.

Mia says that love makes practical people like Jake break the rules.  Leo doesn't believe it.

Jake tends to Greenlee.  She tries to continue their argument from before but he tells her to rest because that drug interacted with the champagne, plus she's inhaled lots of salt water.  He tells her to go back to sleep.  Greenlee says sleepily that she doesn't want to have another nightmare so she'll dream about him this time.  She suddenly remembers that she heard Jake say that he loved her.  He asks her again about who she would want to be stranded with.  She says she feels safe with him.

Leo finds his mother and asks her for the two tickets to Spain.  She is happy that he's changed his mind and will go with her.  He is acting suspiciously charming toward her.

Chris calls someone to check in and say that he's about to put Proteus behind bars within the week.


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