AMC Update Monday 2/18/02


All My Children Update Monday 2/18/02

By Lori

Ryan arrives at his motel room and Kendall comes out to greet him. She offers to share her Chinese take-out with him but he declines. He walks to his room and is startled to see his door open. He peaks inside and sees the place in shambles. A concerned Kendall wonders who could have done such a thing and she wonders if Hayley was kidnapped. Ryan is convinced it is Chris who is responsible for the mess. He says he expected this would happen and that is why he moved Hayley to a safer location. He leaves to check on Hayley and Kendall suspects Ryan is up to something. She is determined to find out what.

Mateo is lying in his jail cell when Chris arrives. Mateo is not happy to see him and calls him scum. Chris tells Mateo he knows he is not a drug runner and he wants Mateo's help to find Proteus. Chris tells him that he is on Proteus' hit list and he is safer being in jail. He says he knows Mateo is hiding something and that Ryan is in on it. Mateo doesn't offer any help and Chris asks him what it will take to gain his trust. Mateo asks Chris to prove he is not Proteus. Chris says he can do that, and he opens his briefcase and hands Mateo a package wrapped in brown paper.

Kendall is looking around Ryan's room for some information when she hears someone coming. She hides in the bathroom as Chris walks in. He gets on his phone and asks if anything was found. He is angry that nothing was found. He discovers Kendall hiding in the bathroom and offers her a deal. He will give her $5,000 if she find information from Ryan about his involvement with Hayley and Mateo in the Proteus case. He tells her Ryan's life is in danger if he gets too involved. Kendall seems to be considering the offer and is wondering why Chris wants to protect Ryan when Ryan arrives back at his room. He asks why Chris is there. Chris admits he came by to see if his buddies had been there. Ryan says this is the first time Chris ever told him the truth. Kendall spills the beans to Ryan about Chris's offer and then tells Chris she won't help him. Chris warns Ryan that he better be careful or he will be killed. After Chris leaves, Kendall tells Ryan she owes him big time. Ryan asks her why she didn't take Chris up on his offer. She admits that she is scared to death for him and doesn't want to see anything bad happen to him. She walks out of Ryan's room.

Leo is drowning his sorrows with a bottle of champagne when his mother comes to the door. She asks him where Greenlee is and Leo tells her that Greenlee set sail with Jake. He asks his mother to go ahead and tell him that she told him so. Vanessa tells him not to worry because mother is here and she pulls him into a hug. She tells Leo that Greenlee is a heartless two-timer and he is doing well to be rid of her. Leo does not agree. He knows Greenlee still loves him. He thinks she left him because he didn't love her enough. While Leo's back is turned, Vanessa pulls Greenlee's engagement ring from her pocket and sets it on the table. She points it out to Leo as further evidence that Greenlee doesn't want him. A tearful Leo picks up the ring and walks into his room. Her phone rings. It is a guard at the jail who reports that Chris was in Mateo's cell. Vanessa tells him to proceed with the plan, calling Mateo a dead man walking. Leo returns to the room and asks Vanessa who was on the phone. She says it was no one important. She tries to persuade Leo to go away with her to Madrid, where they can start their life of conning over again. There is a count there with a wealthy niece who can be their next targets. Leo listens to his mother but tells her he cannot leave with her. He is determined to find Greenlee. He says their relationship is not over. He marches out of the room, much to Vanessa's dismay.

Jake tries to free himself and Greenlee from the leaking boat but he can't get the door open. He yells at Greenlee to stay awake because if she goes to sleep, she will die. When Greenlee keeps drifting off Jake tells her to sing. He starts singing "Row, Row, Row your Boat" and she follows along. He pries the door open with a crowbar, and water gushes in. They are next seen washed up on a shore. He tries again to wake her up, yelling "don't you die on me." He gives her mouth-to-mouth resuscitation. She wakes up and spits out some water, then drifts off into a dream. She dreams she wakes up on an island. She is dressed like Mary Ann from Gilligan's Island.

The jail guard approaches Mateo with some blueberry muffins he says were made by his wife. He is trying to be sympathetic and urges Mateo to take the muffin. Mateo reluctantly agrees and the guard enters the cell to give him the muffins. He watches as Mateo eats a muffin and drinks coffee. Then when Mateo stands up, the guard pulls a knife from his pocket and stabs Mateo in the stomach. Mateo falls to the floor.

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