AMC Update Friday 2/15/02


All My Children Update Friday 2/15/02

By Lori

Edmund takes Brook to the beach, where all she does is complain about how cold it is. She is wondering why they are there. Edmund is there to propose. He gets down on one knee and asks her to marry him. Brooke cries and accepts his proposal. They leave the beach to go to Brooke's house, where Phoebe, Jamie, Sammy and Maddie are anxiously awaiting their return. When Jamie sees them coming, they act casual like they are not aware of what was taking place. When Edmund and Brooke act like nothing happened, the kids jump up and want to know everything. Maddie notices the ring on Brooke's finger and surmises that she said yes. They all hug each other joyfully. Edmund tells Phoebe he hopes she won't mind seeing more of him. She tells him she's been waiting for this for a lifetime. Edmund and Brooke go off into a corner and decide they want to be alone that night. They wonder, though, how to get rid of the clan. Phoebe and the kids take the hint and leave, and Edmund and Brooke are surprised to find themselves alone. As they pledge their love for each other, Brooke tells Edmund this is the most wonderful night of her life. She asks that no matter what happens, they always remember this moment.

David and Anna are at David's cabin. David is concerned about the situation with his mother, telling Anna that Vanessa is out of her mind. He wonders what he should do. Should he have her committed? Anna tells him he has a bigger problem ? the threat of going to jail. Anna tells David that he must pay more attention to his own needs and protect himself. David wonders why she cares. Anna doesn't know what to say. All she can think of to say is that she cares because David is "unique." The phone rings. It is Elizabeth, a nurse at the hospital. She tells David she found Jake in David's office again. She says Jake claimed to find what he was looking for, something filed under the name Smythe. He thanks the nurse and tells Anna that she was right. Jake went looking for proof of his wrongdoing and he found it. David tells Anna it's been a long time since he's trusted anyone and he trusts her. Anna says that is good, because she knows all his secrets. David pulls Anna into an embrace.

A drugged Greenlee is struggling with Vanessa at her apartment. Vanessa tells Greenlee that Leo was never in love with her because there is no love in their family. They are just out for themselves. Greenlee begs Vanessa to help her then passes out. Vanessa gets on her phone and tells someone to move faster because they don't have much time.

Leo arrives home with a bottle of champagne but he can't find Greenlee. He sees a computer screen with a rolling message, "Leo, I'm sorry it had to be this way. Greenlee." Leo can't figure out what is going on. He notices Greenlee's suitcase is gone. Then he hears Jake's message on the answering machine, telling Greenlee to meet him at the beach. Leo remembers hearing Greenlee tell Jake part of her wants to sail away with him.

Vanessa drags an unconscious Greenlee to the beach. Jake arrives and asks Vanessa what is wrong with Greenlee. Vanessa tells him that Greenlee is drunk. Jake bends down to examine Greenlee and tells Vanessa she is not drunk. With Jake's back turned, Vanessa stabs a syringe into his neck. He grimaces and glares at her. He demands to know what Vanessa is doing and what she has done to Greenlee. Vanessa tells him to stop talking, because soon his speech will become slurred. She tells Jake that she is simply leveling the playing field. He is trying to destroy her son David and Greenlee is trying to take Leo away from her. Jake gets up to confront Vanessa but falls back down. He tells her to take him but leave Greenlee, then loses consciousness. Vanessa calls them both fools. Leo goes to the beach but doesn't find Jake or Greenlee. He yells out for Jake to bring Greenlee back. He finds her scarf. "Greenlee, no," he says to himself. "How can you do this? Why now?" Leo concludes that Greenlee has left him for Jake.

Jake awakens with Greenlee laying on him. They are on the floor of a leaking boat. The boat is quickly filling up with water. Jake tries to awaken Greenlee but he cannot. He yells at her, telling her they have to get out of there.

Leo goes back home and looks sadly around the apartment. He takes the bottle of champagne, opens it, and pours it down his throat, spilling it all over him. He spits it out then takes another swig. "To hell with you Greenlee," he says. "You and Jake deserve each other."

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