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All My Children Update Thursday 2/14/02

By Glynis

Edmund has taken the day off to make Valentine’s Day great for Brooke with the help of the kids. He looks at some stones that are perfect, with no flaws. They have a plan. Edmund’s daughter and Phoebe are going to keep Brooke in her office for awhile. Edmund and Jamie discuss Edmund asking Brooke to marry him. Jamie might not be okay with that. He is worried about the other couples that he knows and how they never seem to stay married. Edmund understands where the kid is coming from. There are no guarantees but he loves. Brooke and he are going to do his best to make her happy.

David returns to find Jake and Anna there. Jake thinks that he has the goods on David finally but David won’t let Jake leave the cabin. They can’t seriously think that they can keep him there. David seems to be threatening. Jake can see that he is close to a big secret. Jake knows that he has been using unapproved drugs. David is great at what he does and if he weren’t, Dixie would be dead. David thinks that he is jealous because he is a loser. David is sure that he wants to be on the playing field. Jake only wants to bring David down because he isn’t a major player. David feels that Jake is nothing but a joke. Jake says that this isn’t about him but about David using the money that he had access to for his own experiments. David doesn’t care about that, he replaced the money. David admits that he tested the drug on himself. Jake knows that David would have to use the drug on someone with a heart condition. Suddenly it becomes clear. Roger Smythe was the one that David used to experiment on first. Anna tries to defend David and Jake turns on her thinking that she has known about this all along. Jake leaves the cabin and makes a call on his cell. He wants to speak to Greenlee. She is not answering and he leaves a message for her to meet him at the beach at 9pm. He says that it is about her father.

Vanessa comes to Greenlee’s and Leo’s to tell them that everything is going to be all right for them. They discuss Larry’s body ending up in the lake. Vanessa says that it seems that when Larry was dumping the trunk in the lake, he keeled over doing it and drowned. Vanessa thinks that God was punishing him. She doesn’t care what anyone thinks about her but Leo. She wants him to tell her that he knows that she could never kill someone. He is glad that she is free and he is sorry that he wasn’t there for her. Greenlee stares unbelieving up at him. Vanessa offers Leo some money for champagne. She can’t afford much but she would like him to take the cash. That is her way of putting everything behind them. She is feeling lonely and unloved. She wants to be part of his Valentine’s Day. Leo and Greenlee accept her money and Vanessa picks up her things and heads for the door. After she is gone, Greenlee mentions how his IQ sinks when she enters the room. He doesn’t want to talk about his mother. She thinks that with Vanessa around they don’t have a chance. Greenlee thinks that Vanessa is still screwing with his head. He may fall for her crap but she is not Greenlee’s mother and she doesn’t have to put up with her. She would like Leo to do something about his mother. Leo is trying to cut her loose. He doesn’t owe her but Greenlee will never understand. Greenlee knows that they have a special relationship and she doesn’t want to understand it. He reminds her that it is Valentine’s Day and he loves her. He is going to buy some champagne. This is not a big deal. All they need is each other. Greenlee is sure that his mother will always have a part in their lives. She will wait for him to return with the champagne. He leaves and she goes to her phone to call David. She tells him that Vanessa has been cleared of all charges. Leo knows but he is still hanging to the illusion of Vanessa as a good mother. David begs her to stay with Leo and help him through this.

Hayley comes to see Mateo in jail. They are separated by glass. The guards stand by to listen and watch. The couple reach of the phone so that they can talk. He wishes her a happy Valentine’s Day. He says that he is fine but she should be out of town. She doesn’t want to be away from him and that is why she is there. He reminds her that it is not safe for her there. She had to come; it is Valentine’s Day. Ryan comes in behind her with Lorenzo. Hayley wanted him to see his father. Mateo stares up at his son in Ryan’s arms. Hayley takes Lorenzo in her arms. She tells him that Ryan has been a big help to her. She starts crying. Lorenzo has been missing his father and has been sad. Hayley puts the phone to her son’s head and Mateo talks to him. "How are you doing? I miss you and you take care of your mom." Ryan takes the baby again from Hayley and she talks to Mateo in private. They stare at each other through the glass. He is worried that Lorenzo is going to remember seeing his father in prison. Hayley doesn’t care. His father is a hero. That is all that he will remember of his father. They put their fingertips to the glass in a silent touch. He promised her that he would be out for Valentine’s Day. There was nothing that he could do. She can’t help crying. He loves her and he will be with her soon. She trusts him. He wants her to do as he says. People are born for a reason and he figured out why he was born when he met her on the beach on that fateful day. He is meant to be with her. He tells her that she has to leave now. She is to go and lie down and close her eyes and he will be with her. There is going to be a full moon and they are to remember the beach. She is the other half of him. The guard comes to tell Mateo that time is up. They say their good-byes and he walks off. She is smiling now. "See ya later."

Brooke is upset that Edmund didn’t come into work on Valentine’s Day. His daughter and Phoebe arrive at her office. Maddie pretends that she really wants to see Brooke’s computer. She ends up spilling the beans. She tells Brooke that Edmund is planning a surprise for her. Brooke promises to forget about it. Phoebe is wheeled in to see Brooke and Maddie. Maddie’s cell phone rings and she answers it telling Brooke that they have to go now. They are taking her away now for her surprise.

David sits and remembers a discussion with Vanessa when she was helping him get out of jail. He told her what to get and she actually helped him with his plan to get out of jail. She injected his IV with the drug that she stole and he remembers that time. Anna returns and learns that Vanessa is free. David wants Anna to do something for him without asking any questions. She tells him that she will do whatever he wants her to.

Greenlee hears knocking and runs to the door to find a bucket of champagne and some glasses. There is a note in the bucket from Leo telling her that he has a couple more errands to run and will be back later. The bottle is already open and Greenlee pours herself a glass of champagne and has a sip. Suddenly, Greenlee starts feeling woozy. She looks up and Vanessa has entered her apartment and Greenlee then figures it out that Vanessa has drugged her. She hits the answering machine and hears Jake’s message telling her to meet him at the beach. Now Vanessa knows what he has in mind too. Vanessa is wearing some treacherous black gloves. What is she going to do with Greenlee? She strokes the girl’s hair and smiles at her.

Mateo is in bed in the jail thinking of Hayley …and she is in bed thinking of him. They are both pretending that they are at the beach. In the dream, he comes up behind her and kisses her on the sand…Hayley smiles as she thinks of that.

Brooke arrives at the house and stops to think before she enters. What can the surprise be? Edmund is inside when she walks in and she acts surprised when she sees all the decorations. She expected nothing like this. He picks her up and carries her out the door…

Leo shows up at David’s cabin, as David really wanted to see him. David knows that Vanessa has been released. David still thinks that she is a monster.

Jake is at the beach waiting to meet Greenlee. He left her a message earlier and is waiting to hear from her to talk about her father being a guinea pig for David.


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