AMC Update Tuesday 2/12/02


All My Children Update Tuesday 2/12/02

By Suzanne

Ryan consoles Kendall, who is upset about her fight with Erica.  She is surprised that he is being nice to her.

Anna is surprised that David said he could fall in love with her.  She doesn't think she will ever be able to love someone that she can't trust.

Mia asks Jake why he wants David out.  Jake says he loves the hospital and won't leave it in the hands of David.  She wonders how long it will take to get David fired; Jake doesn't think it will be long.  Vanessa comes up and tries to talk to Jake but he blows her off, saying he's gone off duty.  She stops him and apologizes for being rude before.  She claims she was just defending Leo.  Jake says that Leo and Greenlee have nothing to do with him.  Vanessa says that's not true because Greenlee wants him.  Mia looks unhappy. Vanessa says that Greenlee wants to sail off with Jake and they'll be much happier that way.

Greenlee and Leo look shocked at discovering that the dead body is Larry, Vanessa's chauffeur/lover.  She realizes this is why Leo's been acting so weird. 

Edmund is on the phone to the warden of the prison where Mateo is being held, while Brooke is on the phone to someone about Tempo.  They are having an issue all about the Oscars.  Edmund argues on the phone, where he is evidently being told that Chris Stamp left instructions that no one is to talk to Mateo.  They both hang up.  Brooke tells him that the advertisers love the fact that they're doing an all-fluff issue (hello, during a WAR?).  Edmund is annoyed because they had to ditch the Proteus issue because of the FBI and Mateo.  Brooke wonders why Mateo is keeping mum instead of proving his innocence.  Edmund tells her that he's afraid that the proof will disappear if they give it to the feds, and if he's in jail, Proteus will leave his family alone.  Brooke tries to console Edmund, who's worried about his friend.

Vanessa wonders if she's been indiscreet in front of Mia, but she says this has nothing to do with her.  Jake yells at Vanessa to stay the Hell out of his life.  He and Mia walk away but then Mia comes back and says she finds it revealing that Vanessa is Dr. Hayward's mother.  Vanessa warns her not to underestimate either of them.  Jake sneers that both she and David play "fast and loose with the law".  Jake tells Mia privately that David has been using hospital funds to do personal research, which is illegal if he intends to profit from it.  Mia says she suddenly hates David, too, and they should go get him.  Mia wonders if there was any truth to what Vanessa said about Greenlee.  Jake assures her that there isn't and she should go pack.

Vanessa calls someone named Roscoe to tell him to arrange two burials at sea.

Greenlee asks the morgue guy to give them some privacy; he isn't supposed to leave the body but she convinces him to go.  She tells Leo that she's sorry she was so hard on him, but she wishes he had come to her.  Leo kicks himself for being such an idiot when it comes to his mother.  He says she's a "murderess" and this isn't the first time.  He thinks for a minute and Greenlee can tell that he's thinking of a way to help Vanessa.  She tells him that he's not responsible for Vanessa.  He asks if he drove her back to Jake, but she assures him that he didn't and tells him to just forget it.  Leo gets a call from Vanessa and he tells her that he needs to see her right away.

David gives Anna his research file to prove that he can share secrets with her.  She wants to know why she can't read the little file in his briefcase.  He tries to stop her but she grabs it.  It says "D.M." and she guesses that's Dixie Martin.  She gets annoyed but he says that it's Dixie's patient file and Anna shouldn't read it.  She doesn't buy it and reminds him that she was there when they flew in a cyclone to rush to save Dixie.  She knows he loves Dixie, in fact, he idolizes her.  He gets annoyed and says "that's enough!".  She points out that Dixie is alive and divorced, both of which he's partially responsible for.  David gets a call and she tells him not to answer it, but he does.  It's Leo; David listens and says he'll be right there.  He hangs up and tells Anna that his mother is finished.

Ryan asks Kendall why he can't care about her.  She grabs her doll out of her hand and wonders why he keeps messing with it.  He starts being nice to her, saying he didn't give her credit and it must be hard to be Erica's daughter, etc.  He says he has issues with his mom, too.  She doesn't want to hear about it.  He gets mad and says he was just trying to get her to shut up for five minutes.  She throws Hayley up into his face again.  He warns her again not to talk to anyone about Hayley.  After Ryan leaves her room, he runs into J.R.  J.R. wants to know what's going on with him and Hayley and why he took the stuff from his house.  Ryan says that's none of his business.  When J.R. says the cops are after it, Ryan tells him that Mateo is in some trouble.  He's trying to help Hayley.  J.R. thinks that maybe Ryan is trying to make Mateo stay in jail so he can have Hayley.

Vanessa meets Leo somewhere in the hospital.  She's surprised to find Greenlee there, too.  Leo tells her they'll talk about that later.  When she protests, Leo tells her to shut up and stop worrying about herself.  David comes up and asks Leo if she admitted it.  Leo tells her that Larry is in the morgue and before that, he was in the lake, where she dumped him.  David calls to have Derek meet them so he can report a murder.

Ryan takes J.R. aside because Kendall comes out to listen to their conversation about Hayley.  He tells J.R. that they can't go in his room because the plumber is there.  Kendall lets him know that she knows he's lying.  Ryan tells J.R. that he can't give him any details.  J.R. demands to know what was on the disk.  Ryan says he can't tell him because it will compromise what he and Hayley are trying to do.  J.R. just wants assurance that it wasn't a mistake to help him.  Ryan assures him that it was the right thing.  J.R. gets petulant that Ryan is not giving him any details.  J.R. says he'll keep his secret if Ryan cancels his I.O.U. for the damaged bike.  Ryan agrees to knock $100 off his debt.  J.R. isn't too pleased but has to agree.  After he leaves, Kendall says she heard how Ryan is shacking up with J.R.'s sister.  She yells after Ryan that she can hear Hayley in his room.

David is pleased to learn that Derek is already in the hospital so it will be easy to have him meet them.  Vanessa pretends not to know what's going on.  They argue.  She tries to get Leo to take her side, but he's still upset from seeing the dead body.  He tries to get her to prepare to talk to the police.  Vanessa and Greenlee start trading insults.  Derek shows up and asks about the information they have on the dead body.  David tells him that the body is of Vanessa's chauffeur.  Vanessa claims to be "devastated".  David tells Derek that Vanessa's trunk was also in the lake, along with a bracelet of Larry's.  Derek is shocked to see that David is saying that Larry was in the trunk.  David said that he and Leo carried it out of the Valley Inn for her, and it was very heavy.  Vanessa says this is all nonsense, that Larry took her trunk and all of her jewelry when he left.  Leo tells her to stop lying and do the right thing or it will only be worse for her.  Leo reminds her that Larry beat him up and threatened her, so that she must have killed him to get him to leave them alone.  He says Derek will understand.  She looks hopeful at this excuse he gives, while Anna, Greenlee, and David look disgusted.

Jake breaks into David's office and finds a key, along with the folder about his research.

Edmund and Brooke smooch in the office.  Edmund wonders if they're being unprofessional.  Brooke jokes about it and says that she doesn't think they are hurting anyone.  A secretary comes in to show them some magazine proofs and realizes what they are doing.  She teases them a bit before leaving.  Edmund grouses about this fluff issues of Tempo.  Brooke jokes that their life is just like the old Cary Grant movie, "His Girl Friday".

Kendall and Ryan argue some more about Hayley.  He tells her to go inside her room so she won't wake Hayley.  He says he's just her friend and she's staying until they find out what happens to Mateo.  Kendall thought he was going to jail for being a drug dealer.  Ryan says that might not happen.  She is surprised when Ryan says that he is protecting Hayley from some dangerous people that Mateo got mixed up with.  She offers to let Hayley stay in her room.  She tells him that she is leaving the dump and moving to someplace else (with Jack's money, no doubt!).  When Ryan hears that she is leaving immediately, he asks her not to go.

Vanessa still claims that she didn't kill Larry.  Derek interrogates her.  He asks why her own sons are accusing her of murder.  She blames it on their women, the vipers--she turns to face Greenlee and Anna.  They laugh at the accusation.

Brooke and Edmund are starting to go at it again when she realizes that she has a meeting.  After she leaves, Edmund calls Phoebe to ask for some help planning a special Valentine's Day surprise for his "girl Friday".

Ryan jokingly lists Kendall's annoying personality traits but says that life was dull before she moved there.  She agrees to stay because he has been honest with her from day one; he looks like he feels guilty.

As Jake reads David's reasearch, he smiles and says to himself that he's got Hayward now.

Derek asks Vanessa if Larry was her lover.  She sputters and says that isn't a crime.  He reminds her that her last young lover, Paolo, ended up dead, too.  He grills her, insinuating that Larry was blackmailing her for sleeping with her, until she slaps him in anger.  Derek arrests her for striking a police officer.  She apologizes but it's too late; they take her away.  Vanessa smiles to herself and says, "Perfect".

Uh-oh, looks like she wants to get closer to Mateo...


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