AMC Update Monday 2/11/02


All My Children Update Monday 2/11/02

By Lori

Chris demands to know why Ryan is at the Chandler mansion when Liza covers for him. She tells Chris Ryan is there to work with her on Gillian's playground. While Chris and Ryan bicker, JR puts the computer disc Ryan retrieved into his pocket. Derek brings Chris a box he says was found in a secret passage of the house. Chris opens the box and finds what appears to be some small toys or ornaments. He examines them and cuts open a small doll to see what is inside. Ryan tells Chris that Hayley and Mateo staged their breakup so Mateo could track down Proteus. Liza is surprised to hear that the breakup was faked. Chris says that they could have faked a breakup just to give Hayley more freedom to work in the drug operation. Chris asks Liza to take him to her computers. When they leave the room, JR gives Ryan the disc. JR wonders what is on the disc and Ryan admits he doesn't know.

Mia pulls the body she found in the lake to the dock and calls for help.

Erica is livid with Kendall over Bianca. She accuses Kendall of using Bianca to get back at Erica. Erica says that now that she is no longer distracted by her murder trial, she'll give Kendall exactly what she deserves. Erica turns the conversation to a personal note. Erica asks Kendall what she's been doing all these years, but Kendall won't answer. Erica asks about Del Henry and wonders why he is not with Kendall and again Kendall doesn't answer. Erica wonders if Kendall wants to accomplish something with her life. Kendall says she does, she wants to see Erica go down. Erica tells Kendall she shouldn't let her hatred of her rule her life. Kendall knows that with Bianca on her side, she'll get what she wants. Erica says she is making a grave mistake by pulling her daughter into this. Erica leaves.

David is working when Anna comes into his office. She thinks they are going out but David says he cannot go out. He called her to ask for her assistance in dealing with his mother. He says there is something going on with Vanessa and she is the only person he trusts to help. Just then, Joe walks in. He asks for a file for one of David's patients to give to another doctor. David wonders why. Joe says if he read his mail, he would know why ? because he's been fired. David tells Joe he can't fire him ? only the hospital board can do that. Joe says the board agrees with him. "This time you've outdone yourself," Joe says. There is $50,000 in hospital money unaccounted for and David was a no-show for an important surgery. Anna tries to tell Joe why David missed the surgery but David will not let her. He tells Joe he was otherwise engaged. As Joe tells David he's finished at the hospital, Anna walks out. "I'm not going to stand here and watch him crucify you," she says.

Greenlee lets go of hugging Jake and seems surprised. "I just hugged you and you let me hang on," she says. "Is this some sort of trick?" Jake tells her that every time she has trouble with Leo, she runs to him. There is a reason for that. He grabs her hand and tells her she wants more than advice and understanding. He draws closer to her. She asks him what she wants. "This," he says as he kisses her in the hospital lobby. She kisses back and puts her arm around him. Suddenly Vanessa and Leo walk into the lobby and witness this scene. The kiss ends but Greenlee doesn't know Leo is right behind her. "Wow," she says. "Part of me wants to sail away with you Jake." Vanessa pipes up. "We know what part that is. Bon voyage," she says. Greenlee turns around and sees them. She doesn't know what to say. Leo glares at her, looking hurt. "Leo it's not ...," Greenlee says, not finishing the sentence. Finally, she just says she is sorry. Vanessa leaves to go look for David. Jake leaves too, telling Greenlee to page him if she needs him. Leo asks Greenlee if she's dumping him to sail away with Jake. Greenlee tells him not to put words in her mouth. She asks Leo what she wants from her. He shuts her out and won't let her help him. He continues to pressure her and judge her. Leo says if she feels that way, she should give his ring back. Greenlee says she's not sure what she wants. Just then Mia, dripping wet and wrapped in a blanket, approaches them. They ask her what is wrong. She says she pulled a dead man out of the lake. Leo is stunned and begins quizzing her about her find. He tells Greenlee he'll talk to her later and runs off.

David is packing up his office when Jake and Vanessa walk in. Jake asks if he's missed the fun. Vanessa wonders what's going on. David doesn't want to deal with Vanessa right now and he orders her to leave. She agrees, saying they haven't heard the last of her. Anna walks in with Tad and Dixie. They tell Joe that he cannot fire David. They tell Joe and Jake how David was in the Caribbean saving Dixie's life. Joe wants to know what procedure David performed but Tad and Dixie won't reveal David's secret. Joe and Jake are surprised Tad of all people are defending David. Tad admits that he hates David, but says he did save Dixie's life. They take Tad out in the hallway and question him further. Joe then goes back into David's office and rescinds his termination. David is delighted and smiles at Dixie and thanks her for not divulging his secret. When Anna tells Dixie she probably wants to leave with her husband, Dixie mentions that they got divorced during their trip. David is surprised. Dixie leaves, and David assures Anna that his relationship with Dixie is in the past. "Whatever you say," she says. David tells Anna that he could fall in love with her.

Kendall is a little down when Ryan arrives at her door. She tries to shut the door in his face but he comes in. He wonders why Kendall is down. She tells him about her conversation with Erica. He comforts her, telling her it isn't her fault. He pulls her into a hug and she seems surprised. She goes into the bathroom to splash some water on her face. Ryan grabs Kendall's doll, removes its head and hides his computer disc inside.

At the hospital, Jake spots Mia still wrapped in the blanket. He hugs her. She is distressed and wonders if they can start their plan to sail away together. Jake says he is ready to do just that, especially after hearing his own brother defend David. Vanessa is lurking in the background, hearing the conversation.

Leo finds a hospital worker wheeling in a body covered in a sheet. He asks to see the body and is startled to see that it is Larry. "Mother, what did you do?" he says to himself. Greenlee walks up behind him and sees Leo with the body.

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