AMC Update Friday 2/8/02


All My Children Update Friday 2/8/02

By Lori

Leo tells David that he will not have their mother committed. So what she's acting a little crazy, that doesn't mean she's ready to be hauled off by men in white coats. Greenlee disagrees with Leo, saying his mother needs help. Leo tells her it's none of her business. Greenlee says of course it is her business ? she is going to be his wife. Leo tells her maybe they should rethink that. Greenlee tells Leo he doesn't mean that. Leo continues to defend Vanessa and he and Greenlee continue to argue about it. David sticks up for Greenlee. Leo tells David he just wants payback for Vanessa's role in his father's suicide. The three of them continue to bicker about Vanessa, with David and Greenlee opposing Leo. Greenlee calls Vanessa a brilliant actress with an agenda. Leo says she is no expert on parents, considering the way her own parents treated her. Greenlee asks Leo why he is trying to hurt her. She threatens to leave. Leo tells her to go ahead and leave ? go run to Jake. Leo tells her he doesn't need her. Greenlee says he has no need for her when he has his mother. She runs out. Leo looks at David, telling him he doesn't need a big brother. David says yes, he does need him. David tells Leo that he feels the two of them have bonded and he doesn't want to lose that. He says he doesn't want them to become enemies over Vanessa. He urges Leo to approve of Vanessa having a full psychiatric examination. Leo says he'll think about it. David leaves and someone knocks at the door. It is Vanessa. He tells her she just missed David. She says she saw him leave but he didn't see her. Leo says that's a good thing, because he probably would have thrown a net over her head and taken her to the loony bin. Leo tells his mother that David wants her committed. Vanessa says that is absurd. Leo tells her that he defended her, but he is not sure why because he thinks she just might be crazy. Leo tells Vanessa her behavior has been bizarre lately. Vanessa says it's not as bizarre of him and David accusing her of murdering Larry. She says she doesn't know where Larry is but she suspects he'll pop up somewhere.

Jake is busy doing paperwork at the hospital when Mia arrives. She asks if he's given his notice at the hospital. But when she sees how preoccupied he is, she says she knows he loves it at the hospital and won't leave. She says sailing away with him would have been nice, but she can leave on her own in a plane. Jake tells her he still plans to quit and set sail, but the plan has been delayed. She asks if it's delayed for personal reasons. He says it's for professional reasons. David Hayward has been fired and he wants to stick around to see the fallout from that. Later, Jake is sitting alone at the hospital when Greenlee arrives. She walks up to him and throws her arms around him. "I'm so glad I found you," she says.

Erica is hugging Bianca at Enchantment but all Bianca wants to do is talk. She tells Erica that tomorrow is her birthday and she will be 18, an adult. She says she wants her independence. She plans to control her own trust fund and wants to move out of Erica's house. Erica tells her that would be a mistake. Bianca says if it's a mistake, just let her make it on her own. Erica tells her that every girl needs her mother. She longs for her own mother. But Bianca tells Erica she hasn't learned a thing from the whole incident with Frankie. She would do everything the same way she did before. Bianca wants to leave but Erica insists on giving her a birthday present. It is a locket. Erica had it made to look just like the one Bianca's father gave to her ? the one Bianca gave Frankie. Bianca accuses her mother of trying to erase history ? Bianca's history with Frankie as well as history about Kendall. Erica asks what Kendall has to do with anything. She tells Bianca that Kendall set Bianca up to find Maggie at SOS. Erica warns Bianca not to get involved with Kendall but Bianca says she'll see whoever she wants. Bianca leaves and Erica breaks down in tears. Chris arrives at Enchantment and Erica grabs him and cries into his arms. But Chris is not there to give sympathy. He wants to get on the computer to find evidence about Proteus. He is working at the computer while Erica tries to reason with him about her actions regarding Bianca. Chris doesn't want to hear it. Erica tells Chris that he once told her that her feelings for Bianca was one of the things he loved about her. She says since he is not a parent, it is difficult for him to understand a parent's feelings for their child. Chris says he understands how a parent could lie for a child, but she went too far. He tells her he can't forget how she lied and refused to trust him. He leaves.

Kendall confronts Ryan at the Pine Cone Motel about seeing Hayley in his room. She accuses him of carrying on an affair with her. Ryan tells Kendall she can spy all she wants as long as she doesn't tell anyone she saw Hayley there.

JR is doing homework at the Chandler Mansion when Tad and Dixie arrive. They tell him that they got their divorce but Dixie ran into health problems while they were in the Caribbean. JR is worried about his mother, but Dixie assures him she is fine. She does, however, need to be checked out at the hospital. JR gets a phone call, which he takes in the other room. It is Ryan asking for his help. Ryan wants to be let into the mansion secretly. JR doesn't want to help him but agrees to do it. When Ryan arrives, he tells JR he is there to look for something. JR lets him in without Adam's knowledge. Ryan finds the computer disc that Hayley wanted but he is caught by Adam. Ryan covers, saying he was there to get some records about Gillian's playground. Adam leaves and Liza questions Ryan further. Ryan tells Liza that he really was there to check up on her. As he leaves, Chris comes to the door. He and Derek are there to serve a search warrant. Ryan starts to leave but Chris won't let him. He wants to know what Ryan is doing there.

Bianca knocks on Kendall's door. She wants to know if Kendall set her up at SOS by calling her there to find Maggie. Kendall tells her she would never do anything that bad. Kendall tells Bianca that Erica is trying to turn her against her. Bianca seems to believe Kendall and is still there when Erica arrives. Erica, who at first doesn't see Bianca, tells Kendall that Bianca is no match for her and is easily fooled. When Kendall tells Erica to come in and say hello to Bianca, Bianca walks out without saying a word. Erica tells Kendall that she made a mistake by coming between her and Bianca.

Mia is alone jogging at the boathouse. She looks in the water and sees something. She grabs a flashlight to get a better look. She sees a body floating in the water and screams.

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