AMC Update Thursday 2/7/02


All My Children Update Thursday 2/7/02

By Glynis

Leo and David are demanding to know what happened to Larry the chauffeur. She tries to play victim. She tells them that she tried to end it and he didnít take things very well. She says that she begged him to go away. She thought that finally she would be able to rest. She says that he tried to get money from her. She says that she explained to him that she was out of Palmerís life and now she had nothing anyway. She realized that Larry was not someone that she could be with. She says that he threatened to beat her up. Leo can attest to what Larry can do. She says that she offered him everything that she had, but that wasnít enough. She even offered him jewelry. David is not buying her little act. Eventually, she says Larry took her little deal and that was the last that she saw of him. David doesnít understand why Larry would toss the trunk in the lake. Leo offers her water but she starts talking about her jewelry and how she lost it all. She really cared for her jewels. When she held those stones, she could see herself in them. David is still being cynical. Vanessa felt valued when she held those jewels. She has put on a great act. David accuses her of blubbering. She is playing the same act that she played when his father died. She wanted him gone and he was gone. David is sure that she was proud of herself for getting him to shoot himself. He never got over the fact that she got his father killed. Leo stands by and watches them fight. Vanessa says that Davidís father had major failings and that was his trouble. David remembers how things were then with his parents. He is sure that she was the one that killed him. Vanessa says that his father never took initiative. She was the strength in the family. She was the one that made sure that they survived. David asks her if she loves them. She reminds them that she was the one that put them through school and college. No sacrifice is good enough for him. David has tears in his eyes. Vanessa tells him that his father would have dragged them all down like he dragged her down. Leo listens intently. She tells her son that this is a manís world and if she had been born a man, she would rule this world. She tells him that one-day he is going to find out exactly who she is and he is going to owe her everything that he is and will be.

Erica talks to Greenlee who tells her to get rid of Kendall. Turns out that Kendall has managed to get into Biancaís good graces. Bianca is still fragile and is vulnerable to anyone that seems nice to her. Greenlee offers to talk to Bianca now. Erica tells her that she met Frankieís identical twin. That is not going to help Bianca get over her twin. Bianca hates her mother right now for the way that she has been handling herself. Erica seems to have a multitude of sins. Bianca thinks that Erica is a terrible person. Greenlee would love to see her mother go to jail for her. Bianca has no reason for feeling the way that she does. Bianca appreciates working for Erica. She looks up to Erica. Erica tells her something important about men. She asks about things with she and Jake. Greenlee has to admit that things are not good. They are a mess because Jake hates her. Erica tells her that she has played things all wrong. She has given Leo too much of her power. When she was first engaged to Leo, he just turned around and went for Laura. Then she got involved with Jake and he was good because he didnít get jealous, but then when Leo broke up with Laura she accepted his proposal but where was the groveling and begging? She should have made him work to get her back but instead she gave up Jake. Erica can tell that she still cares for Jake. She would like Jake to play more in her life but she is engaged to Leo. Erica thinks that she is in a marvelous position being caught between two men. She should learn to enjoy that. That is the most rewarding time of a womanís life.

Mateo is being moved and Hayley is there. She would like to talk to her husband before he is transported. Ryan shows up and Chris allows Hayley to talk to her husband in private in a room as he is handcuffed. Ryan goes over to Chris and is warned to stay away from Mateo. Ryan doesnít understand why Chris acts the way that he does. Anna is there and tells Ryan to take things easy. Ryan learns that Anna is working with Chris. Ryan didnít know that. He finds that cozy. He suspects now that she was working him over for Chris.

Hayley and Mateo talk and Hayley tells him that she is going to find the disc and get it to the feds so that her husband will be finally safe. It will prove that her husband is innocent. If she doesnít do this, Mateo is going to jail but then again if she does do this, Mateo is going to be dead. Ryan walks in on them and they all talk. Hayley says that they can trust Ryan and that they need him. Mateo tells Ryan to get Hayley to Texas but she will not go anywhere until this is over. He will be proven innocent eventually, he is sure of that. He canít do the right things if he thinks that she is in danger. She agrees then to go home and pack her bags for Texas.

Anna is upset that Ryan is not going to believe anything that she says now that he knows that she is working with Chris. Chris gets some information but he will not show it to Anna. He finally has what he needs to close the Proteus case.

Chris enters the room and asks Mateo again about the drugs. Hayley says that he was just trying to gather evidence to get Proteus. They will not tell him anything more. Chris doesnít care; he will get the evidence on his own. Mateo whispers to Hayley to go and get the disc and hide it. Mateo is escorted from the room and Chris watches Hayley carefully.

Ryan and Hayley go to his motel room. She tells him that there is a disc that can clear Mateoís name. She knows where the disc is but she doesnít know whom she can trust. She will go and get the disc alone and then they will decide whom they should bring it to. Ryan offers to get the disc and finally Hayley agrees to wait for him at the room. Hayley thanks him for his help and she hugs him as he is leaving. The door is open and Kendall sees them hugging. She doesnít interrupt. She simply goes into her room.

Chris talks to the police giving explicit instructions on what to do about the Mateo case. Anna comes over and gets him alone. They discuss the evidence about Santos and Anna is sure that he is dead wrong about Mateo. He seems to have something that is propelling him and he is not willing to share it. Chris thinks that Proteus has gotten Mateo out of the way and that makes him believe that he has gotten away with whatever he is doing. Chris has search warrants to continue acting like they are buying into Proteusí act. He has to steam roll over good people to do his job this time.

David and Leo are alone and he has decided that it is time to get Vanessa committed. He goes over the reasons why again for Leoís benefit. Leo is not ready to do this. Greenlee comes home and finds them talking. David tells her that they are going to get Vanessa committed. Greenlee is sure that David is doing the right thing but Leo is not sure. When David goes to the phone, Leo goes running to him and grabs the phone away.

Vanessa talks to a cohort telling them that someone has found the trunk. She wants Larryís body found before someone else finds it. She is wrapping things up shortly and she doesnít want any loose ends. When she is safely out of Pine Valley she will call her Ďfriendí again. It seems that Mateo might have outlived his usefulness and he will most likely die.


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