AMC Update Wednesday 2/6/02


All My Children Update Wednesday 2/6/02

By Glynis

Maggie goes to see Myrtle who is stunned when she sees Frankieís twin. Maggie is there to see Bianca who hasnít come down yet. Myrtle explains that Bianca loved Frankie very much. Myrtle thinks that maybe Maggie should come back in a few days. Bianca shows up and runs to greet Maggie. Myrtle leaves to get some tea. Bianca is glad that Maggie doesnít hate her for acting silly the night before thinking that she was looking at the real Frankie. Maggie knows that Bianca was close to Frankie and wonders if Frankie ever talked about her twin. She apparently didnít. She was pushing away everything. Bianca was close to Frankie but there was a lot that she kept to herself. Maggie never spent that much time with her sister. They were totally different. Frankie wanted to go to college but never got around to it. She barely went to high school. The twins were never that close and they didnít have that magical sense that everyone thinks twins have. Maggie wishes that she had been close enough to help her sister. She knows that they were not close but when she found out what happened, she felt like she lost an arm. That was the way that she felt about her. Bianca felt the same way. Maggie tells her that even though Frankie didnít tell Bianca a lot, her being there for her sister meant a lot. Maggie is grateful for that. Maggie didnít know that her sister liked poetry. Frankie loved music and lyrics and listened to it a lot. After Frankie died, Bianca found a book of poetry that was left for her with a note. It was like she knew that she was going to leave. Maggie takes the book and looks at it. Frankie liked words. She liked word puzzles and she even had a decoder ring that she thought solved puzzles. Bianca shows Maggie that there is a page missing from the book. Bianca wonders if that means that there was something to find out. Maybe the words on that page were too much for her. The poem might have been too meaningful for her. She removed the page before she was killed. Bianca thinks that maybe the missing page would tell her why she was with JR that night. Frankie seemed to be telling Bianca that she loved her in spite of everything that had happened. Bianca keeps thinking back to that night. She wishes that the night didnít happen. That last time that she saw Frankie she was furious and left the room. She wanted to say goodbye but Bianca isnít sure what she wanted to say. Maggie understands where Bianca is coming from. She takes Bianca in her arms and hugs her.

David comes to see his brother to find out what was so urgent. Leo reminds David of a trunk that he found long ago that was heavy. Leo later found the trunk floating and empty in water. He found the chauffeurís bracelet and David has to wonder what Leo is trying to say. David says it for him. They think that Vanessa has killed her boyfriend. They know that the chauffeur was a violent man. Maybe he got violent with Vanessa and she killed him. David thinks that this is a perfect reason to have Vanessa committed for good. Leo doesnít understand. David goes rushing from the room and Leo follows him.

Vanessa gets a visit from Greenlee who insists on talking to her mother-in-law to be. Greenlee announces to Vanessa that she is leaving town today. Vanessa thinks that she is out of her mind. Greenlee gives her money thinking that will buy her disappearing. She gives her $100,000 to go to Vienna. Greenlee tells her that she is done now. Vanessa turns her back to Greenlee and picks up some scissors. If Vanessa doesnít leave, Greenlee will tell her story to the press. Vanessa doesnít agree with her options at all.

Ryan shows up at the station with things for MateoÖChris and Derek come out of another room arguing about JR and Adam. Ryan walks up behind Chris wondering what the federal government is going to think of the way that he has been conducting his business lately. Chris turns suddenly to see Ryan butting in yet again.

Kendall comes to see Erica telling her that she has seen her last embarrassment in the papers. Erica cares nothing about talking to Kendall. Kendall refused taking money from Jack because she thought that the money that she was being offered was really coming from her mother. Kendall tells her that she is cashing the check that she was offered but she is not leaving town. She would like to stay because she would like to get closer to her sister. She feels tghat Bianca needs her and she is not going to let Bianca down. Erica looks up in horror.

Vanessa moves closer to Greenlee with the scissors and she opens the blades menacingly. Greenlee just stares at her unbelievingly. Greenlee turns her back on her not believing that Vanessa would hurt her. There is a knock at the door and Leo and David enters. Vanessa shows Leo what Greenlee was going to do with them. She holds up a paper heading showing her being exposed. Vanessa acts like the victim again. Greenlee leaves after Leo asks her to and David asks his mother, "Where is Larry?" Leo tells her that he found a trunk that belonged to her. It weighed a ton. Leo says that he found the trunk floating in the lake. David demands to know the truth. Vanessa doesnít know what they want from her. David waves Larryís bracelet in her face. Larry was wearing the bracelet when he beat up Leo and that is how they know that something terrible must have happened to him. Leo asks her, "Is Larry dead?" They know that he was more than her driver. David tells her to knock it off and say something real for a change. Leo tells her to answer the question. Vanessa starts crying. David knows that she caused his father to commit suicide and to him that means that she is capable of much more. David goes to the phone and picks up the phone to call the police. Vanessa is stumped this time and doesnít know what to do.

As Maggie is hugging Bianca and comforting her after their talk about Frankie. Erica walks in stunned to see what she is seeing. Erica shouts for Maggie to get away from her daughter. She rants and raves thinking that she is talking to Frankie. Kendall is outside the door and hears Bianca telling her mother that this is not Frankie. Maggie explains that she is Frankieís sister. Her identical twin. The realization sets in on Erica. Kendall continues to listen. Erica apologizes to Maggie who wonders if Erica spoke to her sister that way when she was alive. Her sister wasnít a monster. She wasnít everything that Erica said that she was. Maggie doesnít understand. Erica starts talking but Bianca stops her thinking that she is going to badmouth Frankie. She tells her mother to go. Erica has no choice and she leaves. Kendall goes into hiding once again.

Ana comes to see Chris telling him that Ryan is interested in the rest of the story that Chris is hiding. She tells him that he should tell Ryan what he wants to know. Ryan is not going to back off and neither is she. Chris tells her that he canít tell Ryan that he is really his father. She feels that he has to be told. He disagrees and tells Anna that if she tells Ryan the truth, he will ruin her. If she still wants that job as Chief of Police she will do as she is told. He feels that he should protect Ryan because his mother was a lowlife. His mother was nothing. Ryan is lucky that he got out. Ryan has lost everything. He needs his father. He has to see that. Anna feels that Chris has to tell the truth.

Ryan returns home thinking of the writing on his motherís picture, "Stamp of approval." He knows now that the writing it Chrisí and he wants to know why Chris has been lying to him. He has no more answers and he gets his thinks to start packing. He has the door open and Kendall walks in telling Ryan that she has had an awesome morning. She sees that he is packing and wants to know what he is doing. She stops him from packing and tells him not to go.

Erica is back at work and she is letting Greenlee have it. Greenlee can tell that something is terribly wrong. Erica starts crying. Greenlee is not sure what she should do. She watches as Erica falls apart. She lets Erica cry on her shoulder.


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