AMC Update Tuesday 2/5/02


All My Children Update Tuesday 2/5/02

By Glynis

Hayley comes to see Mateo at the station and he tells her to go home. She will not leave. Ryan is there also and he goes to talk to Chris. Chris is being a hard ass and will not listen to anyone. He wants Mateo to go to jail. Hayley shouts out that she knows that he wants to get Proteus but the price is too high. He whispers to her that she should go but she will not leave. She wants to know what is going on. Mateo tells her that he thinks that Proteus is Chris. Ryan comes over to join in the argument. He knows that Chris has been doing things in strange ways. Chris comes over to Hayley and Mateo and he dismisses Ryan but Ryan refuses to leave. Chris ushers Haley and Mateo into an interviewing room after leering at Ryan. Hayley gets irrational and Ryan sees Chris trying to get her out of the room. Ryan breaks into the room and threatens to tell everyone about Chris. Jack would like to hear what it is that Ryan has to say. Ryan starts talking. Maybe Chris has a hidden agenda. Maybe they should go to the bureau and pull the files of Chris’ arrest. He still feels that he can pull rank if he has to. He is damn good at that. They have to understand that they are talking about pounds of drugs. Hayley turns to Chris asking him why he is setting her husband up.

Anna and David are with Dixie and Tad and they watch over Dixie, waiting for her to get better. She rises and sees David over her. He has been terribly worried about her. She knows that she owes him a huge debt. He only wants her to rest but she knows that he was the reason that she lived. She starts crying and David comforts her as Anna watches. She tells David that the jet is ready to go. Dixie asks questions about how they got there thanking Anna for bringing David there. She tells her that David was the one that made a point for getting there to take care of her. She is lucky to have such a devoted doctor. Tad returns to the room to see that David and Anna are leaving. David tells Dixie that she is going to be okay. Dixie knows that she owes everything to him. He asks Tad and Dixie a favour… He is glad that she is okay but they can both ruin him right now. He explains that the drug that he has used on Dixie hasn’t been passed yet so David could lose his license. Tad isn’t interested in helping David but Dixie would like to listen. Tad thinks that he should have shared information with them about Dixie’s mother having the same disease. Anna knows that David only did this to save Dixie. Tad finds him to be still playing God. David thinks that it was his call to come and take care of Dixie. Tad tells him that he is not keeping any secrets for him. Dixie reminds him that she wouldn’t be there if it weren’t for David. She feels that they owe him. Tad has a change of heart and says that he will not tell anyone about his research for Dixie. Dixie can’t thank him enough for what he has done for her. Anna and David leave to get on their plane. Outside the room, David realizes that he could have killed her. He feels like a stupid bastard. If he had lost her, he doesn’t know what he would have done. He thanks her for getting him there in time to save her. Dixie is going to be all right and now it is back to reality for him.

Frankie’s sister is in town talking to Greenlee and Leo. Leo would like to talk to her alone. Greenlee leaves to wait in the car. Maggie thinks that he should go ahead but Leo would like to look after his little cousin and help her out if he can. She isn’t into being handheld and can take care of herself. He is afraid to leave her alone but she is sure that she will be fine. She wonders if Frankie liked to hang out at SOS…Kendall calls Bianca telling her that she would really like for them to be friends. She would like to see Bianca and asks her to come over to SOS. Kendall feels awful about the things that she said and she has something to tell Bianca and she would like to do it in person. Bianca agrees to come over to see her. Kendall is up to her tricks again. "Mommy’s little sweetheart is going to get the surprise of her life when she gets to SOS."…Maggie explains to Leo how she lost touch with her sister. Maggie has been worried for her sister and now her sister is gone. She knows nothing about her sister, only what she has read. They are twins but still she would have liked more information. She was a kid and had to grow up herself too. Leo hates to admit it but he forgot that Frankie had a twin sister. Maggies wishes that she knew something about her sister. They both are sure that Bianca knows nothing about Frankie’s twin. Leo is not sure about the feelings that Bianca and Frankie had for each other. It is going to be weird for Maggie to meet Bianca for the first time. Leo offers to set up a meeting for Maggie and Bianca. Leo has to go now as Greenlee is waiting for him. Maggie is going to hang around and have a salad or something. Leo says goodnight and Kendall is watching every move that they make. She is waiting for Bianca to get there so that she too can see this person…Bianca arrives and sees Kendall at a table. Kendall waves her over and on the way; she bumps into Maggie thinking that she has bumped into Frankie. She takes one look at her and falls to the floor. Kendall comes over and everyone watches as Bianca gets up and hugs Maggie thinking that she is Frankie. Maggie tries to explain who she is. Bianca had no idea that Frankie had a twin. She introduces herself as Bianca. Frankie is shocked at that. Maggie acts like Frankie but she hasn’t been around her sister for a long time. They tried to call her family when Frankie died but they couldn’t get anyone. Kendall goes over to her sister faking sympathy. Bianca smiles at Maggie and touches her cheek. Maggie finds that a little bit weird. Kendall explains for Bianca. Maggie decides that she is going to leave and Bianca calls out to her to wait. Maggie stops and turns to Bianca who isn’t’ sure what she wants to say. Bianca tells her about Myrtle’s place and Maggie leaves. Kendall tells her sister that she understands now how she feels for Frankie and she hugs her. She is faking and Bianca is too stunned to realize that she has been taken for a ride.

Leo and Greenlee get home and Leo has been trying to get a hold of his brother but can’t seem to reach him. Greenlee demands to know what is going on with him trying to get a hold of his brother. He tries to ignore her questions and he tries to change the subject. She knows that this has nothing to do with Jake. Leo feels that they talk too much. They have better ways of communicating. He starts kissing her but she wants him to stop. She knows that he is keeping things from her and she wants to know what he is hiding. If he can’t trust her, whom can he trust? He has been acting weird all night. She asks him again. "What happened to you?" Leo can’t tell her what is going on and he begs her to give this up. She will not do that. She has to be the one that he comes to when he is in trouble. How they deal with this is how they will deal with the rest of their lives. He still will not budge. That is not good enough for her. Finally she tells him that she understands and drops the whole thing. David finally gets around to calling Leo who tells him that they have big trouble. This has to do with Vanessa. She has been doing some strange things lately. She has been acting strange. Anna listens as David talks to his brother. Leo tells David just to get there as fast as he can. Greenlee has heard Leo’s side of the conversation and she promises Leo that she is not going to let Vanessa hurt him.

Mateo and Hayley are alone and he tells her that he is not going to let anything happen to them. He is going to get out of this. He refuses to be put in jail be Stamp. He assures her that this is going to be over. They can soon stop pretending to fight in front of everybody. She needs him. She doesn't do very well without him. He needs to make sure that she is safe. Ryan comes into the room to announce that he is leaving. Hayley says that she isn’t going to leave Mateo yet but Mateo tells her to go. This is what he wants. Mateo tells Ryan to take care of Hayley and take her out of town. Ryan agrees to help in any way that he can. He leaves and Mateo and Hayley hug and kiss for the last time for a long while.


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