AMC Update Monday 2/4/02


All My Children Update Monday 2/4/02

By Lori

Leo is looking at the bracelet he pulled out of the trunk he found in the lake. He knows it is the bracelet that Larry wore and can't figure out why it was in the trunk in the lake. Just then, Jake arrives at the boathouse. Leo asks him if he's following him. Jake wonders what he is doing with the trunk. Leo doesn't answer questions about the trunk. Jake starts questioning Leo about his relationship with Greenlee. He wonders what the appeal is. After all, Leo has no job, no direction. He wonders what he has to offer Greenlee. Leo asks Jake if he's ever stopped to think that maybe there is true love between them. Jake wonders then, why does Greenlee come to him for help in her relationship with Leo. Leo asks Jake what he means. Jake says that Greenlee went to him that day wanting him to tell Leo that Jake is no threat. Leo is not happy with what Jake is saying and tells him that he can't handle the fact that Greenlee loves him. Leo picks up the trunk and walks away. Mia emerges from the shadows. Jake wonders how long she had been there and she says "too long." She asks Jake whether he believes there is true love between Leo and Greenlee. Before he answers, she apologizes for her questions. She doesn't want to seem desperate. She says maybe Jake's conversation with Leo was a good thing. Maybe it will get him to rethink his plan to leave town. She wonders if there is too much in Pine Valley for him to leave. Jake says he's working on it. Jake asks Mia to go with him and she is thinking about it. They walk away, hand in hand.

Ryan and Kendall are at the Pine Cone motel. Ryan wonders why Kendall hasn't left town as she said she would. Kendall says she wants to settle things in Pine Valley. Ryan suspects Kendall wants to go after Erica but Kendall insists she is not planning to go after her mother, or Bianca for that matter. She asks Ryan if he knows where she can get a job. He says S.O.S. needs people. She asks him to give her a ride there and they leave.

Mateo runs after a man fleeing his business and discovers it is Chris. They fight. Chris pulls a gun on Mateo. Mateo accuses Chris of planting cocaine in his safe. He denies it. The police arrive and Chris insists they arrest Mateo. Derek examines the cocaine and says it is worth about $200,000. He wonders where Mateo got it. Ryan and Kendall arrive just in time to see Mateo being hauled away to the police station. Ryan leaves to go to the station, leaving Kendall alone. At the station, Derek tells Mateo that the case is a federal one and Chris is in charge. Jack arrives and wants to know what is going on. Chris tells Jack that he has been investigating Mateo for drugs for some time and Mateo has a private bank account in the Cayman Islands. "If you're not Proteus, you're seated to his right," Chris says. Hayley arrives and wants to put a stop to this. "This game is ending now," she proclaims.

Vanessa is aghast to see who she believes is Frankie come back to life. Actually, it is Frankie's twin, Maggie. Sleazy tabloid reporter Daniel Steele is right there taking pictures. He led Maggie to Vanessa after telling her she had information about Frankie's death. Steele wants a story about Bianca and Frankie's relationship. Maggie, feeling duped by him, grabs his camera and smashes it to the floor. She is angry with Vanessa for not calling her after Frankie died. Maggie says Vanessa didn't do anything to help Frankie and Frankie ended up dying alone. She calls her a "heartless bitch." Vanessa warns her niece to never speak to her like that again. Greenlee, who is witness to this entire scene, assures Maggie that Frankie was not alone. She and Bianca were very tight. Leo arrives and sees Maggie. He asks who she is. When he realizes she is his cousin, he apologizes. He hasn't seen her since she was a young child. Leo asks Greenlee to take Maggie aside so he can talk with Vanessa. He then asks Vanessa about the trunk she claimed to pack with her books. He asks her where the books are. Vanessa doesn't know what to say. She is feeling accused of something and informs Leo she is leaving. "Are you going to go read?" he asks her. She walks out. Leo then walks over to Greenlee and angrily asks her why she didn't tell him about talking to Jake. Before she can answer, Leo says nevermind. He turns to Maggie and asks her if she wants to meet Bianca. Maggie says she does. Leo first wants to let Bianca know about Maggie so she is not freaked out when she sees her. Kendall overhears this conversation and calls Bianca, telling her she needs to see her right away.

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