AMC Update Friday 2/1/02


All My Children Update Friday 2/1/02

By Lori

Greenlee arrives home to find Leo talking to Vanessa. She walks over to Leo and kisses him. Vanessa comments that it's good she "hopped off the fence" and joined them. She continues hinting around about Greenlee's visit to Jake then spills the beans. Leo looks at Greenlee questioningly. Greenlee tells him she ran into Jake at the hospital. When Vanessa says Jake was in David's office, Greenlee says she went to see him to tell him about setting the wedding date. Vanessa tells Leo she is concerned about his plans to marry Greenlee but Leo wants his mother to butt out. She asks whether Greenlee has turned him against her. "You did that yourself," Leo tells his mother. Vanessa leaves and Leo questions Greenlee about her visit with Jake. He wonders if she would have told him about the visit if Vanessa hadn't mentioned it. Greenlee tells him he is blowing it out of proportion, but Leo tells Greenlee to quit scamming him. "We both know why you went to see Jake," he says. He wonders if the wedding is all they talked about. Greenlee admits they talked about other things, including Vanessa. She tells Leo he refuses to discuss Vanessa and won't deal with her. Leo says he has dealt with her. Greenlee tells Leo he is shutting her out and her feelings don't matter to him. She mentions Jake is leaving town. Leo suspects she doesn't want him to go. Greenlee says she doesn't care but Leo doesn't believe her. He walks out.

Jake meets Mia at SOS and tells her about his plans to set sail. He says he bought a boat and will pick it up in April. He is going to quit his job and hit the sea. He feels he is just running in place in Pine Valley and wants to finally listen to the little voice inside his head and live his life. He wants to go where no one knows the Martin name. He tells Mia about his visit with Greenlee and that he still loves her. She is driving him crazy, and she is one reason he wants to leave town. Mia asks what his parents think of the idea and he says he hasn't told them yet. They will not be happy, he admits. But Mia congratulates Jake on having the courage to live his dream. Jake then asks her to go with him. At first she doesn't know what to say, but agrees to go. They are hugging when Greenlee walks in. She approaches Jake and asks to talk to him. Jake tells her she can talk to him in front of Mia. Greenlee realizes that the two of them are setting sail together. She asks Jake to talk to Leo to tell him that he is not a threat to him. Jake can't believe Greenlee is asking such a thing. He says he is not involved in her relationship and is out of her life. He leaves with Mia.

Leo goes to the boathouse after his argument with Greenlee. He is angry and the scenes with him and his mother and him and Greenlee play in his mind. He then looks out at the lake and sees a trunk. He pull it in and realizes it is the trunk Vanessa packed when she was moving out of Palmer's residence. It is the trunk where Vanessa stashed Larry's body. Leo can't understand why the trunk would be in the lake. He pries it open and finds it empty. There is just some water in the bottom. He feels around in the water and finds a bracelet. He remembers it is the bracelet that Larry had worn.

Simone walks into SOS and lays a kiss on Mateo. Mateo whispers to her that this is the day they break up their pretend romance. Simone wonders why, since they still have to work on their plan together. Mateo tells her it's because he loves his wife. Simone walks away angry. Outside in the alley, she calls herself stupid and begins to cry. Hayley arrives and wonders what is wrong. Simone admits to her that she wants Mateo. At first Hayley plays along, telling Simone she can have Mateo. But Simone tells her that she is not pretending, that she actually has developed feelings for Mateo. She apologizes, saying she did not intend for this to happen. When Hayley realizes what is going on, she gets angry. She wonders what Mateo has to say about this. Simone tells her that Mateo loves only her. She says she will never again make another move on Mateo. Hayley wonders what moves Simone already has put on her husband. Simone tells Hayley she kissed Mateo. Mateo walks into the alley and tells Hayley, "I kissed her back." Hayley is angry and demands to know what is going on. Just then, Vanessa approaches and hides around the corner, listening to the entire conversation. Mateo tells Hayley that he loves her and only her. He says he and Simone are going to be staging their breakup. Hayley says Mateo needs a backup and it is OK with her if Simone stays working at SOS. Simone goes back inside. Hayley says she wants their old lives back. Mateo says that will happen soon because he has a lead on Proteus. He says that he suspects Vanessa has a connection to Proteus. Hayley is surprised. They agree to meet at their special hiding place and Hayley leaves. Mateo goes back inside. "So skimming profits isn't your only scam," Vanessa comments to herself. She gets on her cell phone and calls someone. She tells him to make the delivery to SOS without telling Mateo. This will change his life forever, she says.

Mateo approaches Simone, who has a drink. He accuses her of drinking all his profits. They stage an argument and he starts to throw her out. She says she will call the police unless she can keep her job. He agrees to keep her on. Vanessa walks in and talks to Mateo about her audition. He apparently has forgotten about it. As they talk, Greenlee overhears. She gets up and confronts Vanessa. She accuses her of spying on her to ruin her life with Leo. Vanessa tells her that if she ruins this for her, she will regret it.

Mateo goes into his backroom and sees that his safe is open. He looks inside and sees a baggie of drugs. Simone walks in and Mateo motions for her not to say anything. He writes her a note with the words "planted" and "setup." He hears something and goes to investigate. He sees a stranger running out of the place. Inside the bar, someone who is not seen walks in and approaches Vanessa. "You're alive," she says.

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