AMC Update Thursday 1/31/02


All My Children Update Thursday 1/31/02

By Glynis

Greenlee has stuff to do today so she goes into the shower. Leo is only happy to come in and wash her back. She is going to put in the announcement of their engagement today. Later Leo is dressed and Bianca comes over to tell Leo that her mother thought that she was the one that killed Frankie. She was so busy protecting her daughter that she had Bianca thinking that she was the one that killed Frankie too. She thinks that more should have been expected of her. She went to see Kendall to tell her that she finally understood how Kendall felt, but she really didnít understand. Bianca feels that she didnít get what she wanted from her mother either. Erica has no clue who her daughter is. She should know that Bianca would never kill Frankie. There is a difference between them. She has always wanted Bianca to be just like her ever since she was a little girl. Bianca canít go back to the way that things were. Bianca canít go back to the way that things were. Maybe Erica didnít pull the trigger but if Bianca wasnít connected to Erica, she believes that Frankie would be alive today. What if she had met Frankie and she wasnít a high profile person. She is going to be 18 soon and she will be her own adult. She is going to get her hands on her money and move out being Erica free. She has wasted enough time as it is. She kisses him. He is a good friend. She leaves him alone to think of what just went on and he goes to his phone telling someone that he needs to see him or her right away.

Jack has come to visit. He wants to talk to JR. Adam doesnít want him to talk to his son. JR went through a lot with the trial. JR hears them talking and comes down the stairs. JR is willing to talk to Jack but Adam is not going to allow it. Adam would like a lawyer to be present when they talk. Liza comes in and suspects that Adam is hiding something. JR tells his father that this is his life and he wants his father to back off. Adam explains that Jack just lost a very important case and is looking for a scapegoat. JR would like to help with that. Adam told his son that if he told the truth then everything would be okay. Adam allows the questions but states that anything said is unofficial. They go over the information. Bianca walked in and lost it and left. Frankie was crying and holding the locket. She was saying some weird stuff. She said, she couldnít do it. She couldnít do it to Bianca. She wanted JR to leave so he did as fast as he could. He even dressed in the doorway. She was crying in the room and then she got on the phone. She called Erica and hung up looking for her cell phone. Jack finds that very interesting. That was weird that she wanted the cell phone when the other phone was there. That was when JR took off. Jack wants to confirm that Frankie had a cell phone because the police didnít find a cell phone when they checked out the room. Jack makes a call getting someone to pull the case file on Frankie Stone. He learns that no cell phone was discovered. JR knows that she had a phone. He heard her using it. Whoever killed her took it. He would like to trace whom Frankie was calling. Maybe she was calling her killer.

Vanessa comes into the hospital to talk to Jake and Joe. Joe leaves and Jake is left alone with her. She tells Jake that he had better not be going after her son. She feels that he is trying to destroy her son. Jake is busy and doesnít have time to listen to her. She moves to the door to leave and Greenlee enters surprised to find her there. Greenlee has come to talk to Jake and Vanessa gladly leaves them alone promising not to spill a word of this to Leo. Greenlee tells Jake that she has picked a date to be married. Jake says that is great. She has waited a long time for this and he would like her to be happy. She would still like to be friends with Jake and he has no problem with that. She didnítí want him to hear about it from somewhere else. She knows that she has to go now, but she turns and tells him that she hates this. There is more that she has to say. As they talk, Vanessa listens on her little radio. Seems that she has Jakeís office bugged as well. Jake tells her that he really wants her to have a nice life. She wants the same for him. Vanessa loves every minute of this.

David and Anna have reached Dixie and Tad and the doctor. The doctor will not give Dixie the shot now that her physician is there. The doctor packs up his bag and leaves the room. David explains how he can save Dixieís life. David tells him that he has been doing research on Dixieís condition, which she has inherited from her mother. David tested it on himself and Anna watched him do that. This could have cost David his license but he made the drug anyway. He swears that the drug will help her. Dixie is awake now and she tells Tad to let him go ahead and try the drug. She is sure that David loves her and wouldnít hurt her. She begs Tad to let David do his work. David gets his bag out and fills a syringe to work on Dixie. David gives her the shot and they wait for something to happen. Her eyes are closed now and suddenly she jumps up gasping. She is having a reaction. Tad gets angry. He told her that this was going to work. If she dies, Tad is going to see that he dies too. While they are arguing, Anna sees that Dixieís condition has changed. David looks at her and confirms that she is going to be okay. She gets up and talks to them. She reaches her hand out to him and takes it thanking him. Tad sits by and watches as David kisses her hand. She closes her eyes again.

Vanessa comes to see Leo and he tells her about the wedding. Vanessa has more to say to him and she does. Greenlee walks in and finds Vanessa there. She wants to know what it was that she missed.

Joe tells Jake that a letter of dismissal has been delivered to Davidís desk. He has pissed off the board. He is officially history.


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