AMC Update Wednesday 1/30/02


All My Children Update Wednesday 1/30/02

By Glynis

Dixie is still ill and the airports are closed. She collapsed while trying to get her divorce from Tad. She and Tad are stuck in another country hoping that Dixie doesn’t get much sicker. She worries that JR is angry with them and how he is feeling. Tad tries to keep her calm and make her stay in bed. She starts crying and the storm outside rages on. She is very scared and Tad is scared too. He tells her to believe him that everything is going to be fine. She confides in him that this is how her mother died. There is nothing that can be done to get Dixie off the island. She has never had symptoms this bad. Her heart rate keeps going up. The doctor says that he can give Dixie digitalis to help her out. That happens to be a drug that may kill Dixie since the doctor doesn’t have all the information on her illness. The doctor leaves to get the medicine down the road and Tad returns to Dixie’s side. This condition is what Dixie’s mother had and they couldn’t do anything to help her then. Tad tells her that her mother died a long time ago. Tad assures her that the doctor will be able to give her something to make her feel better. Tad wishes that he had a couple of coconuts to make her laugh like the last time they were on an island. She never stopped loving Tad and he knows that. She wants him to promise her something. In case she dies…she wants Tad to be there for her son. She wants to make sure that he is full of life and know how to love. Tad makes that promise to her. There is nothing for her to worry about there. He is sure that she is going to be there to take care of her own son. She falls unconscious. Tad tries to revive her but he doesn’t seem able to.

Erica is surprised that Jack is still speaking with her. He was very hard on her during the trial but now he is her friend again. He was only trying to do the right thing. He tells her that now they have another problem. He came back because he knew that she would need someone. He is always there for her. Whatever has brought them together that night is always there. They can’t seem to get rid of each other. He has to go and that surprises her. She sees that he is shutting down on her and she wants to know why. He tells her that she can’t always get what she wants. He turns and he leaves.

Bianca has come to see her sister at the motel. Kendall gets to spout off again about how she was mistreated by her mother. She goes on about how Bianca is gay and has problems of her own but Erica still manages to take care of her without blinking an eye. Bianca raises her hand to slap Kendall’s face, but Kendall catches that hand and holds it. "Do it baby! Go ahead!"

David knows that Dixie is sick and if he doesn’t get information to her doctors, Dixie could get the wrong medicine and die. Anna decides to help by getting a plane to take them to Dixie and help her live.

Ryan is laughing at Kendall telling her that she wants him and he can see that it hurts. He thinks that he is to save the women of Pine Valley from her. He thanks her for the diversion that she has provided. She tells him that she is leaving. She always gets away but it must eat her from the inside out every time. She thinks that he is being eaten out. He worries constantly about his father and the dealings around that. She says that she is not afraid of anything but Ryan thinks that he knows different. He tells her good riddance and that he will not be around if she comes back. ‘Have a nice life.’ He tells her that she shouldn’t waste her life because it could be shorter than she thinks. That has been his experience. She closes the door behind him and goes to her dresser…

Ryan looks at a picture of his mother and lights a match to burn it. Nothing matters anymore. He watches the picture burn and puts it in the ashtray.

The doctor is back now and ready to give Dixie her shot of digitalis…Anna and David are outside and ready to enter the room.


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