AMC Update Tuesday 1/29/02


All My Children Update Tuesday 1/29/02

By Glynis

David is trying to raise some cash and he is trying to sell his stocks by the end of the business day. He makes the call and heads to a bottle of his drug that he has come up with. It has been all for Dixie.

Dixie and Tad have been in the rain together and they are soaked. They are trying to get a quickie divorce and have just gone to see someone about it. It has been all very civilized and they have separate rooms. Dixie thinks that he should go now. They are not on a vacation; they are there to get a divorce. She is afraid that they may get talking and decide to give it another go. He canít help himself. He is the one that doesnít want the divorce. She was going to take care of this herself, but he would have refused to sign the papers. Suddenly Dixie cries out and falls. Tad catches her just in time. She revives herself and she is fine. He is worried about her. She has been having some trouble sleeping and has been a nervous wreck, but she thinks that is normal for someone that is in her situation with Tad. This doesnít mean that she doesnít want to divorce Tad. He would like a doctor to look at her. He would like to get on the phone and see if there is a doctor on staff. She doesnít want that. She is healthy enough to divorce him and she wants him to understand that. She seems so ready to get rid of him that she would hurt herself to do it.

Erica is trying to get back to normal telling her daughter that she isnít going to be convicted. Bianca wishes that this could have been done in a cleaner way. She has been traumatized but at least she knows the truth. Erica thought that Bianca was the one that killed Frankie and blocked it out and Bianca canít get over that. She is not a baby. Erica knows that. Erica thought that she was helping her daughter. Bianca wants her to admit that she thought that she was a cold-blooded killer. She must have believed terrible things because she put up such a horrible lie. Erica thought that everything pointed to Bianca having been the one that killed Frankie. Bianca couldnít remember anything so what could Erica have done? Bianca expected her to think that someone important to her daughter died and that Bianca might have been hurting over that. Erica had a different take on the whole thing. Bianca felt guilty after the accident. Her mother made her feel guilty for the whole thing. She wanted to control the way that things were going to happen. Erica only wanted to protect her. Bianca doesnít want that kind of love from someone. Chris comes in and interrupts telling Erica that she doesnít have time to talk to Bianca anymore. The jury seems to be in now.

Ryan sees smoke coming out of Kendallís room and breaks the door down. He finds her unconscious and carries her out of the room. He gives her CPR hoping to revive her. She starts coughing which means that she is breathing and she gets up accusing him of bad foreplay. He was expecting her to thank him, but no such luck. He leaves her and goes into her room to put out the fire. His room looks like it is going to burn down as well. He calls her careless, as he is able to smell alcohol on her breath. She is sure that this is not her fault. Who is responsible then? Erica?

Anna has caught Jake snooping in Davidís papers and Jake finds nothing wrong with that. Tad calls telling him that Dixie is sick. Tad has a doctor looking at Dixie, but he would like to see her records ASAP.

The jury has come and gone and Erica is free. Jack comes over to them but has nothing to say so he just leaves. Chris jokes that it is time for Erica to rebuild her empire. She would like to talk to him now, but he is not interested in anything that she has to say really. He leaves her alone. She tries to follow him but the press is outside waiting for her and she doesnít want to go out yet. Now she has no one.

Kendall is in her room again and she thanks Ryan for saving her. That sounded real and she admits that it was sincere. She did get shafted royally but everybody gets screwed all the time. The people that dwell on getting shafted get ruined but if you rise above it, you get whatever you want. Ryan is not sure what the answer is but you can sleep at night by not letting the other people get to you. Ryan turns to leave and finds Bianca in the doorway.

With no one to care for her now, Jack returns and she ends up crying on his shoulder.


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