AMC Update Monday 1/28/02


All My Children Update Monday 1/28/02

By Lori

Greenlee is telling Mateo about her encounter with Vanessa, and how closely Vanessa kept watching the clock. Mateo thinks about how Proteus was to call him at 7 p.m. but did not, which makes him wonder if Vanessa is Proteus. He tells Simone of his suspicions. Meanwhile, Leo is questioning Vanessa about her desire to be a singer at SOS. He thinks it is a crazy idea and wonders where it came from. Vanessa notices Greenlee talking to Mateo and tells Leo that she believes his fiancÚ is slandering her. She tells Leo to go defend his defenseless mother in front of Greenlee. Leo tells her she is about as defenseless as a cruise missile. Vanessa approaches Greenlee and asks her what she had been saying about her. Nothing but the truth, Greenlee says. Vanessa tells Mateo her future daughter-in-law tends to exaggerate about her, and warns her that she may be jeopardizing her singing career. "Are you on drugs?" Greenlee asks her. Vanessa asks Mateo to give her a moment alone with Greenlee and Leo. She tells them that if she's acting a little "off," it's because she's trying to reinvent herself. Leo tells Vanessa she is not a performer and Pine Valley will not accept her as one. She accuses Leo of deserting her for a "vindictive two-timer" like Greenlee. Leo tells Vanessa that he is writing her out of his life. He leaves with Greenlee. As Vanessa sits at a table alone, Mateo tells Simone that if Vanessa is Proteus, hiring her will allow him to watch her. Mateo offers Vanessa a chance to sing at the club, and she is elated. Under her breath, she threatens Greenlee.

Kendall is by herself in Erica's office, drinking champagne and gloating about how Erica is about to be found guilty. An Enchantment employee walks in and tells Kendall she must leave because Erica does not want her there. Kendall says there will be no Erica after the verdict. The employee informs Kendall that Erica's lawyer called Bianca as a last-minute witness to prove Erica's innocence. Kendall cannot believe it. She leaves for the courthouse.

Bianca is on the witness stand, saying that her mother did not kill Frankie. She relates how she went to Frankie's room the night she was killed and found her dead. She realizes that Erica is lying about killing Frankie to protect Bianca. Erica tries to stop Bianca from speaking, saying that the concussion she received is blocking her memory. But Bianca says she is remembering more and more. "Oh my God, you lied because I did it," Bianca cries. Kendall walks in and shouts that Bianca is lying to cover for Erica. Bianca tells her half-sister that Erica was using her to make her look guilty. The judge orders Kendall to be removed from the courtroom. Ryan stands up to defend Kendall and the judge orders him removed as well. Bianca says she found Frankie clutching the locket she gave her, the locket Erica took from the scene. Bianca says Erica could not have killed Frankie because Frankie was dead when Erica arrived. Jack asks the judge to warn Bianca about speaking without an attorney. Bianca wonders why she would need a lawyer. The judge says she may say something to incriminate herself. But Bianca wants to talk. She says she went to Opal's house and found the door opened. She walked in Frankie's room and found her lying on the floor dead. She now realizes that Frankie was dead when she got there too. "I didn't kill Frankie. It wasn't me," she proclaims. Chris rests his case and Jack has no questions for Bianca. The jury is dismissed to deliberate. Erica is relieved and smiles at Bianca. Chris leaves the courtroom without talking to Erica. Erica just wants to talk to Bianca and calls out to her, but Bianca walks out of the courtroom. Myrtle and Opal encourage Bianca to talk to Erica, and she goes back inside. Erica tells Bianca she was very brave and now she will be found not guilty. She tries to hug Bianca but Bianca backs away. "Stay away from me," she says. Palmer approaches Opal and asks her if she knew about Erica's plan to protect Bianca. Opal says she did and she felt obligated to go along with it. Palmer wants to offer his opinion but Opal tells him not to criticize her for what she did. On the contrary, Palmer tells her he thinks she did the right thing. Jack approaches Opal and Palmer and Opal wants to know what happens now. Jack says he believes Bianca and he prays the jury does as well. The only question in his mind now, is who did kill Frankie?

Greenlee tells Leo she is happy that he stood up for her to Vanessa. Leo says he had to. He just wants to forget about Vanessa. He asks Greenlee to spend a romantic evening with him. He also asks her to pick a date in the spring for their wedding.

Kendall goes to her motel room, upset about the prospect of Erica getting off. She is drinking out of the champagne bottle and smoking a cigarette. She appears drunk, and she puts the cigarette on a newspaper and lays down on the bed. Soon she is asleep, and the cigarette is smoldering. Ryan arrives at his room and sees smoke coming out of Kendall's room.

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