AMC Update Friday 1/25/02


All My Children Update Friday 1/25/02

By Lori

Ryan is in Chris's room trying to figure out why Chris wants to know about him. He looks through Chris's closet when Anna walks in on him. Ryan tells Anna he needs to find out why Chris is poking around in his life, especially now that he knows Chris knew his mother. Anna tells Ryan that she can tell him about his mother because she was married to his mother's cousin, Duke Lavery. Ryan doesn't seem impressed, telling Anna he knows everything he needs to know about his mother.

Jake is in David's office on the phone with work-related business. He is going through papers on David's desk when David walks in and demands to know why he is there. He orders Jake to stay out of his files. Jake says he has to be in the files because he's been covering David's work for months. David says he has been working saving lives. Joe walks in on the two and angrily says he could hear them shouting in the hallway. Joe tells David he is there to collect his $50,000. David wonders what $50,000 Joe is talking about. Joe says David's research budget is lacking $50,000. David says he'll write a personal check for that amount. After David leaves, Joe and Jake conclude something is up with David. He must be covering something up.

Greenlee is in Erica's office on the computer and Leo is with her. He offers to tell Erica that the Lacey's account was lost but Greenlee tells him he doesn't need to do that. Kendall walks in, asking Greenlee "who the hell are you?" Greenlee wants to know the same thing of Kendall. Leo introduces Kendall to Greenlee. Kendall tells Greenlee that she knows about the lost Lacey's account and others are about to leave too. She says Enchantment is dying and will be gone by the end of the month. Greenlee says Enchantment is running like a well-oiled machine. But Kendall says without Erica, Enchantment is history. And Erica will not be there because she is going to be found guilty.

Mateo whispers in Simone's ear at SOS that they have to keep up their act in front of everyone. Vanessa walks in and sees the two cuddling up with each other. Vanessa sits down and Mateo approaches her. He asks her what he can get her and she says "a job." She tells Mateo that her marriage is over and she needs a job to support herself. She doesn't want to wait tables but she does want to sing. She says she can be the nightly entertainment. Mateo goes to the phone and calls Leo, telling him to get over to SOS to deal with his mother. Greenlee and Leo come to the bar, where Leo talks to his mother. He can't believe she wants to work as a singer at SOS. Greenlee starts talking to Mateo about Vanessa's recent strange behavior. She mentions that she was at Vanessa's room last night when Vanessa insisted she had to leave by 7 o'clock. Mateo is struck by what Greenlee says, recalling that Proteus told him to wait for a phone call at 7 p.m. that same night.

David goes to SOS and meets Anna there. He tells her that Jake knows something is going on and Joe knows he moved around some money. He tells Anna that he doesn't trust her with the knowledge she has about his research. Jake returns to David's office and searches for evidence.

Chris wants to call Bianca to the stand but Jack objects. Chris tells the judge there is precedent for calling another witness after the testimony is closed if there is new evidence. Chris says he has evidence that Bianca knows what really happened when Mary Francis Stone died. Erica rises, yelling, "no don't." She begs Chris, "please don't do this to her." "So it's true," Chris tells her. Erica says she'll never forgive Chris for calling her daughter but he says he doesn't care. The judge allows the testimony and Bianca takes the stand. Chris asks Bianca about her headaches whenever her memory tries to come back. He refers to the butterfly pin Opal wore that sparked one of Bianca's memories. Bianca testified that she remembers finding Frankie lying dead wearing a shirt with a butterfly. Bianca realizes she must have gone back to Frankie's room. Chris shows Bianca a photograph of the crime scene but Erica protests, telling Bianca she doesn't have to look at it. But Bianca wants to. Her memory is starting to return. She says she went back to Frankie's room to tell her she hated her and found her laying dead. Erica rises and proclaims that Bianca doesn't remember what happened because she is blocking it out. She says Bianca saw her kill Frankie. But Bianca says that is not what happened. She now remembers what happened.

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